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Tara Bliss

Sounds Like Bliss is a podcast hosted by women's mentor and writer, Tara Bliss. Conversations with friends, new and old and soul riffs straight from her heart into your headphones. Explore the struggles, celebrations and devotions that make life what it is, and ride the rollercoaster of deep thoughts; interrupted often by belly laughs.

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    Ep. 19: The Audacity of Self-Investment


    Beauty, I went live on Instagram to talk about the sheer audacity that is self-investment after having some beautifully vulnerable conversations with women who were setting their hearts on joining (Rebels of Light®) in 2021. This is the edited recording of that exchange. You can catch the video recording (right here) if you prefer, but it's worth noting that the video cuts out before I get to detailing my history of self-investment (by request) and the announcement of our payment plan! In this conversation, I touched on hot topics like: Asking for what you need Embracing an experience that is more qualitative than quantitative, more LIVED than learned in nature The role that IDENTITY plays in putting ‘skin in the game’ Perceived value discrepancies The interior skills you can expect to develop in Rebels Of Light® ...and also, because I have been immersed in conversation with my community about all of these things, I announced a payment plan that may help you put your money where you want your heart to be: Rebels of Light® is now accessible via a9-month payment plan of $432 a month.We hope that this payment plan can meet you where you're at, and be a nourishing pathway into the experience of Rebels of Light®. However, if this doesn't quite meet your circumstances and you truly feel you need to join us this year, please be courageous and reach out to my wing-woman Casey and myself on so we can see how we can help you make this audacious investment work. Enrolment is open now until June 7... Join us!
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    Ep. 18: Introducing Rebels Of Light®


    Join me as we explore the principals and energies behind Rebels Of Light® - my signature mentoring program, now available in its 3rd iteration. I went live on Instagram to introduce you all to this work that has transformed the way I do everything, and I don't say that lightly. This is the edited recording of that exchange (you can catch the video recording (right here) if you prefer). This chat meant so much to me, on multiple levels. I'm grateful for those who tuned in, and to the incredible women that held space for ME during my little wobble with my T-Bub. My worlds collided in a beautiful and humbling way during this call. I love this community. (Rebels Of Light®) wants to take you to your edge, with tenderness at the helm of your transformation. Enrolment is open now until June 7... Join us.
  • Sounds Like Bliss podcast

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  • Sounds Like Bliss podcast

    Ep 17: {Spoken Word} An Ode to the Natural World


    Friends, a lot has happened. I am a mother. I mean, full stop. I am a mother. I have birthed a being, since I've last been in your ears in this way and rather than today's podcast being some grandiose, return to your headphones, I really just want to jump straight into it. I was recently asked it was a very curious thing we here in Australia and New Zealand. In our dōTERRA community. We had our digital convention, this is our second year in a row where our biggest event of the year has had to take place, digitally, which sucks, big ones, if I'm honest, we love being around each other we love community we love hugs. And we love the energy that accompanies beautiful beautiful events like this. But alas, I'm not even going to go into it. I was asked to speak, and, you know, 2020 was a year. And I thought I didn't have much to say, but I kind of tuned into it for a second and suddenly a yes emerged, and then the piece that came knocking on my shoulder, emerged, and I performed it. And I would like to share it with you here now.
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    Ep. 16: The Many Shapes of Wanderlusting


    I’m in a period of life that has travel at the belly of it. And in today’s episode I want to speak for a moment about my relationship to travel as something that I'm engaged in, as something that I'm always adapting to. I have some stories to tell you about moments imprinted upon my soul like a wax stamp on an envelope. I hope these memories of mine make you smile. I always want to walk away from a trip abroad feeling as though I've made new friends, or that I've deepened friendships, that I've also deepened my connection to myself and the land, broadened my scope of humility, and been plain stupefied by the Earth's beauty. I want to return home feeling cared for, feeling as though I have cared for myself. Travel is not a time or excuse for me to abandon myself. No, and if I'm careful, that's what will happen naturally, so self-care is absolutely critical, but it doesn't necessarily look like what you may think. I could bang on here about infrared saunas, and essential oils, and dietary choices, and supplementation, and morning routines you can travel with, and all the gadgets you can take with you to represent a semblance of home. I could do that. All of these constituents that bring about a sense of body balance, you know? But maybe that's for another time. Instead, today, we’ll chat about travel self-care on an energetic, soul level. This is a different conversation. It goes beyond things to apply, things to eat, things to do, necessarily. It's going into the energetics of it, remembering that actually, everything's energy anyway, so if we can come at it from that level, then perhaps we have a chance of creating harmony in our bodies as we tread the earth, rather than tipping ourselves into perpetual imbalance.
  • Sounds Like Bliss podcast

