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The Powerful Growth Strategy Most Business Owners Avoid

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Is there something that you've been holding back on in your business because of fear? 


Is there something in your past that you were afraid of, but then eventually decided to try and it turned out really well?


In today’s episode, I talk about a strategy that helped me grow my business to six figures in less than six months. And it can help you grow your business as well. But, the ironic part is that this particular strategy is one that I almost avoided because of fear, doubt, and uncertainty. That’s why I really want to share it with you because it’s so powerful and I consider it one of the elements that I attribute so much of my early success to. 


Thanks but no thanks. Almost the biggest missed opportunity of a lifetime.

In 2013, I was at a tennis clinic and started chatting with one of the other players, Conrad. Conrad told me that he was a leader in a networking meeting (not to be confused with network marketing) and that networking had the power to change the trajectory of my business. 


He invited me to attend (the golden ticket) and told me there would be about a hundred people - entrepreneurs, salespeople, other people trying to grow their business and all I had to do was show up to this big grand ballroom in New York City. But the thought of standing up in front of those hundred people, telling about myself, what I do, and who I want to meet, terrified me. And, because I was so scared, I said thanks, but no thanks. 


What would you do? Would you be in or out?


Conrad knew that this meeting had the potential to change my business and my life. He must've invited me 6 to 10 times over the next couple of weeks. And each time, I came up with an excuse as to how/why I was busy at 7 AM on a tuesday morning...every week. Until, finally, one day I accepted the invitation and I walked into the networking meeting. Shaking and terrified at the thought of standing in front of that many people, I gathered courage . And that day changed my business forever. 


The Misconception About Networking

You might be thinking that at these networking events, people are only there to sell their products and services to potential customers. That they’re salesy, slimy, icky... That’s what I thought too. But I almost missed out on an opportunity that changed my business because of this preconceived notion of what networking events are. 


But, after that very first meeting, I was hooked. I joined the group, became a leader in the group, and eventually left the group to start my own networking group that grew to more than 40+ members who showed up every week in person. And most importantly, we passed millions of dollars of referral business and yes, we tracked all of it!


The power of Intentional Networking

What does networking get you?

Why is it so powerful?

How does it work? 


When you're in a group of people who have been selected by the networking leader, you are all there for a reason. You're all there because you have some sort of matching energetic vibe. You have businesses that are complementary to each other. You are able to give each other advice, referrals and real support. Imagine being in a networking group with people who have all different zones of genius and they're willing to share their zone of genius. 


When I started my business, I was able to get meetings with people who were, at that point, way far ahead of me in business. They were able to give me advice that I never would have been able to have access to would it not have been for being a member of that group. Because those people who were earning seven figures, multiple seven figures at the time, would never have sat down with someone like me if I wasn't in their networking group. But the fact is we were all accepted into a group together which created instant connection and a shared desire and intention to help each other. 


How’s Your Current Network?

The difference between a networking group and an online community or a mastermind group that you might already be in is that in the networking group, people actually want to meet one another. And there are scheduled meetings, one-on-one meetings, and small group meetings where you can meet each other. 


In addition to that, if you're in the right networking group, people show up with an intention to give. They show up with an intention to give advice, to give value, to give help, to give connections, and to expand their network. And that's what you can get as well. I realized that when you surround yourself with people who are doing great things, it makes it easier for you to do really great things. 


The power of your network can change the growth of your business. In just one meeting, if you know the right people, they can connect you with the other right people as well. And those people can turn into customers, referrals, and they can turn into business or affiliate partnerships. Even lifelong friends. 


The Real Power Power of Networking

But the power of networking and the online business world is so understated. For years, I lost touch with that power because I've just not seen it done well in any online community that I'm in - communities that came with courses, communities that came with templates and other programs, mastermind communities, and coaching communities. 


Being a part of a networking group where you show up intentionally to help the other members of the group, and they show up with an intention to help you is so powerful. It can change the trajectory of your business. It can change the trajectory of your life. And knowing this, for the past couple of years, it's been on my heart to create a global networking group of some kind. 

When I first moved to Charlotte, I was going back to New York City every single week  because I was making so much money from networking that it was in my best business interest to continue to go back to lead the group I was leading.  I was flying back and forth every week for a year until it eventually wore me out and I had to pick up my business elsewhere. 

Since then, it's been on my heart to start a group like this again because I know what this can create for entrepreneurs like you. And I know how this could help people grow their business faster, more efficiently, more effectively, and in a really fun way. That's why I created CEO Club (yes, you’re invited!)


Your Personal Invitation to Growth Acceleration

I'm going to tell you a little bit about CEO Club because it would be selfish of me to create this group and not share it with some of my most loyal podcast listeners. CEO Club is an online global networking group.  It's not in person. It’s all online where I'll be facilitating breakout sessions and small group connection sessions. You’ll get access to networking sessions where you can meet other amazing entrepreneurs, where you can meet people who want to connect you with potential customers, where you can meet people who want to connect you with the vendors that you're looking for, people that want to do JV affiliates and where you can meet amazing people who could become not just business connections, but lifelong friends. 


The first step to get into the CEO Club, is to apply. You can go to And do me a favor, in the section that asks you who referred you, since you listened to my podcast and you heard it here, choose my name. Then, when you get there, if you’re an entrepreneur, that’s a perfect place for you where you can significantly help your business grow. 


The Bottomline

No matter what you choose, whether you choose to apply to the CEO Club, or you choose to find a networking group in your community, I just hope that you'll give networking a chance in some way. And networking beyond the way that you're likely doing networking right now in your online groups because intentional networking, where you surround yourself with the right people who can both buy and refer your services, who can recommend you to other people, who can become your best salesforce on the planet, can literally change your life and your business. It changed mine.

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    Be the Hero: Rewriting your Stories w/ Kimberly Kesting


