The Real Reel podcast

The Real Reel

Natalie Barbu

The world—and your social media feed— is already full of everyone’s highlight reel. It's time to join us if you’re eager to escape the fake posts and filters and just want to hear some good old-fashioned realness. Welcome to The Real Reel, where influencer, YouTuber, and entrepreneur Natalie Barbu is here to pull back the curtain and reveal what's going on behind the highlight reel. On her podcast, Natalie talks to real people about their real lives and real careers. She swaps stories with fellow entrepreneurs every Monday about things like quitting your day job to start your dream company, the future of influencers, serial entrepreneurship, and how to make real money. While we all might find ourselves scrolling the Instagram highlight reel, this is a place where nine-to-fivers, entrepreneurs, and everyone in between can uncover the real reel.

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