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Behind the Billboard - Episode 23 - Andy Bird - PART 2

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The Bird is back... and this time it's the Publicis years.... From London to New York, we hear about some of the amazing OOH work he's presided over.  Visuals:

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    Behind the Billboard - Episode 34 - Justin Tindall


    Visuals: cats, sharing a flat with Damien Hirst, painting your toenails purple in Cannes…just when you thought’d you’d heard it all, along comes podcast number 34 with Justin Tindall.Amazing stories…some of which were actually about billboards ;-)Of course Justin is much more than dead moggys, friend of YBA’s and dodgy pedicures.He is one of the world’s most awarded creatives and ECD’s - winning big at every show in the world during tenures at FCA!, DDB, Red Brick Road, Leo Burnett and M&C Saatchi.This success can be put down to many things (working in a creative team with Adam Tucker for one), but his level of craft is astounding. Justin is up there with another obsessive we spoke to on episode 13, Alexander Taylor - rivalling her casting of 33 scissors for Silk Cut with his own exhaustive search for the perfect beans on toast for Harvey Nichols, shooting (with @James Day) 30 different plates for the calendar campaign. God and Justin are in the details.Thanks again for coming mate. It was brilliant to see you again looking so fresh and ready for all that 2022 has in store for your exciting new agency @Platform.
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    Behind the Billboard - Episode 33 - Malcolm Venville


    Visuals: episode #35 features one of adland’s most brilliant and loved photographers, Malcolm Venville, who’s portfolio is bulging with great billboards.NikeWranglerSilk CutLevi’sLynxVWGuinnessEvery one of them shot through with wit and style and every one shot by the same wonderful man.We spent an absorbing hour with Malc discussing the work that teamed him up with the the cream of British agencies.So many great stories behind so many billboards.We barely got to mention his other creative outlets - directing Hollywood films and TV mini series. Maybe more of that next time 🤓Thanks again Malcolm. It was a real pleasure. 
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    Behind the Billboard - Best of 2021 - Pt 2


    So the question on everybody’s lips this Friday…what will be the number 1 billboard of 2021? Last week the pod counted down from 21 to 11. Now we’re in with the big guns. Who’s your money on? Marmite? Everyone seems to love (not hate!) their exploding special builds from earlier this year. Or McDonalds Delivery - classic adshels - a campaign of beauty and simplicity. How about BBC Creative and the billboard they set on fire for The Perfect Planet season? Or maybe switch channels to C4 and see that enormous special build cake sweep the board. Tune in, find out and hear us get a little giddy on Guinness. Thanks again for following, liking and commenting - we love doing this and esp when we hear from you our listeners. 2022 is going to be epic! 
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    Behind the Billboard - Best of 2021 - Pt 1


    2021 - VISUALS: was it for you? At Behind the Billboard we were genuinely surprised at the quality of this year’s output. And ended up conveniently🤔with 21 pieces from 2021 worthy of discussion in our end of year pod. The chat went fairly deep and crisp and even, aided by some chilled beers and delicious pigs in blanket flavoured crisps (cheers Jon). We went on a bit like you do…and ended up with a two-parter. So if you’re needing a break over the festive period, you know where to come. For those wanting to know our process of how we get to the list…there isn’t one. Well nothing you could actively call a process. We just ask our esteemed guests and listeners what caught their eye this year when they’ve been out n about. Or merely scrolling through Instagram. And then we chuck in some of our BtB favourites too. We have a bit of everything - special builds, murals, projections, digital and of course classic 6, 48 and 96 sheets. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did. It’s great to be back in the studio and chatting with the great and the good of the OOH community. Thanks again to Talon our sponsors, Jon for basically doing everything behind the scenes, Jordan for his continued good-looks and to all our brilliant guests. And most importantly thanks to you our listeners. Have a great Christmas and stick with us in 2022 we have an amazing line-up.
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    Behind the Billboard - Episode 32 - Mike Nicholson


    FOLLOW WITH VISUALS:’d heard so many good things about Mike over the years and seen his work at all the award shows, but our paths had never crossed. Until now. The pod was the perfect opportunity for Hugh and Dan to find out more about one of adlands most talented and nicest blokes. And he didn’t disappoint (esp in the wardrobe department, the signature Hawaiian shirt setting a bright positive mood from the get-go) Mike’s billboards are a masterclass in how to do great ooh. Brilliantly simple ideas distilled down to the absolute minimum (Heg would approve) art directed with craft and wit. There’s not an inch of fat on his work. This is why it’s so awarded and still looks so fresh today. Quick example - The Tunes 6 sheet:No headline, no endline, no website, no logo, no hashtag bollocks.No need.Just a plunger - made from 3 pack shots (3 packs!!! A client’s dream!)That’s it.The bare minimum. Written on placement, it’s no surprise this was the work that got Mike hired at AMV.And set a theme of simplicity and graphic brilliance that coursed through his work ever since - either with initial partner Daryl Corps or later with Paul Pateman. As well as billboards we discussed Mike’s various ECD jobs in the UK and abroad, his teaching work at the SCA and his bedroom wallpaper, which was up there with his Hawaiian Shirts. Thanks again Mike. Dan and Hugh loved it. #behindthebillboard #btb #posters #billboards #ooh #outdoor #amv #tbwa #museumofchildhood #tunes #dunloptyres #theeconomist #sca #johnsmiths 
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    Behind the Billboard - Episode 31 - Tiger Savage - Part 2


    We’re back. Behind the Billboard is back. Amazing guests are backHugh’s heavy breathingDan’s crap jokesJon’s off-mic eye rolls.Overly long social posts.…they’re all back.And we’re starting Series 3 where we left off…with Tiger Savage, talking us through her time at Leagas Delaney and M&C Saatchi. Full disclosure we recorded this earlier in the year but we've held it back to launch series 3!Hear the stories behind billboard brilliance for Adidas,, Becks, British Airways and more. Tiger is right up there when it comes to iconic famous billboard work and it was a total pleasure having her on the show - twice ;-)Hope you enjoy it and stay with us - we’ve got some amazing guests coming up.IMAGES:!
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    Behind the Billboard - Episode 30 - Tiger Savage - Part 1


    Dan and Hugh finally sit down with Tiger Savage, having talked about much of her work on previous shows with her peers. It was so good to talk through her incredible body of work for some of the best agencies in the country.  Visuals : - buy some SHUGS: -  keep checking this link out for some lip balms:
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    Behind the Billboard - Episode 29 - Michael Lee from Oatly


    Dan and Hugh talk with Michael [or Mike] Lee, Creative Director at Oatly who has presided over some of the most iconic outdoor ads our industry has seen in the last few years. Polarising the creative community and prompting complaints and legal action from the dairy lobbyists... we get behind it all. visuals:
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    Behind the Billboard - Episode 28 - Sue Higgs


    Dan and Hugh talk with Copywriter extraordinaire Sue Higgs, going through her amazing body of billboards and posters for Vauxhall, Smirnoff, Regal and BA... among many others. Visuals:
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    Behind the Billboard - Episode 27 - Dave Buonaguidi


    Hugh and Dan talk with Dave Buonaguidi AKA @RealHackneyDave about his time in Adland and about what he's up to now... still making posters for walls... but in galleries and homes around the world!  Visuals here:

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