    Your stories - the ones you tell to yourself internally and the ones you speak to others externally - influence your reality far more than you realize.    We all have stories that have shaped our lives. They’ve built our identities, frame our current mindsets, and determine the meaning we derive from the world around us. These stories have tremendous sway over your success. The question is: Are you aware of how your stories are shaping you?   In today’s post, I’m sharing some takeaways from a recent conversation I had with mindset master Kimberly Kesting of Enlifted Coaches, a coaching system and technique that’s all about unlocking freedom and confidence through the power of story-telling.    If you’d like to listen in to this value-packed conversation, check out Episode 83 of the Breakthrough Babe podcast, then read on to learn how to consciously identify when you’ve slipped into a scarcity mindset, and then how to rewrite that story for greater abundance and limitless possibilities.  About Enlifted Coaches   I met Kimberly through Enlifted Coaches, which is a certification program that trains coaches how to help their clients move beyond self-sabotage and make lasting changes by focusing on language and story-telling.    I recently completed this program and it was genuinely life-changing for both me and my clients. These methodologies WORK.    With their system,  we take and deconstruct the language patterns and words that we use to understand how they create either our victim mindset or our hero's mindset. Once we do that,  we can actually practice translating and changing them in a practical way.  A story creates a story   When we tell ourselves something consistently over and over again, we take on that belief and it manifests in our lives.    Words are the foundation. Then, a story is what's created from the words, and that story becomes our beliefs. Our beliefs influence how we navigate through the world and how we make sense of who we are, our identity.   It’s important to note that language patterns are deeply ingrained in us and in our society. There is so much going on beneath the surface that you may not even be aware of.    Once you do become aware of the fact that these stories, patterns, and phrases have been conditioned into you, you then have to learn the difference between hearing them + allowing them to manifest in your life vs translating them + correcting them into a way that’s positive and productive. That's what the Enlifted Method teaches.  Are you unconsciously creating what you DON’T want?   The words we use matter. When we use negating language, it puts the energetic focus on exactly what we don’t want to happen.    For example, if you say things like, I don’t know how to make sales. I can’t bring in money. I’m not a seller.    All of a sudden, you’re creating what you don’t want - a lack of sales. The belief in yourself as a good salesperson isn’t there. By repeating the above over and over again (even if it’s just in your head), you’ve ingrained the belief.  Victim’s mindset → Hero’s mindset   The victim’s mindset is really someone who believes things are happening to them; everything's a result of something outside of themselves. They're in this place: “Things just keep happening to me!”  The truth is, this is where a lot of people land and reside, whether they're conscious of it or not. And the way that that mindset gets perpetuated is through conflict language (a concept you get deeper into understanding in the Enlifted certification program).    If you’re here reading this and listening to my podcast, I know you want to get into the space of the hero’s mindset. You're consuming content to improve yourself and to expand your capacity to be that hero. And you may very well be on your way there.    A victim’s mentality doesn’t have to be all-consuming though; it can be something that’s triggered by certain situations. And it can be hard to identify without the guidance of an outside perspective like a certified coach.    For example, it could be every time your business doesn’t make the sales you want, you become the victim. You start to ask yourself, Why me? What's going on? Why is this happening to me? You're the victim. And then you create this evidence route that further deepens your victim mentality. It's possible that you are a hero in your general life, and a victim in certain situations, particularly because it’s in your subconscious.  Turning your What Ifs from negative to positive statements   In the coaching world, I find everyone is so focused on finding their limiting beliefs, almost to a fault. In some cases, this focus ends up keeping people limited. It’s a limiting bleed.   You think, There must be something limiting me.    But what if there is nothing actually limiting you?    Instead of all the negative what ifs…  What if they don't buy? What if I show up live and no one else does? What if my product doesn't work? What if people don't like it?   How about you turn those what ifs into positive statements like: What if a thousand people show up? What if a thousand people buy? What if I make a million dollars on my first product? What if people like it so much that I have a wait list because it sells out?    I’d love to hear you shift your own What Ifs. Head on over to Instagram and tell me how you’re taking one particular negative What If and turning it into a positive one.    Find out more   Enlifted Coaches is all about helping coaches (and thus, their clients), find the moments, memories, and instances where they have built their identity, mindset, and meaning to turn those beliefs on their head. Stuck in a limiting belief or story? Let’s diffuse it, unwind it, let it go, release it, laugh about it, and breathe through it. Check them out on Instagram @enliftedcoaches (where you can DM and chat with Kimberly herself!). If this is work you’re interested in doing with a coach of your own, please do reach out to me on Instagram @jengitomer or apply to be a part of my 2022 Mastermind Group, where we dig deep into these powerful mindset shifts together.
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    Does Your To-Do List Reflect Your Next Level Self?


    It’s the first month of a fresh year and I think there’s a good chance your to-do list could use a makeover.    In fact, I personally threw out the traditional to-do list altogether and it’s led to extraordinary outcomes in my own life + business.    In today’s post, I’m not giving you another project management tool, but rather an impactful mindset shift that will lead to better alignment and profitable results.    Read on to find out how to swap out the language and underlying direction of your current to-do lists to take your 2022 to the next level.  Death to the To-Do List   It's official. I’m hereby declaring to-do lists dead. That's right. They are so over and done in my world. And you know what, by the end of this post, you may decide that they're over for you, too.    Oh, but Jen, I have so many things to do! I need a to-do list.    Not to worry. This is about throwing away the traditional to-do list for something better - something that's going to create even more impact in your life and business.    First and foremost, I believe to-do lists need some wordsmithing.    How about instead of calling it a “to-do list”, we pop in the word, get. A Get To-Do List.     You see, by leaving out the word “get” as we normally do, the word that’s not said but implied is, “have”. A Have To-Do List. And energetically, it doesn’t feel good when we have to do something, does it? By adding in “get” instead, your tasks transform into items that sound more like opportunities, rather than responsibilities.    Here’s how I translate this into my own projects: I have a daily planner where I write down my tasks and at the top right section, there's an area for my “to-do” list. And everyday,  I add in “get” before it. I then make all of those items my opportunities for the day. I consider myself fortunate to GET to do them.    This even works for items that are less exciting, or things you might be naturally dreading, such as calling your cell phone service provider because they had the wrong charges on the bill. That's never a fun phone call, mostly because it's time-consuming. But you know what? When I see it as something that I get to do, it changes the energy around the task. I remind myself that it's a privilege to have a cell phone. And so I see it as an opportunity to make that call and keep this service that is ultimately a major bonus in my life.  Shifting how you view & prioritize your tasks in your business   Once you’ve made the shift from “have to” to “get to” when it comes to your to-do lists, it’s time to determine if the items on that list actually belong there or not.    You need to view this list as the CEO of your business - the CEO who has a forward-thinking perspective.    What are your goals? What will your next level self view as a priority? And what won’t she?   Some other questions to consider when looking at your typical to-do lists:   If there are items that my next level self wouldn’t be doing, how can I shuffle things around?    Do these things truly need to get done? Or am I doing them just because I’ve always done them? Could someone else do them? What can I outsource to free my time for next level tasks? Stepping into your Next Level Self   One of the things I focus on in the Breakthrough Babe Mastermind is on really determining who you want to become. This is because once you can step into your next level way of being, that's really half the secret to success. Once you start living from this place of whoever it is that you want to be, you'll make decisions from that place. And then you'll take action from that place. And then all the things that are on your Get To-Do List will all of the sudden seem to just fall into place and become more aligned, because you're already being the person that you want to become.    Switching the energy of your tasks from HAVE to-do to GET to-do means you begin to embody whatever it is you need to embody in order to be the person you want to be, in order to have the things you want to have and do the things you want to do. It's basically an exercise in flipping the script: starting backwards, or beginning with the end in mind.    Instead of saying,  I want to do all these things this year, ask yourself, Who do I want to be this year? What does my next level self look like? Your most important task at hand right now is to figure out who you want to become and how you can begin to live in that reality. If you can dream it, it's possible.   Get specific.    When thinking about your Next Level Self, dig into the details of who that woman is and how she lives her life.    How does she enter a room? What does she look like? How does she carry herself? What kind of energy does she bring to the table? What type of leader is she?   When you can start to picture the specifics of this person down to the clothes she’s wearing, you can really begin to step into that next level version of yourself with familiarity and confidence.  Investing in your Next Level Self   You are the most important person in your business. So in order to best serve the future of your business, you’ve got to invest in being the best version of yourself.    What kind of coaching are you receiving? What kind of groups are you entering into? What kind of support are you making sure you have for yourself?    While you may be tempted to put these types of self care off for some later date, the time to do so is now. Step into the kind of commitments to your own growth that your next level self would be committed to. Invest in your success through masterminds, coaching, collaborative support, breathwork, yoga - anything that you can picture your next level self thriving with. Be her now. Live her life. Once you can envision it and embody it, your entire business and life will transform for the better.    Once you can look at the work you do as work you GET to-do, as work that supports the next level version of yourself, you can make decisions from that place of trust, knowing that you already are that person.    Wake up everyday and ask yourself, Who do I get to be? Then… watch out world. That next level version of you is already more powerful and profitable than the one that you looked at in the mirror last year. And think about all the good you can do with that. Here's to stepping into that new next level version of you. If you want my help doing so, please DM me on Instagram or apply to join the mastermind while applications are still open.
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    How to Create Space for New Energy & Opportunities in 2022


