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What IS the process? What does it actually look like, and how do we find out what our own process is? And most importantly what is the intention of the process? When we can define how we feel, we can bring containers to what we need to HEAL. Musings with Em on today's Meathead Hippie podcast, based off her book, The Process, and her new BIRD quiz personality test. Take the BIRD house quiz below: Free wellness hub and creative things daily on :

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  • Meathead Hippie podcast

    #142: with Bella Cloude: herbalist, healer, and Capricorn


    Bella Cloude was originally taught by the Taos Pueblo Indians to respect the power of wild medicine and for over 35 years, she has roamed the high altitude of Southern Colorado’s Valley of the Orphans. Based on the truth of the medicine wheel that the plants around you are your allies in healing, she has created teas and tinctures out of indigenous plants with the purpose of strengthening the body systems they assist. By using these plants to heal ourselves we deepen our connection with the earth. Find Bella and Em's blends on : Learn about our tea relaunch below: Find all things on: Em's Instagram:
  • Meathead Hippie podcast

    Life finds a way.


    A little song and send off to this year of CHANGE with Em (and all the Meathead Hippie vibes).. Emily Schromm is an entrepreneur and creator who lives her truth through writing, speaking, and creating. ALL LINKS: BUILD YOUR OWN APOTHECARY: Instagram:
  • Meathead Hippie podcast

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  • Meathead Hippie podcast

    I have a story to share. (+ a banjo)


    Follow along with the recent newsletter below: Join Em as she reads the above newsletter, sings a new song on the Banjo, and talks about killing her darlings. instagram: platform daily:
  • Meathead Hippie podcast

    Em harvested a turkey : Part 1 with Force of Nature


    Join Em as she shares the process of harvesting a turkey with Force of Nature, a regenerative company dedicated to reversing climate change, creating wildlife habitats, building soil, and providing every consumer accessibility to responsibly sourced meats. Join the movement of sourcing better meat for our planet: Take $10 off your first box with code Meatheadhippie Podcasts referenced below! Steven Farmer & Power Animals - Meathead Hippie episode #48: Bobby Gill & The Savory Institute - Meathead Hippie episode #107: Diana Rogers - Meathead Hippie episode #46: La Kahea Education Farm, Meathead Hippie podcast episode #138: Get on the list for Em's revamped tea line below!
  • Meathead Hippie podcast

    #141 : Lisa Wimberger on boundaries, spirituality, and BIRD


    Sign up for Em's new 7 Day BIRD challenge! Be your BIRD for 7 days: Find Lisa and Em on Meathead Hippie podcast episode 105, and learn all about the Neurosculpting Institute below Join our LIVE BIRD classes with Neurosculpting Institute and Third Space Yoga through Platform: And search all things wellness on Platform Daily! Angel number 141 = empress.
  • Meathead Hippie podcast

    #140: Em cut caffeine, sleep hacks, & healing with Lexie Gray


    Em went off caffeine, and it was time to talk about it! Join Em and Lexie in a multi-dimensional conversation of all things wellness, perfectionism, strength training, plant medicine, healing, and SLEEP! Lexie Gray is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Certified Personal Trainer, and Certified Pre & Postnatal Coach who believes in making healthy living simple. She works alongside women who love strength training to help them improve their sleep with sustainable diet & lifestyle changes for enhanced energy and real results. Lexie wants all women to realize the power they have within them so they can experience true change from the inside out. Lex and Em's SLEEP BUNDLE: Use code WELLFROMWITHIN for 10% off the sleep bundle above and ALL supplements on <3 Find Lex and all her nourishment below! or Find Em on: or BIG BIG LOVE!
  • Meathead Hippie podcast

    LIVE: tea time with em


    A book reading, some rants, and a whole lot of love. We are trying something new on Meathead Hippie, taking Em's live Thursday tea time calls and turning them into a podcast. Expect the most random but full-of-love content as we go through real life EM'S PROCESS, and all the feelings and woo. Thank you to our special guest, Jules Bari, a Norma, chef, and badass. Join us LIVE through the membership of PLATFORM: Find Em on : and of course... in the astros. xx
  • Meathead Hippie podcast

    #139 : Strength hacks with Coach George


    Join Em and Coach George in a meathead convo to get a little pep in your step about getting STRONG! Learn how to make the most of your time in the gym with strength training hacks from George, covering programming and specific body parts like those hamstrings, triceps, biceps, and quadzzzz. George talks about his changed stance on the squat, which Em will be diligently working on this next strength cycle as she is programmed from her former crossfit days of KNEES OUT KNEES OUT.... We also talk about woodworking. : ) Angel number 139 is a sign of new construction, new bases, and a major change. Follow along our Platform Strength FLAGSHIP program or any of our strength programs (Ass & Abs, Arms & Abs, BUILD, BURN, PREP, PRO) by joining our monthly membership: And come visit us in Denver at Platform Strength! Find George on Instagram: Find out if you are a Beluga, Impala, Rattlesnake, or Deer and take our personality test for HEALING: Need a little micronutrient support for recovery? Find your D3/K2, magnesium, fish oil, and B-vitamins on To all the gainz! xx em
  • Meathead Hippie podcast

    #138: Regenerative Farming in Maui with La Kahea Education Farm


    Join Emily in a conversation with La Kahea Community Education Farm located in Maui, Hawaii on healing land, regenerative farming practices, the life of a farmer, and being a tourist when visiting sacred land. Angel number 138: This angel number is dedicated to life itself and the search for something that has depth and meaning. We are part of something much bigger. How do we remember that? We leave our comfort zone. We travel. We learn. We receive. And mostly... we get our hands dirty, we keep barefoot as often as we can, and we listen to every sign Mother Earth gifts us with. She needs us, and it's time to listen. Find La Kahea Educational Farm to book a tour below: Find La Kahea on Instagram: And also find La Kahea's herbs and teas in Denver at Platform Strength, Em's strength gym. Aloha and light <3 xx em
  • Meathead Hippie podcast

    how does one slow downnn.


    On slowing downnn the next few weeks with Em. (and a poem.) <3 big big love! More on micronutrients to help the brain and body CHILL: em

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