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Serie A match previews, reviews, and news. Covering Inter, Lazio, Juventus, AC Milan, Napoli, Roma and Atalanta.

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  • Calcio Connection podcast

    Scudetto Race Heats Up, Lazio & Udinese Play A Thriller


    Alex Donno and Jerry Mancini are joined by guests Anthony Privatera and Mario Gagliano from Inter Worldwide and Joe Fischetti from Forza Napoli pod to talk about the latest results and news in the Italian Serie A. Napoli, Milan and Inter are now separated by just 2 points and fourth place Atalanta are not far behind. Plus, Jerry reacts to a wild 4-4 finish between Lazio and Udinese. 
  • Calcio Connection podcast

    Is It A 3-Horse Race For The Scudetto?


    Alex Donno and Jerry Mancini are joined by Steven K. Moore from The Laziali to discuss the latest Serie A news and results. With Inter beating Napoli and pulling within 4 points of the Partenopei and Milan, is it now a 3 team race for the Scudetto? Is Atalanta still in it? Also, Jerry and Steven review Lazio's 2-0 loss to Juventus. 
  • Calcio Connection podcast

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  • Calcio Connection podcast

    Inter vs. Napoli Preview!


    Jerry Mancini welcomes in the famous Uncle Sharma to preview Inter vs. Napoli, which takes play on the 21st of November, 2021. The guys discuss Inter's injury issues and what's at stake for a big matchup with the Partenopei. 
  • Calcio Connection podcast

    Did Italy Sell Their Soul For Euro 2020?


    Alex Donno and Jerry Mancini welcomed in guests Shawn McIntosh and Vito Doria to discuss Italy's disappointing 0-0 draw with Northern Ireland, that sees the Azzurri needing to go to a 12 team playoff to qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Would you trade the Euro title for World Cup qualification?
  • Calcio Connection podcast

    Review Della Madonnina With Serie A Sitdown


    Alex Donno and Jerry Mancini are joined by Frank Crivello and Richard Kharman from the Serie A Sitdown to review the Milan Derby from every angle. A point gained or 2 points dropped? Did either team deserve the victory? Were the penalties awarded to Inter legitimate?
  • Calcio Connection podcast

    Kelly Chiavaro Returns To Talk Calcio!


    Alex Donno, Jerry Mancini and guest co host Joe Fischetti are joined by Napoli Femminile goalkeeper Kelly Chiavaro to talk about her squad's upcoming matchup with Lazio, and the current outlook on Serie A. 
  • Calcio Connection podcast

    Roma 1-2 Milan Recap, Milan Derby Preview!


    Alex Donno and Jerry Mancini are joined by guests Mass Riccio, Richard Kharman and Chris De Santis to talk Serie A. The guys looked back at Milan's road win over Roma. Should there have been a late penalty on Milan? They preview the upcoming Milan Derby, where first place AC Milan takes on third place Inter. 
  • Calcio Connection podcast

    Interview With Kelly Chiavaro - Napoli Femminile Keeper


    Alex Donno and Jerry Mancini are joined by Napoli Femminile goalkeeper Kelly Chiavaro to talk about her career, her season, and the fact that she's living her dream by playing professional football in Italy. 
  • Calcio Connection podcast

    Lazio 3-1 Inter Review, Calcio Chat!


    Alex Donno is back alongside Jerry Mancini. Friends have become enemies, as Alex and Jerry debate whether Lazio should have played the ball out before their second goal. Guest Dave @ForzaInterHaiti joined the show!
  • Calcio Connection podcast

    Will Napoli & Milan Sustain Their Amazing Starts?


    Alex Donno and Jerry Mancini are joined by Mass Riccio, William D'Aquila and Bilal Mirza to discuss Serie A heading into another international break. The guys go in depth on Inter, Lazio, Juventus and Roma. Plus, they debate which team is more likely to sustain their amazing start: Napoli or Milan?

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