    Happy New Year to you!    As we launch into 2022, I’m sure you have many exciting goals that you’ve already outlined for yourself. But before you get too far into pursuing them, I’d like to encourage you to ask yourself one question:   What do I need to release first?   In today’s post, we’re going to talk about the power of letting go in order to make space for everything you desire.    Read on to find out how you can strategically let go of what’s no longer serving you and simultaneously open up room for all you’re looking to achieve this year.  It's okay to let go - I promise. I’ll show you how.  You know what you want to achieve, but do you know what you should be letting go of?   It's officially the beginning of the new year, and you, like most others, have probably made a whole list of goals + intentions of things that you want to get done in 2022. But before you shift your focus onto those completely, here are the real questions that you need to ask yourself:    What do I need to release?  What do I need to no longer do?  What do I need to let go of in order to make my goals + intentions a reality?   A couple things may come to your mind immediately.  Perhaps you’re thinking, Oh, I hate doing that and it's not producing ROI, so that’s gotta go. Or perhaps there’s something that you’ve been thinking about for a while that serves no real purpose and you often find yourself wondering,  Why am I doing this anyway? Maybe there are things that you just do out of routine or fear for not doing them, because you've always done it that way.    Whatever comes to mind, I want you to look at your business with a more critical eye, whether you approach it on your own or with a coach or mastermind group. Your time is your most valuable asset and determining where you put your focus during your limited time is key to your overall success.    Why do you do the things you do?   When you begin assessing your activities both in business and in life, think in terms of ROI (return on investment). The time you spend on something is time you’re investing in it. So, with that in mind, think about the things you do out of habit that don’t actually provide an impact (financial or otherwise) on your business.    For example, how much time do you spend on social media each week?   Let's say, it's 10 hours a week. That's engaging with other accounts, creating content, posting content, and doing whatever it is you need to do. No biggie, right? Well, that's 40 hours a month, and almost 500 hours a year. What are you getting out of that?   Now, I'm not saying don't go on social media. What I am saying is, how can you approach the time you spend there in a more strategic way? And, perhaps most importantly, how can you let go of the time you’re spending there that’s not serving your greater goals?   Could you release the mindless scrolling aspect of your time on social media? Could you release the unintentional comparison game you’re unwittingly playing there by consuming content without a purpose?   I’m all about figuring out ways to reduce the time you work and increase your profit. Honestly assessing what you’re spending your time on and WHY is the first step in letting go of what’s no longer serving you (so you can create space for what you DO want in your life). That’s sooooo 2021… and I’m OVER it.    Make this your new “letting go” mantra: That’s sooo 2021.    It’s 2022 and time to move on. Are you ready?   It’s time to sit down and make a list. I want you to brainstorm everything that you want to let go of and move on from this year. Think about what may have prevented you from achieving what you want in the past.    Here are some examples:   Worrying about things that are out of your control (the state of the world, for one!) A need to feel “right” in an ongoing conflict A fear that’s been holding you back A person(s) in your life who’s been consistently bringing you down Tasks - personal or business-related - that drag you down and don’t have much ROI Once you’ve got your list, and feel confident that these things aren’t serving your soul or your future self, let them go. By weeding these things out of your life, you will naturally create the space for what does serve you.    You can only do so much. You only have time for so much.    It's okay to let go.    In doing so, you create space for new energy and new opportunities. Because once you empty the space that was stuffed with detrimental things, and it becomes available, then you can become intentional about actually creating that change and creating the outcomes that you're hoping for.    So here's to letting go of whatever it is that you need to let go of this year to achieve exactly what you desire. 
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    The Power of Making a New Year’s Promise to Yourself (and Why You Should Let Go of Resolutions for Good!


    Do you still make New Year’s resolutions?   No judgment, but I have to admit that I’ve got some beef with resolutions.    My issue has to do with both the terminology, and the energy behind the practice.    In today’s post, I have a New Year’s swap I’d like to recommend you make. It’s far more empowering, AND it is far more likely you’ll stick with your 2022 goals by framing them in this way.   Read on to find out more about why making a New Year’s promise to yourself is transformative (hint: it has everything to do with personal integrity!).  The word “resolution” is unnecessarily harsh.    Now’s the time of the year when most people start thinking about their goals for the upcoming year. And we’ve been accustomed as a society to label these goals as New Year’s resolutions. But have you ever stopped to wonder what the word resolution even means?   I’ve long disliked the term resolution because it actually has quite a negative connotation. When you look it up in the dictionary, one of the definitions is: “the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter.”   Whoever came up with the concept of labeling our goals as New Year's resolutions was clearly not a wordsmith. Words - and the intention/definition behind them - matter far more than most people realize.    Let me ask you this: Which do you think is going to serve you more? Looking at  your problems, disputes, and other contentious matters in your life and making goals around them? Or looking at where you're at, the foundation + growth you created this year, along with all the things that you accomplished, then making goals about where you’d like to go from there?  I think we can both agree that the latter option is what will truly help you thrive. That’s because it’s rooted in positivity and possibility, not negativity.  Here’s what to do instead of making New Year’s resolutions.    Are you ready to join me in letting go of setting New Year’s resolutions?    Now, I’m not suggesting that you give up on setting goals and other intentions for the new year ahead. What I’m recommending is that you reframe them from a more positive space - a space grounded in integrity.    Instead, start by creating New Year’s promises to yourself.  A promise to yourself that you can keep is so freaking powerful for many reasons.   Start by determining where you are, and where you’d like to go. Then, think about what happens when you get there; who do you become? Because the person that you become when you get to your goal is the person that you need to start feeling, living, breathing inside of you right now. Because if you've dreamed that goal, that means that you're capable of being that person that can live that goal.   Then, you form that goal into a promise you make to yourself. I’m telling you - once you add the words “I promise” to it, you actually start focusing on the things you can control.    Next, ask yourself, Are these promises based on things that I can achieve?    The first promise we make is to ourselves. And if you break a promise to yourself, you're out of integrity. And if you do that, how are you going to stand in integrity for anyone else in your life?  Make your promises specific.    I know, as a person who follows me, integrity matters to you. This is why it’s so important to get specific about the promises you make to yourself so you can make them achievable - because you do not want to break a promise to yourself.    Think about your promises. What will it look like to achieve them?   Let’s say you want to create a new morning routine to better care for yourself so you can be better available to serve others. This is where you dig into the details because “new morning routine” is far too vague.    Think about what you’d like to get out of this new morning routine and the factors you can control to make those things a reality. This can be anything from a specific wake up time, to the first thing you do when you wake up, to the actions you will intentionally avoid engaging in that can derail you (ie. checking social media first thing).    With these specific actions, you can then make a commitment to yourself - a promise to yourself - to take care of your needs first, knowing that when you take care of yourself first, you can more easily take care of others.  Write your New Year’s promises down.    Not sure what promises to make to yourself for next year?    Begin by journaling about where you’re at right now. Then, contemplate where you’d like to be and who you’d like to become in 2022. From there is where you determine which promises you want to make for yourself. And remember: these are something positive that you get to do - it’s all going to help you get to where you want to go.    In order to really create what you want in life and in your business, it needs to start with the promises that you make to yourself and the integrity you build by keeping those promises.  Once you're living in integrity with yourself, then you can be a pillar of integrity for your clients, for your business, for your team, and for everyone else. If you're not in integrity for yourself first, it's going to be quite difficult to be in integrity for others.    So, my friend, I want to know: What’s one promise you are making to yourself right now for the new year ahead? Reach out and share it with me on Instagram @jengitomer.     I’m here to support you, right now and in the upcoming year. If you’re looking for coaching through this process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 
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    A 3-Part Process You Can Use to Wrap this Year & Plan for a Breakthrough 2022


