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Sustainable Tourism and Development by Ms. Angela Njehia

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In this episode, Ms. Angela Njehia tells us that despite our leaders passing various policies, sustainability isnot just a thing of the leaders; it is a collective responsibility for each one of us to ensure that we survive; find and explore the different ways to doing things to achieve more sustainable solutions and results for our environment.

Ms. Angela Njehia is a Founding member and Director of Tierranjani Africa, a Boutique Tourism Consultancy based in Nairobi that operates across Africa. She has 15years of experience in sustainable tourism working in Kenya and across Africa. Angela has extensive knowledge of African tourism currently having a footprint of her work in over 10 African countries, having worked as a tourism practitioner and later transitioned to tourism development. 

Angela is the first East African to be accredited as a Hospitality Food Waste Management consultant through The Pledge; and a certified coach and auditor of the Green destinations. 

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