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Adam Roberts

Hi, I'm Adam Roberts, and I like analyzing people's lunches. As one of the first food bloggers and a comedy writer for film and TV, I'm fascinated by the ways in which what we eat reveal who we are. Join me as I playfully tease out people's psychological issues as we talk about what everyone eats for lunch. DISCLAIMER: I am not a licensed lunch therapist. I do, however, make a killer BLT.

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    Vallery Lomas’s Leftover Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce and Pad Thai


    My patient this week, Vallery Lomas, has been through a lot! The winner of the first season of The Great American Baking Show -- and the first black winner of the entire Baking Show franchise -- Vallery never had her victory air on TV because the show got cancelled after one of the judges was accused of sexual harassment. Vallery had the last laugh, though; she sold a baking book, Life Is What You Bake It, that's out now in stores and it's winning raves... Publisher's Weekly called it "an inspiring collection" and I've been telling everyone I know to buy it. In today's session, Vallery walks us through the entire Baking Show experience: what it was like cooking in England (metric system!), how it felt getting judged by Paul Hollywood, and what her emotions were like when she found out the show was cancelled. We also cover her childhood in Louisiana, how she transitioned from the law to a career in food (just like me), and how she goes about developing a recipe. See for privacy and opt-out information.
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    Reader Mail: Duck Breasts, Burnt Latkes, and This Season of Bake-Off.


    For this week's bonus episode, I asked my Instagram followers to ask me questions that I could answer in a Q&A. How do you cook a duck breast? Does buttermilk really tenderize meat? What's the most overrated food trend right now? And what do I think of this season of The Great British Bake-Off? Find out in this week's episode and if you'd like to submit a question, give me a follow on Instagram (@amateurgourmet) or send a question to See for privacy and opt-out information.
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    Scott Peacock Really Loved His Sungold Tomato Salad and His Peach Salad with Anchovy Vinaigrette


    One of my all-time favorite cookbooks has always been The Gift of Southern Cooking, co-written by the iconic and legendary Edna Lewis -- who blazed the trail for black chefs everywhere with her cooking and her writing -- and my patient today, her friend and colleague, James Beard award-winning chef, Scott Peacock. It was such a thrill to get to talk to Chef Peacock about his time with Ms. Lewis (as he calls her), to hear how she impacted his life, helped him embrace his Southern roots, and taught him about the importance of quiet in the kitchen. We go deep about Scott's original ambivalence about the South, how it was tied to his grandmother's poverty, his sense of shame, and how all of that changed after that first meeting with Ms. Lewis over coffee at Dean & Deluca in New York. See for privacy and opt-out information.
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    How My Parents Lost Sixty Pounds Each During the Pandemic


    In this very special Thursday episode of Lunch Therapy, my parents -- Heidi and Bradley Roberts -- talk about how they lost sixty pounds each (!!) during the pandemic. Hear all about what they ate, how they exercised, how they stayed the course, how they rewarded themselves on the weekends, and how they got back on the horse when they slipped. I found it inspiring, maybe you will too! See for privacy and opt-out information.
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    John deBary's Vegan Bucatini Frittata Over Thawed Peas


    John deBary is the author of DRINK WHAT YOU WANT, a mixology book that demystifies the art of creating cocktails at home, a skillset that John perfected first as a bartender at New York's legendary PDT and then for nine years as bar director for the Momofuku group. In today's session, we talk to John about washing lettuce, serving others. vs himself, being "a courtly bartender," performance anxiety, and studying drinks on flashcards. We also talk about the first successful cocktail that he invented at PDT (The Norman Inversion), the elements of a cocktail, rhubarb Amaro, how he chooses a drink at a restaurant, and raising $7 million for restaurant workers during the pandemic. See for privacy and opt-out information.
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    How to Make an Apple Pie


    It's apple pie season... but what if you don't know how to make an apple pie? Let me be your apple pie therapist and walk you through it. There are lots of things to think about: butter vs. shortening, food processor vs. fingers, Granny Smith vs. an assortment of apples. In this session, I walk you through the entire process: from keeping your butter cold (I say that a lot), to peeling your apples, to rolling out your pie dough, to getting it beautifully brown in the oven. Take it from me, a former pie wimp... if I can make a gorgeous apple pie, so can you. See for privacy and opt-out information.
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    Chelsea Peretti Trusts Herself at Sugarfish


    Chelsea Peretti is a comedian, writer, actress (she played Gina Linetti on Brooklyn 99) and she's our patient this week on Lunch Therapy. in today's session, Chelsea talks about her dad's cooking, whether she's an extrovert or introvert, her issues with fish skin, her mom's tart and tangy salad dressing, and why she loves artichokes. We also talk about looking for something spiritual when hunting for food, an actor she once met who ate a cup of broccoli on their birthday, how she got into stand-up comedy, where she likes to eat on the road, and whether or not I could kill a cow. See for privacy and opt-out information.
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    Bonus: Anatomy of a Dinner Party


    In this very special bonus episode of Lunch Therapy, I dig into one of my favorite topics: dinner parties. I've been throwing dinner parties forever and here I walk you through my most recent, a birthday dinner for three of my closest friends. How did I plan the menu? How did I approach the grocery store? When did I start cooking? How did I deal with dishes? How did I know how much food to make? What did I listen to in the kitchen? Hear all of these questions answered, and more, in this solo session. And if you have more questions about dinner parties, feel free to ask them: shoot me an e-mail at (it's best if you record the question as a voice memo so I can use it in an upcoming episode!). See for privacy and opt-out information.
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    Zach Schiffman's Post-Fast Cauliflower and Broccoli Rabe Sandwich with Hot Honey


    Zach Schiffman is a 25 year-old stand-up comedian in Brooklyn who's worked for Full Frontal with Sam Bee and currently works for Tooning Out the News. In today's session, we talk about the foods that Gen Z-ers eat, Zach's fear of knives, the Jewy food that his mom makes, and his love for dessert. We also cover the courage it takes to do stand-up comedy, feeling more Jewish than gay, his dad's obsession with pocket knives, and his talk show-themed Bar Mitzvah. See for privacy and opt-out information.
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    Bonus: Dinner with Ben Mandelker at Bari


    Bonus episode alert! Recent Lunch Therapy patient Ben Mandelker and I went to dinner together this week at a new L.A. restaurant called Bari and, in this bonus episode, we walk through our meal course by course to render a verdict. We also cover topics such as: restaurant tops and bottoms, breaking the fast, how much to drink at dinner, how to pronounce fagiolini, digestifs, and our true feelings about wax beans. If you'd like to be featured in a future bonus episode, send me a food-related question via voice memo to I'd love to answer your questions! See for privacy and opt-out information.

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