    As we approach the end of the year, it’s naturally when most people start thinking, What’s next?   Have you? I sure have.    I actually have a 3-part process that I use to wrap up the current year AND plan for the coming year in a way that sets me up for even greater success. I use this for myself, my team, my one-on-one clients, and my mastermind participants.    Today, I’m sharing this process with you because I want you, too, to have an incredible year in 2022. And while it’s a total cliche to say that you can have your “best year ever,” I will say that going through these three steps will set you up for a truly breakthrough year.    Grab some paper, set some quiet time aside, and get ready to get excited about all that lies ahead of you! Welcome back to the show. I'm so glad you're here. I hope you are crushing the day today, like in a serious kick way. And if you're not that's all right, this is going to be the lift up that you need. So here's the deal we're getting towards the end of the year. If you're listening to this, when I recorded it, which is December, and now's a really good time to begin planning for what's next. And in order to begin planning for what's next, I have a three part process that I go through. This process is critical to having your best year ever. And I hate that term because it's so freaking cliche. Everyone wants to have their best year ever. Well, guess what? You really can have your best year ever your breakthrough babe year. So this process is something I take all of my clients through my mastermind clients, my one-on-one clients, and I even take myself through it and go through it with the team.   And I'm going to share with you today, what it looks like, and it's a three-part process. And so it's reflection celebration. Now what, okay. Let's dig into that a little bit deeper because if I just told you those three things, you'd be like, okay, cool. I'm out Jen, but there's way more depth to it than that. So reflection, what you want to do is you want to really think back on the last 11, 12 months and ask yourself, who were you 12 months ago? And are you still that same person today? How have you changed? What are you doing differently? What's happened in the last 12 months in your life. What's happened in your business and all of those things. And remember, this is reflection of those things that have happened. What were the lessons that you received during that time? What do you want to bring with you? What lessons, what nudges, what, um, new routines and habits that you formed, what do you want to bring with you into this new year? And that's, that's your reflection is really looking back at who you were, what has happened over the year, what you've achieved, what lessons you've learned and who you've become.   And then as you reflect you, you want to ask yourself, what do you want to let go of? What are some things that you might still be holding onto that are no longer serving you? And sometimes those are emails in your inbox. Sometimes those are open unread, text messages, and sometimes their limiting beliefs or stored trauma, or you know, deeper things. And when you sit and reflect and really uncover, what's gone on in the past year and who you were and who you've become, and what are the lessons that you've learned and what is, is sticking to you that you know, that no longer serves you, you begin to see, you begin to create a vision for who you're about to become that reflection lends itself into a new vision, because you might already be trying to jump ahead into the now what, but we're not there yet, because what happens with so many people is they skip over this incredibly important part.   And that part is celebration because when we celebrate, there is something scientific in our brain. Dopamine gets released and our brain recognizes the win. And it gets like hooked becomes almost addicted to wanting to create more wins that, that high feeling, but it can only happen if we allow ourselves to celebrate and to recognize your wins. And so what are you celebrating? What's happened? Make a specific part in your journal for celebrations and train your brain, the reticular activating system, which I've spoken about so many times when you tell it what to look for, it seeks it. So what are you searching for in terms of celebration? Do you write down three things you're celebrating every day because how cool your brain will be hooked on those wins and wins create wins. It's like a domino win effect. Imagine that you're rolling into 20, 22 with a domino win effect.   How freaking cool would that be? All because you decided to celebrate now. So many people don't celebrate and I have a theory on this. They go from, I'll say they, they go to the I'll celebrate when, and I did this. When my book first came out, I was like, yay, I'm an author. I got all these books now. And this is cool. I'll celebrate when it becomes a best seller. And then it became a bestseller. Well, I'll celebrate when I get a royalty check of whatever amount. And then I got that amount. Okay, I'll celebrate it. No, you keep pushing the goal. You keep pushing the goalpost that does not create the hooked feeling of domino effect wins. And so what I should have done or could have done in retrospect was actually take a step back and celebrate those wins because those wins would have created new wins.   It's not to say I still didn't win. I won and you'll still win without celebrating, but you will win much faster at an accelerated pace. And since you may know me as sales in a New York minute and the New York minute girl, you may like things to happen quickly, especially in your business.   So celebrate those wins. Okay. Don't skip this part. It is critical to your success critical. And then the last part is now, what, what does this new year look like? What does your work life balance? If that's what you're looking for, look like. How often, how many days a week do you want to work? How many hours a day do you want to work? Do you want to work all day, every day? Do you want to work less? Do you want to make more? What things are you intentionally putting into your business so that you can create the business that you desire the business that gets to create these amazing things in your life rather than your life creating sacrifices for your business?   Okay. So now what you're likely asking yourself. Okay, Jen, great. I reflected I celebrated, although you probably didn't do that just yet, you're planning to do it. And now what, and now you get to decide who do you want to be a year from now? When you do the same exercise, what is that going to look like? How is that going to look different? Who, what is the identity of that person? What do you want to look back and be proud of and celebrate?   What do you want to look back and say, I tried this and, and whether or not it succeeded or failed, or I got the lesson I needed. I leased. I went for it and tried it. And so what are those outcomes? You're looking to create AKA what most people refer to as goals and not just in your business, but also in your life.   What are personal goals that are important to you? Because we always think of goals in terms of professional goals, but what are some personal goals that will make a difference in your life and your family's life and your friendships and your relationships?   What are some goals that will make a difference in, all areas of your life, and who is that person? This is the key who is that person who achieves those types of outcomes. Because once you can identify who that person is and their ways of being, then you can start living that life. You can start being that person even before you've made those achievements because guess what? It's like, guess what came first? The chicken or the egg? Well, guess what came first? The being or the doing or the having, uh, the being the being 100% comes first. Every time, if you want to be a million dollar CEO, if you want to, you want to have a business, that's a million dollar business.   Then the first, very first question you need to ask yourself is who is the version of myself who has that million-dollar business? Who do I need to become? What are the habits and routines that you need to incorporate in your life?   What are the things that the million dollar version of you would say yes to versus the things that the million dollar version of you would say no to what kind of decision-making skills to that million-dollar version of yourself, even, it may not be the million dollars that you're going for, whatever it is, whatever outcome you're looking to achieve? You need to work backward and begin with the being who do you need to become? How do you need to be in order to create that outcome? And once you can start living your life as if you're already that person, my husband calls it, live it in advance once.   And some people will say fake it till you make it, but it's not really about faking it. It's about being that person because once you can become that person, you will gain the now what that you're looking for.   To identify what it is that you want, identify what those outcomes, those goals are, and then determine who you need to be to achieve or create those outcomes. And the truth is it's not always that easy to determine who you need to be. And that's why so many entrepreneurs have the support of a coach and have a mastermind or a container in which they can, um, get the support that they need. They have the safety net to fall back on. And so if that's something you're looking for next year, definitely message me. We only have four spots left for next year. Um, definitely messaged me about the mastermind.   You can DM me on Instagram at Jen Gitomer and I can send you all the details to determine if it's going to be a good fit for you. And if I'm a good coach for you, not everyone is the right fit. And, um, I'm not meant to work with everyone, but if you're listening to this podcast, it's likely that we align on a lot of ideas and it could be that.   Now is the time you finally take that leap of faith in yourself and invest in yourself to get the results that you desire investing in masterminds and group coaching programs has been the reason why my business has accelerated in the way that it has. I'm not just a coach who coaches, I'm a coach who receives coaching because the very best players play the game and get the help and support that they need.   They know that getting coaching is actually a strength, not a weakness. And so if that's something that you're interested in for you, just DME at Jen, Gitomer on Instagram, and we can have that combo until next time. I'm Jen Gitomer. And I'm reminding you to have your breakthrough day every day. Oh. And start planning to create your breakthrough year.
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    Are You Selling Yourself Short by Dreaming Too Small?


