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Financial Anxiety: How to Cope with Bank Collapses and Recessions, When All You Want to Do is Cry

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For as long as I can remember both my son and I have been criers, which at first glance is pretty uncommon. But even as a very self-confident woman, more often than not I can feel my emotions welling up inside me. And preventing my eyes from leaking - well, let's just say Mission Almost Impossible.

 My son too - he's a bundle of softee inside the hard ass, calloused hands, master carpenter and race car driver & mechanic he is. His four feet or fury son is totally following the trend.

 Yet it takes a big business thing to throw me off my game. A weird oxymoron of emotions in one person. Maybe it's the ability to disassociate, see no human effect. Yet I'm human and when it comes to people, I cry.

 It's a weird dichotomy. As a professional accountant it was all about numbers. And as a this new evolution speaking right to people on one of the three or four most sensitive topics my heart melts, hurts, feels empathy - all the feels as they say for someone.

Breaking Up with a Fear of Money

Every thought that pops into your head comes from one of two places. To inspire you - the Idea Bank, or to protect you - The Fear Bank. And guess which one has more in it?

Honestly I think they both have about the same, it's just that the slide that the fear ones come in on is highly greased, well maintained, and bigger. Way bigger.

 The path rom The Idea Bank is more like a rotted, broken down set of stairs. With vines and spikes poking through it, sand, rocks and stones all over and it is very narrow. Every day it isn't used it gets less inviting.

 Fear has the ability to lube itself up, pulling on disguises that would make even the scariest horror movie character be welcomed into your home. A parent voice, maybe. Every time I hear my fear as my moms voice I use EFT (tapping) and tell it to go to the BS stories at the far back.

That Old Bag You Keep Carrying in Your Small Business

Each role someone takes on has two sets of rules. The first set belongs to the company they work for and agree to follow in exchange for making money. The second set belongs to them, and it goes everywhere with them, inherited and primed through life. All the experiences from the workplace, the goods, the bads and the ugly get added to the personal bag, taken on to the next workplace.

In the event that they start a new business, choose to become and entrepreneur to escape the business that no longer wants them, or that laid them off, or to no longer have a boss to answer to, the bag is along for the ride. Bringing all the baggage with them, the self-doubts, the thoughts about their value and self-worth, and thepricing rules.

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