The NonProphet Podcast podcast

The NonProphet Podcast

Michael Blevins, Mark Twight

The intersection of Effort, Art and Philosophy, a.k.a. The Worst Fitness Podcast in the World, formerly known as The Dissect Podcast. Hosts Michael Blevins and Mark Twight explore the overlapping worlds of effort, action, art, digital and analog in conversations riddled with innuendo, inside jokes, and occasional insight. If you know, you know. Published weekly, usually.

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  • The NonProphet Podcast podcast

    # 178 — Broken Joe


    Joe Holmes cements the title of "most frequent guest" on the podcast. He stopped by on his way home from Europe where he was directing a junior development cycling team through races in Belgium, Austria, Hungary and Slovakia, as well as directing the national junior squad at the World Championships. Along the way he piloted the team car with a US Ambassador on board, drank fine wine, crashed a bike, took his first helicopter ride, and helped some racers bring home a little hardware.
  • The NonProphet Podcast podcast

    # 177 — Slim Fast with Burkey


    Burkey returns for his sixth episode burdened with a little case of "empathy fatigue", i.e. when you exhaust your capacity to tolerate minor inconveniences. We had no useful advice or sympathy for him but did briefly discuss which affects us more, the virus itself or fear of it, and how one goes about vetting information should s/he refuse to take it at face value. After highlighting the difference between asking for permission and asking for information, which is an important distinction and one we are rarely able to self-monitor, Burkey accurately described 2020 by declaring, "it's about power, they need to do it willingly."   A discussion about the NXIVM cult leads to comparisons with the federal government ... I mean, why wouldn't it? Because, when someone else — someone in a leadership position, elected, self-appointed or otherwise — tells you what is information and what is misinformation, well, then you don't have to bother thinking for yourself. Wait, this podcast MUST be disinformation because we are encouraging you to think for yourself.   When the conversation finally turns to diet, Michael declares that it has nothing to do with science, that it is unknown and unknowable ... as mysterious as religion or the universe itself and yet, people "know enough to be ashamed" (of their behavior) but clearly don't care because, "they still drink SlimFast™."   Rabbit holes in this episode include Australia, the War on Drugs, marketing and shitty incentives, decision-fatigue, censorship, and raw milk.
  • The NonProphet Podcast podcast

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  • The NonProphet Podcast podcast

    # 176 — Another Perspective


    Michael joins Erin and Elodie Guegan to discuss their perspective on athletic training for females and their own journeys through the process of discovering, pursuing, and ultimately growing from their participation in sport.
  • The NonProphet Podcast podcast

    # 175 — Endurance is Love


    Nine months before we published the NonProphet Endurance Manual Michael and Mark sat down with George Briones to discuss which aspects of endurance are important, how to present them coherently, and how to tune the language of fitness to communicate about this particular characteristic. The conversation wasn't intended to be a podcast but instead a forum to explore ideas and refer back to while writing the manual. This was recorded in March 2020 but/and remains relevant because the lessons are timeless and universal. So now it's a podcast episode.
  • The NonProphet Podcast podcast

    # 174 — Quit, Don't Quit


    A few weeks back, Michael sat down with Tyr, Nichole, and Trevor from Black Rifle Coffee to discuss the valuable lessons surrounding the public’s reaction to Olympic athlete Simone Biles' voluntary withdrawal from the women’s individual gymnastics event. The importance of this — however trivial it seems — sparks something deeper, something primal and ancient to human nature, which is why the reaction was worth discussing. “Quit or Don’t Quit” is a fundamental question marking an intersection that each of us will have to acknowledge, and yet there are few honest conversations about it.
  • The NonProphet Podcast podcast

    # 173 — Rob and Mitchell


    Rob is prior-military, now working in the civilian sector, and his son, Mitchell has just been commissioned as an officer after graduating from Army ROTC. Our conversation rambles over many topics, starting with, "What should I be reading?", and touching on language, fitness, tools and appropriate use of them, and Rob's experience of joining the infantry after graduate school in the post-Cold War era, among other things. It was fun to chat with an intelligent, inquisitive, and thoughtful 22 year-old who has chosen the path of service instead of a corporate career in the private sector.
  • The NonProphet Podcast podcast

    # 172 — Scholarship


    Michael and Mark speak about the upcoming NonProphet Symposium, the importance of environment (again), skills as tools, tools themselves, scholarship requirements and applications to attend the Symposium as our guest. The topic of diet and specifically a "primal diet" rears its head, but they don't ever really talk about fitness.
  • The NonProphet Podcast podcast

    # 171 — Julia Gumpert and Blair Speed


    Julia Gumpert, who appeared on Ep. 122 joins Mark and Blair Speed (Ep. 154) to discuss all things to do with endurance and love. To break the ice Julia talks about living in the south and seeking self-image in the external, specifically ancestry, her history and connection with land, and the stubbornness required to work it. She and Blair discuss the unique strength of women, love at first sight, marriage, being a military spouse, the languages of love, miscarriage and walking with grief. Together they explore their relationships with death, surviving, enduring, endurance as an expression of love, and that love is a hard thing we must constantly work to keep alive and vibrant. Two declarations stand out, "You can’t truly endure something until you know why you do it and where you’re going,” and perhaps more interesting, "When you stop trying to control everything then you can experience everything." The lesson of letting go is orbiting NonProphet lately and sooner or later someone is going to hear and heed it. Social media handles for folks related to this episode: @juliagumpert@blairspeed@gbriones_3@_nonprophet_@gritandteeth@wfmft (on VERO)
  • The NonProphet Podcast podcast

    # 170 — Boston and Greyson Gilbert


      Owner/Operator of Honeybeard protein, Boston and his brother Greyson Gilbert drove through SLC after completing a run event in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They sit down with Michael and Erin to recount the harrowing story of losing their father—an F16 fighter pilot—to a conflict in Iraq where he paid the ultimate price protecting a downed helicopter from a botched SOF mission. They share their experience of healing from a seemingly unending tragedy, and the lessons that effort, and hardship provide when a father figure isn’t there to instill them.
  • The NonProphet Podcast podcast

    # 169 — SF Derek


    Mark and Michael sit down with Derek to discuss risk, backcountry skiing, cortisol response, IEDs, getting blown up overseas, how great V-hull, sloped armor faces are, combat-related PTSD, counseling, and the utility of discussion and EMDR to treat and assimilate the aftermath of acute traumatic events, as well as the power of small group, honest, open conversation, expressing vulnerability, and the self-awareness required to remain (relatively) safe in high-risk situations. Eventually they discuss National Guard involvement during protests at Lafayette Park in Washington DC and what might be learned from that and similar events if civil, open discussion were possible in this era. Towards the end they talk over the practice of physical training — as a vehicle to tune one's psychology and emotion — and agree that doing so appears fix everything.

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