    As a high achieving person, I KNOW that you’ve already started mapping out your 2022 goals - even if it’s only in your head. But before you get too far, I’d like you to stop and honestly assess: Am I dreaming big enough?   What I find is that most people actually dream too small. And this tendency to downplay influences your belief in your own ability to achieve, and thus affects your end results.    In today’s post, I’m sharing my experience with the power of manifestation and how I channel it to help not just myself, but all those who I coach attain their BIGGEST, wildest, juiciest dreams. (And don’t worry - you don’t have to believe in manifestation in order for this to work for you, too!)   Read on to determine if you’re reaching high enough, or if you’re selling yourself short by not striving for big enough goals.  Playing the manifestation game   Whether you believe in manifestation or not is irrelevant here, so don’t worry if you’re feeling any resistance to that word. While manifestation has delivered some serious results in my world (Hello, dream beach condo!), I actually incorporate manifestation into my life in a really playful way.     For example, one manifestation game I play is in parking lots. Anytime I enter a crowded parking lot or garage, I always go in believing that I am going to get a close spot. And guess what? I typically always get one right outside the door. Someone is usually just pulling out as I'm about to pull in. It’s amazing how consistently this works. While some might be quick to call this a coincidence, there are far too many incidences of this for that to be true.     This past weekend, in teaching my 12-year-old stepdaughter, Gabrielle, the power of manifestation by example, we played a game with a book she was dying to have. She’s currently really into these manga books and is missing the 4th book in the series. She’s got Book #3 and Book #5, but Book #4 has been out of stock so far everywhere she’s tried.    So, we used this as an opportunity to manifest our reality. We checked one local bookstore and were told it wouldn’t arrive for another 4-6 weeks. Even though she had just been to Barnes & Noble the day before, I asked if she’d be willing to dream with me and try there one more time. She agreed and the entire way there, I focused all of my energy on manifesting that book. I believed in its presence deeply in my mind and body for the 20 minute drive and when we arrived, I kid you not - they had Book #4.  There are no coincidences.    While you might read that story above and think it HAD to be a coincidence, understand this: if it was just a coincidence, most people wouldn’t have even chosen to believe that they could have Book #4. Gabrielle had just been there yesterday and they didn’t have it; the store also does not get new shipments in on Saturdays. So most people wouldn’t have believed it could be possible to go back and find the book.    But our belief directly impacted our action.    Which brings me to your business… How often do you believe in your ability to manifest whatever you want in your business?    How are you creating the belief inside your head that's necessary in order to take the right actions so that you can manifest it? Hard Truth: Most people are not striving for big enough goals.     What I find is most people dream too small. Most people set a goal that they think sounds “reasonable,” but because they don't truly believe in the goal, it inevitably ends up being hard for them to achieve it. If you don’t believe in it, I’m telling you - it’s not the right goal for you. By setting small goals, you’re selling yourself short.  Manifesting your big goals in 2022   What are you dreaming for next year? Have you written it down? Most people don't write down their goals, and that is a huge mistake.    Start by writing down your goal(s) in a detailed way. It needs to be specific, right down to the date you're going to achieve it by. So not just something like, I'm going to make more money next year. Instead, write something like, Next year, I'm going to serve X amount of students by (date). Or, Next year, I'm going to make X amount of dollars in revenue by (date).    After you’ve written out your goals, I want you to breathe into it and begin to embody each goal. There’s a structure to this goal-setting manifestation exercise that I do with all of my clients. If you’d like to work on it with me directly, feel free to reach out to me via email or DM to set-up an individual session.    Which brings me to my next suggestion in the goal manifesting process... Set-up the support you need to achieve.   Once you set your goals,  ask yourself, What is my level of belief that I will achieve these goals and who do I need to surround myself with in order to achieve them?    I have said it many times before: you can only go so far on your own. In order to reach new levels of success in your life and business, you need the right reinforcements.    Are you inserting yourself into a container, like a mastermind or a coaching group or a space where you can grow? Are you getting coaching? What are you listening to? What are you feeding your mind?    Because I believe in the power of groups and coaching, I have several different opportunities available to help driven entrepreneurs like yourself to thrive from CEO Club, to my Breakthrough Babe Mastermind group.    On that note, the waitlist for my mastermind group is open now. It’s a group that’s in high demand with a 100% renewal rate. I'm so stoked about it. Everyone is returning for Year 2 and we have only four more spots open for others to join us. That's it. So if this is something you're interested in, please DM me on Instagram and I'll send you the waitlist page so that you can get notified when the opportunity to apply opens up.    As we close, I’d like to challenge you to really think about your goals for next year. This last month of the year is so valuable as a planning space to help you achieve your 2022 goals and to really create what you want in your life. So think it through, set a BIG goal, begin to embody it, believe you can achieve it, and you will.    Your success - current and future - is not a coincidence. It’s time to stop treating it as such and to bring forth your next year of wins with intention. Are you with me?!
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    The Most Successful People Have a Daily Gratitude Practice. Here’s How You Can, Too