    Ep. 15: {Spoken Word} Wolves


    I've got another poem for you today, and it was important to me that I read it out to you. It's a poem I wrote for my Rebels Of Light -- and can I just say for a moment how truly full I feel to have the creative freedom in my mentorship that I can reach into the hearts of these students through poetry. Such is a testament to their openness. I find poetry (or any type of art) is often the best way that I can communicate the intensity of what I feel for them and also what I want to teach them. I decided to bring this one out to you, my cherished wider community, not so much to share the poem itself but rather to share what is available to you when you practice what the poem points to. I want to remind you today that whenever something is unfamiliar to you, or uncomfortable to you, you have an opportunity to sit with that aspect or essence, to invite that into your life, and to ask that to tell you more about itself. Curious? Tune into this short 10-minute episode and if you can, close your eyes and sip the words into your being. Tell me over on Instagram what you find and what you feel.
  • Sounds Like Bliss podcast

    Ep. 14: The Goddess With Her Hand On My Back


    My heart was thumping, and I was angry, but my breath was calm, and I could taste liberation. So close. So close this time. So close to me, lingering in my nose, still requiring me to chew and spit out the bones and then swallow in good faith. The creative life takes on a whole different shape when a book is involved in your life, my friends. When a book starts to emerge, everything slows down a little, and it must. Books like businesses of course have their own life force but books draw you in, and I have been in. Today I’m sharing all but a glimpse - but it’s a glimpse that reveals much of the tone and texture. I’m unsure what comes next. The crazy thing about engaging with, receiving and bringing a book to life is that you’re walking the unknown every single day. Each time I close my eyes to spend ‘time’ with my book, I never know what I’ll experience or what it’ll reveal. Every next word in the next poem that will be woven throughout this book - unknown. The blinking cursor - reminding me of all that is yet to come with this book. But gosh - it feels right. Tune into this episode for a glimpse into this project that has my heart, hook, line and sinker. (Title is remaining a secret for now)
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    Ep. 13: Our Thoughts On Hard Work


    HARD WORK. On Instagram recently I asked you how those words ‘hard work’ sit with you. We as a team, were bombarded. It was incredible. It’s straight up magic how you engaged with this request for your thoughts on this. Thank you. We had some push back… Ew, hard work! That’s the old paradigm... We have some hard work evangelists… Hard work is what makes me proud to be who I am! We received your desire to lean into this more… I know I avoid effort and it’s to my detriment. We were also sent some really beautiful musings and reflections that erred on the edge of poetry. I learned so much about you and about us reading your responses. And today I’m excited to share what I learnt, and what I personally believe, about hard work.
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    Ep. 12: Happy Enough


    I’m coming at you today with a poem I wrote. It’s simply called Happy Enough, and I hope you enjoy being taken along for the ride. (It’s sweet and tender and makes me smile when I read it)
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    Ep. 11: Day Design For Work-From-Homers


    Sweet spuds, a fun little podcast for you this week. I know we all love a little behind-the-scenes action and I’ve received many a Q about how I structure my days as someone with a home-based business. Happy to chat with you a little about this today, of course leaving plenty of room for you to feel into how this may apply to you, whether you work from home or not I think it’s critical to imbue meaning into our days whenever we can. You may hear an idea or two that inspires you. Tune into this episode for: Day Design as the pursuit of creation and evolution rather than perfection Honouring and sculpting your day based on what feels the most natural to you How time-blocking and spacious scheduling allows me to feel more free that my ‘spontaneous, free-spirited’ identity ever did The fun way I align my work schedule with planetary energy (oh yes!)
  • Sounds Like Bliss podcast

    Ep. 10: Q&A (Round 1)


    Instagram is a wonderful place. (Most of the time ;) We get the opportunity to art direct messages that are coming through with imagery. We get to stroke that aesthetic desire to create something beautiful. We get to market, sell and give away our soul’s work. And…. We get to interact with the QUESTION BOX! So, here we are. Every 10th episode, I’m going to honour you, your journey, where you’re at and what your curiosities are by bringing you a Q&A session! Round #1 is ready for your ears, now. Tune in as I answer the following questions: How do you get in touch with your spirituality and what does that look like? What are your favourite books on the Divine Feminine? How can I step up to be a leader, when all my life I’ve been a follower? How can I get comfortable with receiving more than ‘enough?’ (Truthbombs, here). How can I drown out the noise of my parent’s disapproval? How do you stay positive in spreading the light when people are mean / unsupportive? How did you heal yourself emotionally after your divorce? Can you share your new love story?

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