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  • ZAPPED podcast

    ONLY FANS AND FOOTBALL ft. Bri Teresi and Avery Williamson


    Bob and Scooty find a new co-host in the always bright and beautiful Bri Teresi. The new crew talks about everything from only fans, to the Pope liking IG models pictures, to Thursday Night Football. Then Bob welcomes on Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Avery Williamson onto the show. They talk about Avery's new team, what's wrong with the Jets, and college football. 
  • ZAPPED podcast

    THE RETURN OF THE INFORMANT ft. Aaron Steinberg


    We have a massive show in store for you guys as Bob's former assistant Aaron swings by the show to talk about why he left, past memories of working for Bob, and what he plans on doing in the future. Bob and Scooty discuss who will be the co-host of the Zapped Podcast moving forward..and then guys take voicemails from the loyal Zapped Nation!!
  • ZAPPED podcast

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  • ZAPPED podcast

    LOCKER ROOM TALK ft. Luke Rockhold and Chito Vera


    Bob and Scooty breakdown how to recover from a break up, the Thursday night football game, and bringing on Jewel as a cohost...Then UFC legend Luke Rockhold and Chito Vera swing by the studio to talk everything from MMA to dating to life in LA...we conclude the episode with voicemails from our loyal listeners!! 
  • ZAPPED podcast

    Cookin' it Up ft. Dalvin Cook


    Bob and Scooty talk about the NFL, the election results, if Aaron will be returning to the podcast, and whether or not Corona Virus is over. Then NFL star Dalvin Cook swings by to talk to Bob about his Madden ratings, what he does to maintain success, and the future of the Viking's season. Bob and Scooty end the episode with voicemails from the loyal Zapped Nation!!!!
  • ZAPPED podcast

    Fight Island, the President, and So Much More ft. The Nelk Boys


    Welcome back to Zapped! On today's episode Bob and Scooty talk about everything from leaving Fight Island to the dentist, to Timmy Bounceback's return Then the always hilarious and rowdy "Nelk Boys" swing by the studio to talk about meeting the president, Dana White, and their plans for the future. Its a halloween edition of Zapped! Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!!!
  • ZAPPED podcast



    The guys are back, well Bob and Scooty are...as for The Informant, well, he has jumped ship! We talk about Bob's visit to Abu Dhabi, Aaron quitting to go work for the Nelk Boys, Bob's gambling ventures, NFL recap, the Dentist and so much more. We conclude the episode with voicemails from our loyal followers!
  • ZAPPED podcast

    When You're Going to Abu Dhabi


    The guys are heading off to Abu Dhabi to hang with Dana White and the Nelk Boys at fight Island! On todays episode we talk about Bob's new podcast, the rules and regulations in the middle east, cougar attacks (the animal), viral cranberry juice guy, and gambling. We close out the episode with voicemails from our loyal listeners!! 
  • ZAPPED podcast

    SEX EDUCATION ft. Julia Rose


    The Zapped boys discuss everything from Aaron's fast for yom kippur, week 3 of the NFL season, the NBA finals match up between the Los Angeles Lakers vs the Miami heat, and the worst doctor in NFL history. Then the incredibly stunning Julia Rose stops by the studio to talk about her company Shagmag, Bob's sex game, and how many DM's she responds too. The boys close out the episode with some wild voicemails from the Zapped nation!!
  • ZAPPED podcast



    On today’s episode of Zapped the guys talk about Bob’s coincidental run in with “Tiger King” star Carole Baskins in Hollywood, Tyrod Taylor’s awful doctor and the upcoming trip to Abu Dhabi for the UFC fight. Then Utah Jazz starting center Rudy Gobery hops on a zoom call to talk about life in the Bubble, who he thinks wins the NBA championship, and trolls on the Internet. We conclude the episode with voicemails from Zapped Nation 
  • ZAPPED podcast

    DANCING WITH VERNON ft. Vernon Davis


    The guys talk about all the devastating injuries from week 2 of the NFL season and stories from Saquon Barkley's house. Then Vernon Davis swings by the new Zapped studio to talk about Dancing with the Stars, the hardest hit he's ever taken, and Bob beating him in beer pong. The guys then take voicemails from the loyal Zapped Nation! 

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