    People tend to think of Thanksgiving as Gratitude Season. And while I love that aspect of the holiday, for me, gratitude is so much more than something to show for a mere day, week, or even a month.    The most successful people practice gratitude with intention. It’s not just a season, but a daily habit that countless studies prove creates more abundance in our lives.    In today’s post, I’m sharing a peek into my own daily gratitude practice and giving you some tips on how you can manifest more success in your life by simply becoming more deliberately grateful.    I’m also starting a 30-Day Gratitude Challenge and would love for you to join me on social media - more details on that at the end!   The Intentional Daily Practice of Gratitude   Gratitude is something that should be practiced every day. And I say the word “practice” very intentionally.    Think about a yoga practice, for example. Imagine you've never done yoga before. Perhaps you say to yourself, I'm going to practice yoga every day for the next 60 days. Do you think that on the 60th day, you'll be more flexible than you were on the very first? Of course you will.    It doesn't matter where you started on that first day, what matters is that on the 60th day you'll have made so much progress. This is because practice creates progress. Whether it’s yoga, playing a musical instrument, or some other skill, by committing to a daily practice, you will inevitably create transformation in your life. The same is true with gratitude.    Gratitude is great when spoken occasionally, but when you make a daily commitment to gratitude? That’s when you’ll really see the positive changes take effect in your life.  How does gratitude currently transpire in your life?   What is your gratitude habit? Do you have one in place that you participate in regularly? There are two different ways we typically express gratitude: towards others and towards ourselves.    How you demonstrate gratitude to yourself is actually the most powerful way to create change in your life. Think about everything your body, your mind, your efforts, and your dedication do for you. A big part of the self care you show yourself demonstrates your gratitude. You can then take that gratitude and share it with others.    The more we practice gratitude, the more it becomes a natural way of being.    Take, for example, all of the things in your daily life that typically bring out frustration and stress. Smaller irritations like traffic on your commute can help you train your brain to more easily shift into a grateful mindset. The next time you find yourself stuck in traffic, use it as an opportunity to think about all the things you have to be grateful for. You can even use your imagination here. Perhaps you’ve avoided an accident up ahead because the traffic slowed you down. Or, perhaps the traffic is giving you the extra time you’d been wishing you had to finally listen to that podcast on the subject that will help you grow in your business knowledge.    When you begin to shift your energy from negative (upset) to positive (grateful), you’re making space for more abundance in your life and business. Study after study irrefutably proves that the most successful people in this world tend to be the most grateful. Gratitude creates an energetic openness making you more receptive to the opportunities in front of you. An attitude of gratitude is an underrated secret to success.  3 ways to make space for more gratitude in your daily life    Here are a couple of ways I incorporate gratitude into my life. Feel free to try one, or try them all. The most important part is to select something you can do consistently. To truly reap the rewards of an attitude of gratitude, it must be practiced every single day.      Start your day with gratitude   When I wake up each morning, the first song I listen to is a song called, “Thank You for the Blessings.” It’s a prayerful kind of song. In fact, I'm almost certain it's sung in churches, though I don’t remember how I came upon it. But what I’ve done is create a playlist that begins with this song and sets the right tone - the right energetic frequency - for my day. This grounds me, and reminds me of all I have to be grateful for. And that’s a great lens to view the world through as you embark upon your day.    You’re welcome to snag this song, or find something of your own that serves as a gratitude “wake up call” to begin your day with. Choose something that both excites you and brings you peace whether it be a song you listen to, a video you watch, or a meditation you do.      Write in a gratitude journal   This doesn’t have to be any formally designed gratitude journal; anything with blank pages will do. Journaling doesn’t have to be intimidating, either. Simply make it your habit to write down three things each day that you’re grateful for. This can be done at any time of the day, though picking a time that generally works each day can help you stick to the habit.    There’s so much power in the written word. Scientific studies have shown how much more we actually retain by writing things down. By searching for things to write down that you’re grateful for each day, your brain will begin to seek them out throughout the day. Begin to notice how things that normally bring you anxiety or annoyance become more opportunities for gratitude. This will happen more and more naturally with time and practice!     Share your gratitude   Start by telling one person each day that you’re grateful for them. It can be a different person, or there can be repeats. You can send a card, make a phone call, or pop out a simple text. Just share that you’re grateful for them (including why is a bonus!).     Then, I’d like to encourage you to share your gratitude publicly. For the next 30 days, we’re hosting a gratitude challenge to help you kickstart your new daily habit. Wherever you enjoy participating on social media - Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. - use #BBAttitudeofGratitudeChallenge to start chronicling what you’re grateful for.    Some ideas include: photos of your walk, photos of your family, photos of your pets, or perhaps even photos of something you used to find annoying but have now shifted your mindset into something you’re grateful for (see the traffic example above!).  I promise you that if you begin to show up every single day, gratitude will transform your life. When you create an attitude of gratitude in your mind and body, that gratitude will expand into your actions. When you feel good on the inside, the outside becomes good too.    Thank you for reading. I look forward to seeing your gratitude posts. I am SO grateful for YOU. 
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    Resisting the Urge to Rush your Results


