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You probably already know ... publishing a book is a complex process. Zero to Book is documenting the journey from start to finish, so you can learn how to take your book from an idea to a published product. Listen in as best-selling author a href="" target="_blank"Jeff Goins/a helps a href="" target="_blank"Pamela Wilson/a go from Zero to Book.

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  • Zero to Book podcast

    The Book is Launched! Now What?


    Despite some challenges surrounding her launch, Pamela s book has been released into the wild and has garnered positive reviews. What’s next? Pamela and Jeff convene one last time to look back on where Zero to Book started and discuss the launch and long-term plans for Pamela s new book on content marketing. They share insights about... Listen to episode
  • Zero to Book podcast

    Cool-Headed Advice for Keeping It Together Just Before Your Book Launch


    Having a powerful launch is important, but it isn t everything. The biggest danger to an author, says Jeff Goins, “is spending all their energy on a launch. Publishing your book is the first step in a long game. A published book isn’t urgent, so authors need to get out there, start banging the drum, and... Listen to episode
  • Zero to Book podcast

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  • Zero to Book podcast

    Give Your Book the Best Chance with a Well-Executed Launch


    The timing of your book’s launch is important. But how important is it? Here’s what really matters when you’re ready to launch your book. In the words of Jeff Goins, “It’s really hard to launch too late and it’s really easy to launch too early.” A good launch can make a book, while a bad... Listen to episode
  • Zero to Book podcast

    How to Get Powerful Reviews That Sell More Books


    Reviews can make or break your book sales. Here’s how to get reviews lined up before you launch your book. There’s nothing sadder than a book sales page with no reviews. Book reviews help your potential buyers decide if your book will have what they need. Few reviews = meager sales = few reviews. How... Listen to episode
  • Zero to Book podcast

    Pre-Launch Protocol: How to Position Your Book to Be a Sales Success


    Once your book is written, you’ll turn your efforts toward giving it the best possible chance to get attention, engage readers, and sell. Launching a book happens in three stages: pre-launch; launch; and post-launch. All three stages have an effect on the long-term sales success of your book. In this episode, Pamela and Jeff talk... Listen to episode
  • Zero to Book podcast

    Get Your Book Found: How to Outsmart Amazon s Algorithm


    If you want your book to have robust long-term sales, you’ve got to find a way to encourage Amazon to show it some algorithmic love. To help understand how to make this happen, Pamela and Jeff welcomed The Kindlepreneur, Dave Chesson, to the Zero to Book clubhouse. Dave is an active duty member of the... Listen to episode
  • Zero to Book podcast

    How to Add Images to Your Book with a Professional Illustrator


    Images connect on a different level than the written word. By including illustrations in your book, you have the potential to engage the reader s full brain. But do you speak sketch? Meet D.J. Billings, a.k.a. Sparky Firepants. Sparky is an illustrator who s worked with big names like Nickelodeon and MTV, and is now creating illustrations... Listen to episode
  • Zero to Book podcast

    How to Get Your Book Printed (2 Phenomenal Options, 1 Terrible One)


    Time to bring your self-published book to life! What are your options for making a tangible object out of the pixels you’ve created? Your book is written and edited and it s down to the fun stuff: designing the book layout and getting it printed. What are your options for creating the final product? In this... Listen to episode
  • Zero to Book podcast

    What s Driving You as an Author? How to Pinpoint Your Internal and External Goals


    Writing a book will force you to dig deeper than you ever have for previous writing projects. To get the most out of the process, tune in to what’s really motivating you. Pamela s received her first draft back from the structural editor and she s turning her eye toward the more philosophical aspects of writing a... Listen to episode
  • Zero to Book podcast

    Name Your Book: How to Go from a Working Title to a Title that Works


    Finding a name might seem like an art, but in this episode we’re sharing a way to apply science to the process. The wrong title can kill your book. (No pressure!) Pamela is impatient to get her book named so she can start sharing the title with people. She’s got a lot of questions for... Listen to episode

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