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Hosted by Dr. Karen Bellinger, the Working Over Time podcast examines society through the lens of work, over time and across cultures. Being human is a curious gig! Produced by LittleFire, Past Preservers, and Karen Bellinger. Visit our website at Follow us on Twitter @WorkingOTSeries.

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  • Working Over Time podcast

    “Game of Popes” - The Renaissance Roots of the Modern Architect


    For much of human history, finding shelter was something everyone did on their own, to survive. But with increasing labor specialization in complex societies, the act of designing and building structures evolved into a distinct blend of art and science, becoming the discipline we know today as architecture.  But when did this job, as such, become a thing? Today’s guest, Viviano Villarreal-Bueron, has a ripping good take on that, replete with drama, intrigue, and bruised egos aplenty. So - hard hats on - we’re headed to the eternal magnificence of Renaissance Rome.
  • Working Over Time podcast

    ”Since Sliced Bread” - The Ancient Business of Bread Making


    Classical historian and baker-in-residence, Dr Owen Rees, walks Karen through the ancient past and present pleasures of breadmaking. 
  • Working Over Time podcast

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  • Working Over Time podcast

    ”Upward Mobility” - Dr. Sian Proctor Wins Her Space Race At Last


    We’re in the throes of a new space race, and it’s a whole new ballgame from the 1960s Cold War version, when the world’s superpowers duked it out to see who could be the first to send a man into space. Fast-forward to today, and we’re in the wild west of a “space tourism” race. The SpaceX Inspiration4 mission, slated to lift off TODAY, September 15, 2021, promises to up the ante by launching the first all-civilian mission to orbit the earth, with the express goal of broadening access to space. And this one hits close to home, since Karen had the pleasure and privilege of hosting its Mission Pilot, Dr Sian Proctor, on the podcast last year. To hear more about Sian’s personal journey to the stars, and the broader context of how women and people of color have fared in the evolution of space travel from the 1960s to the present, tune in to Working Over Time, episode 7. “They Promised Her The Moon:” The Hidden Women of the Space Race.  
  • Working Over Time podcast

    ”Knights in Tarnished Armor?” - Enduring Myth, Brutal Reality


    In this episode, Karen is joined by Sam Wilson and Jem Duducu to take a look at the job specs and role of a medieval knight. Listen in as they compare the enduring myth of knights and the chivalric code to the brutal reality. 
  • Working Over Time podcast

    ”Working Right Now” - The Modern Toymaker


    For decades, the independent toymaker has been eclipsed by corporate toy marketers funding defense-department-sized ad budgets across print, radio, TV, and the internet. Our chat with thoroughly modern indie toymaker Bobby Vala gives us hope that this hopelessly stacked landscape is shifting, as savvy small operators find ways to harness the power of story to hook and retain players, and engage fans directly through the leveling effects of social media as a direct, two-way communications channel. Surely this is happy news for players everywhere, from the smallest child to young-at-heart “kidults.” Recorded over zoom. Check out Valaverse to see what Bobby’s up to these days.
  • Working Over Time podcast

    ”Breakroom 2” - Nigel‘s Egyptian Adventure


    The gang’s all here, back in the Breakroom! This time, we’re chatting with production partner and Past Preserver Head Nigel Hetherington about what it’s like to do archaeology in Egypt, and to start a heritage media business. Join us for another behind-the-scenes look at how Aidan, Raz, and Karen create the podcast, and learn what’s involved in being an expert presenter on unscripted, factual television. Grab a hot cup of something, and we'll meet you there.
  • Working Over Time podcast

    "'Mad' Men and the Art of Persuasion" - Adverti$ing in the 1920s


    Have you ever seen an ad - on TV, in a magazine, or online - that was so clever it made you laugh out loud?  Or just hit so close to home it took you by surprise?  What about an ad that was so unbelievably “off” that you couldn’t believe anyone ever thought it was a good idea, much less got it greenlit and broadcast into the great collective consciousness? (that Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad, anyone….?). If you’ve ever wondered where this peculiarly capitalist form of communication came from, wondered why certain marketing campaigns “work” while others crash and burn, or just been curious about the complex psychology behind getting people to open their wallets… well, this is the episode for you. Popular historian and old friend Jem Duducu brings us to the inner sanctum of New York City’s 1920s “Ad Men,” and traces their legacy straight on through to today’s consumer economy, predicated on universal social media channels that paradoxically target individual communications more precisely than ever before.  So, grab your fedora and follow me onto the swinging streets of New York City in the Jazz Age, to learn how we got here, and, as always,  to think about where we might be headed in the future.
  • Working Over Time podcast

    "Dangerous Waters" - Undersea Explorers Through The Millennia


    This episode takes us to some of the deepest, darkest and most awe-inspiring settings planet Earth has to offer. We’re doing a deep dive into, deep diving, as it happens. Specifically, the perilous quest to discover and map unexplored caves in our oceans’ harshest, most remote corners. Our guide is the intrepid Jill Heinerth, a renowned underwater explorer and cave mapper whose projects span decades, and whose insistence that discovery is the driving force of human advancement is an inspiration to us all. Jill’s taking us back to the earliest days of her profession - that’s all the way back to 350 BCE - when ancient divers employed astonishingly complex tools and techniques to explore the oceans whose surfaces were inscrutable, but whose depths yielded deep sea resources and the intangible rewards of piercing that watery veil, to behold an entirely different world. We’ll also examine how the modern profession of underwater exploration is transforming our understanding of what really lies beneath the water that covers over 70% of Earth’s surface, and how what’s -down there- relates to what’s happening -up here-, past, present, and future. So, strap on those “rebreathers” and join our plunge into the vast, uncharted seas. With Jill leading the way, it’s sure to be an adventure to remember.
  • Working Over Time podcast

    "That Unhealthy Glow" - The Business of Killer Cosmetics in the 1920's


    Welcome to the emergent beauty industry of the early 20th century: a veritable Wild West that played fast and loose with the latest scientific darling,  a new element called radium,  which (spoiler alert) exposed users to concerning levels of radiation. Historian Lucy Jane Santos is with us today, to dish on how radium became the secret sauce in a dizzying range of beauty and personal care products, and remained so even after the health hazards were well-understood. So - Without further ado, let’s learn all about the killer cosmetics of the early 20th century beauty industry.  Music by Max Richter
  • Working Over Time podcast

    "Wine Dark Sea" - Winemakers of the Ancient Greco-Roman World


    The current shifting season is the perfect backdrop for our first episode of the season:Greco-Roman Winemakers of the ancient world. Because - who doesn’t need a drink after the last decade *cough cough* We mean "year." That said, people have had lots of reasons to wine (and whine) since - well - ever. And today, we have Dr. Emlyn Dodd, a Greco-Roman Archaeologist who’s gonna take us through the ancient, fascinating, and ever-timely traditions and technologies around wine cultivation, as practiced in the ancient Greek and Roman worlds. (recorded over zoom) Music by Rolfe Kent

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