    Have you noticed how every year, it seems like our society moves things along at a faster and faster pace? I mean, my Halloween candy hasn’t even been eaten, and yet All Things Christmas are already exploding from every storefront.   I see the same thing happening in the businesses of my fellow entrepreneurs. People suddenly want to reach their 12 month goals in 10 month’s time. But here’s the thing: Your business is not Amazon Prime, and no one’s results are delivered overnight.    There’s still time. You CAN still finish this year strong (because it’s not over yet, despite what the holiday decor will lead you to believe!). And as you start your 2022 planning, know that it IS possible to approach it from a place of grace - for yourself, and for your business.    Read on to find out why I think sometimes slow is the best way to grow.  NEWSFLASH: 2021 is NOT over yet.    Because the stores have been decorated with Christmas stuff for a month now already, and because Black Friday deals have been being promoted over a week in advance, it’s got people thinking the year is over. And as a business owner, that can lead to panic and disappointment at potentially having not hit the goals you set for yourself this year.    I’ve got good news for you: 2021 is not over yet. You still have weeks left to rally and meet your goals. Don’t give up simply because Santa decided to pop in on November 1st. You made goals for January through the end of December, so see them through to the end.    People are still buying and still doing business. Their financial focus is not entirely on Christmas gifts, I promise you. They will still spend money on themselves, their own development, and their own business needs if the value is communicated to them in an irresistible way. And if you’ve been doing your sales training with me in my coaching programs, this podcast, and beyond, I KNOW you have what it takes to make your offers irresistibly valuable! Setting your foundation for 2022 - with grace.   As you begin your planning for the new year ahead, I’d like to offer some advice that you might initially feel some resistance to. But hear me out.    Start by asking yourself, “What do I need to do to set the foundation for myself in 2022? What seeds do I need to plant in order for them to blossom over the course of next year?”   Then, give yourself permission to grow at a pace that may be slower than you’re accustomed to. We’ve all come to expect our businesses to be like Amazon Prime, delivered within the hour. But your business is not Amazon Prime, and results do not happen overnight.    When you see someone who's a success, you might think, Oh my gosh, she blew up, like, yesterday. Suddenly, she has a million followers and her business is through the roof! But I promise you - I’ve seen it again and again - she did not simply arrive to her wild success overnight. She's where she is because she set the foundation for her own growth. She did the work, likely got the support she needed through coaches, masterminds, and networking, and she made shit happen, probably way slower than you think.     I don't know anyone who will tell you they're really an overnight success - and I know a lot of incredibly successful people. They will all tell you that their success was 5, 10, even 20 years in the making, even today, with the accelerated growth that’s possible through our modern media channels.    You will hopefully not need 20 years to reach the level of success you’re dreaming of, but I share this to encourage you to give yourself some grace. The foundation you’re currently “standing on” is probably far better than the one you were on in your business the previous year. And if you give yourself the time and love to properly set the foundation for your business’ next tier of growth, this will end up helping you get there in a sustainable way. Things don't always happen overnight. And that's okay.  Your successes arrive right on time.   Last year, when I was building up my mastermind, I had the goal of having 10-12 members. But the truth is, in retrospect, if I had actually reached my goal, I probably wouldn't have been ready to support so many new people all at once with the systems I had in place in my business at the time.    What ended up happening is 4 women initially signed on, then a couple more joined. There are now 6 women in our mastermind group who are all renewing and heading into 2022 with me. In starting a bit slower than I’d planned this year, I was able to serve these women to the best of my capabilities. Can you imagine if I’d started with the 10+ I’d thought were right for me? I worry that I’d have disappointed my members for lack of resources.    Now, as I head into 2022, I have an even stronger foundation in place. I’m no longer starting from zero when I didn’t even know what I would need until I needed it. I now have the systems, processes, staff, and resources available to truly take on the additional new members and deliver an experience that exceeds their expectations on every level. I’m so glad I trusted in the wisdom and timing of the Universe - she knew exactly what was best for me to be at my most successful this year.    Going slow as you grow isn’t a bad thing.   Are you currently trying to grow many things in your life and business at the same time?    I feel you. I, too, have a mind racing with many, many ideas. I like everything to be fast-paced, and want things to arrive in a New York Minute. My patience is something I’m constantly working on. But I’m finding more and more, slow can be the answer.    We’re so used to viewing slow as something bad in our society. But slow isn’t no, slow isn’t go-go-go, slow is just slow. It’s not a bad thing. Slow can be an intentional, mindful choice. What if, as you map out your 2022, you give yourself grace by setting an intention that slow is okay, and that everything is happening for you in just the right time. Can you work on growing one thing at a time, rather than all the things at once?   This is your friendly reminder that you don't need to be like Amazon Prime. Just because it's become a standard in our society for people to want instant gratification - messages responded to immediately, products delivered within a day, etc. - it doesn’t mean you have to operate that way in order to be successful. You get to create the boundaries that best serve you. You get to choose how quickly your business grows in a way that allows your life to thrive alongside it.     When you detach from the outcome and look at the bigger picture, little by little, day by day, you’re growing and building a better foundation than the one you’re standing on today.  From there, you can continue to plant in that rich soil so you and your business will be nourished and given the space to blossom.
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    One Big Factor that Can Make or Break your Mastermind Experience


    Are you currently in a mastermind group? Or perhaps you’ve been looking for one to join in 2022?   I both lead one and am a member in one, and I am a huge proponent of the power of these purpose-driven groups.    However, there are a few things beyond just the coach leading them that can make your experience in a mastermind either transformative, or a major letdown.    In this post, I’m going to let you in on something that you need to find out BEFORE you join your next mastermind group.    The Breakthrough Babe Mastermind   At the time of this writing, I am just coming back from literally one of the best weekends ever. It was a weekend retreat I hosted for my mastermind members who are all a part of a year long mastermind experience.    The Breakthrough Babe Mastermind is an ongoing group coaching program where members get multiple coaching calls every month, multiple in-person retreats, direct access to me when they need it, and the power of the community that I've cultivated.    I'm really proud of this particular offering of mine because it's working on all levels. It’s working for me - I LOVE facilitating it - and it’s working for my members, who are all experiencing incredible growth, breakthroughs, and record numbers in their businesses as they evolve into each new version of themselves. It's been so powerful to see the impact this one mastermind group has created. What to look for in a mastermind group   If you’re looking for a mastermind group of your own, it’s important to do your research to ensure you find the group that is the best match for you. Most people begin by looking for the coach they want to work with - and that’s a great place to start.    You should feel an alignment with the coach who is leading the mastermind group you’re considering. Are they someone you want to learn from? Do you feel a connection to their personality and the content they share? Do you think they have the experience and expertise to help you reach your next level? Do you trust them?   Trust and alignment are key. And if you reach out to me to apply to be in my mastermind, that’s where we’ll start - ensuring you and I are a good fit together.    The next most important consideration in choosing your mastermind group - and this is something so many people overlook - is to determine whether you’ll be a good fit within the group. Start by finding out who the other members are. Because in order to be successful in a mastermind group, you need to not only trust your coach, but you also need to be able to trust your fellow mastermind members.    When you join a mastermind, you're joining a sisterhood.   The power of a mastermind connection is strong. These women will likely be your friends for life. In a transformative mastermind group, we go deep. You want to be able to feel like you can share almost anything to be able to get the most out of it.    So I recommend that you take the time to find out about your fellow members before you join. Are these people that you can look up to and relate to? While you don’t need to agree on everything with everyone (that’s just not realistic), you DO need to feel in the company of like-minded individuals in order to feel a stronger connection.    I witnessed this exact scenario at our recent Mastermind Retreat. The trust that has been placed inside of this container as a result of the people who are in it is incredible. The right group dynamic allows its members to be vulnerable. It allows its members to show up and be themselves. There’s nothing performative about it. It’s all openness and a willingness to dig into even the ugly parts with the ultimate goal of growth and transformation. And this can only happen inside the right container where there is already an established level of trust in each other and trust in the coach.   I'm really freaking proud of this dynamic that I’ve created. I'm proud that these women can show up as themselves and find comradery with their fellow business owners, listen to one another’s stories, connect, and go deep.   Lastly, find a coach who is going to deliver MORE rather than less.    Word to the wise: make sure the mastermind you choose is led by someone you trust and know is legitimate. I’ve unfortunately seen too many people be disappointed by the lack of follow-through from the coaches they’ve entrusted themselves in.    Masterminds tend to be high ticket offerings. I want to make sure that you get a high ticket experience to match. There should be no skimping and you should get what you’ve been promised when you sign-up.    My philosophy as a coach is to deliver MORE than what I’ve promised. I want my members to feel surprised and delighted by their mastermind experience - and to get tangible results.    Make sure the coach you choose to work with is committed to making an impact in YOUR life and business, so you can take that and make an impact of your own with your clients. Make sure they’re committed to providing you with the mentorship and connection you’re seeking. It’s just that simple. You want your coach to be someone who under promises and over delivers - not the other way around.  Is the Breakthrough Babe Mastermind for you?   I don’t know that yet, and neither do you. BUT, if you have an inkling that it might be, and you’ve got the desire to level up to the next version of yourself starting in 2022, then I’d like to invite you to reach out and apply. You can also DM me on Instagram if you’d prefer to chat with me there.    In order to reach new levels of success in our lives and businesses, we’ve got to be prepared to get the right back-up to take us there. That means the right coach and the right community to support your rise. Only with this kind of unique support can you see beyond what’s blocking you, accelerate your learning, and experience meaningful breakthroughs that lead to total transformation.    I hope you consider joining a mastermind because I know the power that masterminds hold. And I know this from experience, not just in leading mine, but also in being a member of one. Masterminds deliver unparalleled value and the difference they make affects not only your life and business. This kind of growth creates a ripple effect that makes magic, too, in the lives of your clients, your client’s clients, your friendships, and your family. It’s tremendous.  I look forward to reading your application, should you choose to apply.
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    How Taking a Light-Hearted Approach to your Business Can Actually Lead to More Success


