After the Uprising: The Death of Danyé Dion Jones podcast

After the Uprising: The Death of Danyé Dion Jones


When 24-year-old Danyé Jones was found hanging from a tree in St. Louis County in 2018, police declared it a suicide. But his Ferguson frontline activist mother Melissa grabbed headlines with her viral post alleging her son had in fact died by lynching. Who was right? Starting only six weeks after Danyé died, journalists John Duffy and Ray Nowosielski spent two and a half years working with his mother, family members, close friends and many in the activist community to follow the trail and find out what exactly happened to him. After the Uprising is the result, an unforgettable 11-episode investigative podcast series that documents every shocking twist and turn in the investigation. The take-away: almost seven years after the Black Lives Matter movement was launched from this place, something is still terribly wrong in North County.

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