    I have a serious question for you: How much FUN are you having in your business?   Do you find genuine enjoyment in the work you do, or do you feel like you need to be serious in order to be taken seriously?   If you do, you’re not alone. The grand majority of entrepreneurs I encounter get pretty intense when it comes to their businesses. But would you be surprised to know that there’s a direct correlation between income producing ideas (read: more sales!) and fun?   This post is all about how taking a light-hearted approach to your business can actually lead to more success. And if playfulness isn’t something that comes easy for you - especially at work - not to worry. I’m also going to give you some ideas as to how you can begin to intentionally incorporate more fun into your business, starting today.  Do we really need to be so serious in our work lives?   Back when I used to work for a big company, when I was just starting out, I was the youngest person in my position. I thought that in order to be taken seriously, I needed to be serious any time I was at work or a work event. My team would go out to dinners and everyone would be joking around, but I would maintain a deliberate “business-like” demeanor; I didn't want to be off my game. I didn't want to not be taken seriously.    Thankfully, I came to learn that this was 100% not necessary - and it was actually inhibiting both my growth and enjoyment of my job.    Do you have a background, whether it's your family life or a previous corporate position you held, that ingrained in you the same belief I once held? Do you feel like in your business now, as an entrepreneur, that you have to be incredibly serious when it comes to your work? This might not even be something you’ve been fully conscious of up to this point. I mean, how many people do you know that equate business with fun?   But here’s the thing: the more fun I have purposely let into my business, and the more intentional I've been about creating fun in the workplace, the more my business has grown. And I’ve witnessed the same thing countless times in the coaching and masterminds I both host and participate in. There's actually a direct correlation between income-producing ideas and fun. Those who have more fun in their businesses tend to be the most successful in any group.   Choosing authenticity over perfection   In my business, I want to bring the real me into any interaction I have - with my team, with my coaching clients, with my colleagues, with my podcast listeners, and with you reading this post. I want everyone to get to know the real version of me, not some serious, edited, “perfect” version of me.    Let’s use my podcast, Breakthrough Babe, as an example.    I don't really edit my podcast episodes. We tack a beginning + ending on each show, but that’s pretty much it unless I make some major error or something is confusing (which is rare). Out of the last 70-something episodes, I basically stopped editing probably about 15 or 20 episodes in. So the last 50 out of 70-something episodes of my podcast haven’t really been edited at all. Sure, I could send it to an editor and have them take out all the ums and uhs and long pauses and random thoughts, but that's not how we talk in real life. And I want you to feel like you’re spending time chatting with me in real life when you listen to my show.    I want you to have access to the real me. Why? Because choosing authenticity over perfection creates better connections and - you got it - is way more FUN for all of us. People like to buy from people they can relate to and from people who are enjoyable to interact with. And that’s how fun can create more sales and revenue for your business. Here are 3 ways to infuse your business with more fun   1) Do something fun everyday What do you consider fun? In order to have fun, you have to recognize what’s fun for YOU, because it’s different for all of us. Take a minute and make a list of the things that bring you bursts of joy. Is it jumping into a pool? Doing a craft project? Some days, it might even be something as simple as taking a walk and taking some pictures of your neighborhood.  Once you’ve got your list, I want you to do one thing each day just for fun. It doesn't have to be for three hours in the middle of the workday. Could you take a 15, 20, or 30 minute break to inject fun into your life? The answer is YES. Yes, you can. While you might think this has nothing to do with your business, know this: How you do one thing is how you do everything. It’s all connected energetically. When you start injecting fun into your life automatically, you're going to start injecting fun into your business automatically, too. 2) Make your business feel like a game We adults benefit from play just like kids do. We may not have as much time to devote to play as kids, but we can make our work feel more like playing by gamifying our businesses. Can you make your tasks a game against yourself? I love to do this by giving myself challenges to work towards - I want to “win” my game!   Here’s an example. I strive to be really people-focused and not numbers-focused in my business, so I make a game of how many people I can help.  So I ask myself, How many posts do I need to make to connect and help people? How many Reels? How many outreach attempts can I make to establish genuine relationships? How many DMs is that? How many calls? By making little challenges for myself and approaching it with enthusiasm and curiosity, it tricks my brain into feeling like I’m playing a fun game.    Here’s the key to this: don’t forget to set-up rewards for yourself when you “win.” Positive reinforcement is powerful and helps keep the excitement to “win” strong. Create little treats for yourself - it can be as simple as stickers on a goal sheet, or an afternoon coffee break.    3) Share the fun Fun is contagious. The more fun I’m having, the more other people want in on it. Sharing your fun can be an effective motivator for your team, and it can be irresistible to potential clients you’re looking to attract. Once you start having fun in your business, don’t keep it quiet to yourself, or be afraid to show it thinking it makes you look frivolous. People are drawn to a light-hearted approach and when you can share that together, that is the freaking ultimate win. Remember: Business CAN be fun, IF you allow it to be. And if you’re not having enough fun, chances are, you’re not making enough sales.    I’d like to challenge you to release some of that entrepreneurial tension we all fall victim to at some point. The next time something in your business goes awry, choose to take a more light-hearted approach and see what happens. Laugh things off, let things go, and go with the flow. When you’re stressed and intense, it takes you down a rabbit hole of negativity. You lose your creativity and ability to impact others. See what arises when you flip the switch and approach obstacles with cheerful energy instead. I promised it will be more fun, and I know from experience it leads to more success.  If you’d like my help in finding out how you can infuse the kind of joy into your business that will lead to more creativity and more sales, don’t hesitate to reach out. Fun (especially the kind that translates into sales!) is my specialty. And the next time you're doing something just for fun in your business for you, for your clients, or for your team, be sure to tag me on Instagram @jengitomer - let’s inspire each other and create a ripple effect of fun.

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