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It is well established in the literature that relationships of all types throughout our lifetime impact health and well being physically and psychologically. Research shows that most chronic diseases have lifestyle and environmental causes. Beginning in childhood and even prenatally, events and relationships the way in together which we interact with nature the world around us shape our state of health and happiness. Affection and aggression have profound implications on physical and emotional development, homeostasis and immune function. How we are loved, how we love each other and how we love and care for ourselves not only impact chronic disease but also resilience, depression and anxiety, sleep issues and performance. Self-care is the true health care! This journey of Love is Medicine will help you get back to who you really are, so that through accepting the love around you, though practicing the self-love of self-care and self-accountability, you will heal all areas of your life: Health, relationships, and business.

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    122: How Energy Medicine Can Heal You w/ Thornton Streeter


    Energy medicine and the technologies that are being developed alongside it have had groundbreaking success when addressing health issues that plague our global society. Your heart chakra, biofield energy, and bioplasma technologies can help you heal yourself on a whole level to draw the negative energy out of you and help you come out shining in all aspects of your life. Key Takeaways To Better Understand The Chakra System You Must Embrace: The scientific and spiritual aspects of the chakras, especially that of the heart chakra Accept your ability to receive signals through the human biofield and the electromagnetic spectrum  Align your heart chakra and your assemblage point to find good healing in the new health paradigm Understanding Biofield Sciences with Dr. Thornton Streeter Dr. Thornton Streeter is the founder of the Centre of Biofield Sciences, now based in Panaji in his own research center after 18 years at the UNESCO, MIT, World Peace Centre. He focused on investigating the anatomy and physiology of the human biofield. In addition, he has also founded the Energy Medicine Exchange as well as a collaborator on the subtle energy imaging system, the Biofield Viewer. Dr. Streeter has spent over twenty-five years specializing in research of the Human Biofield and encourages research worldwide that is designed to integrate modern medicine with the traditional understanding from Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. The Importance Of Understanding The Chakras Dr. Streeter is passionate about the most powerful field that we can measure coming from the human body, our electromagnetic fields. By going around the world and visiting traditional knowledge wells to get more information about the subtle body, Dr. Streeter has found groundbreaking ways to use the Chakra’s and our Western understanding of the central nervous system to communicate knowledge through grassroots so people can experience a global health choice. Healing The Bioplasmic Field While biochemists and modern medical practitioners focus on the solid physical body, Dr. Streeter focuses on the bioplasmic field to find new ways of predicting and healing the entire body and the skeleton of the soul. Dr. Streeter wants to help you keep your family healthy and shake up your concepts around bioplasma, wave state medicine, and core frequencies. This episode is your opportunity to be initiated into the first class of the chakras dimensionality perspective and start to tap into your own innate ability to heal from the inside out and the outside in through a framework of science. Are you ready to start understanding the wonderful weave between the evolution and revelation of consciousness and honor it through your chakras? Share your thoughts on Dr. Streeter’s research and perspective with us in the comments on the episode page.   In This Episode How the chakras can work as a preventative screening environment to various illnesses (12:10) Gain an understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum and the elephants in the room of modern medicine (24:00) Why the new understanding of the chakras lays the track for us to be energetically heart-centered and beyond (41:52) Discover the difference between wave state medicine and particle state medicine (52:24) How to ensure that you are plugged into the mains through the crown chakra by being in service with total humility (55:51)   Quotes “Our plan is to trick mankind back into Eden and save them and save ourselves humbly and in service from the fate of the lemmings.” (6:22) “What we are suggesting here is that the nervous system is like the oldfashioned wiring in your house. But the meridian system must be a fiber optic superhighway that’s able to get information at the speed of light to your brain, or maybe even faster.” (33:17) “This is the heart revolution, and it’s a velvet revolution because it allows us to understand that the heart is time, in the truest sense of two words being married together.” (47:01) “I am very comfortable in saying that the three dimensions of space, advocated by the lower three chakras, and the heart chakra, and therefore the correspondingly physical heart, are the navigational equipment that we use to surf time.” (50:32) “We’ve got an opportunity to take time in our very fingertips and rise above it and travel back and forth through time and do whatever we want.” (1:06:20) “Earth is like a star school, and it only happens when people experience a heart revolution first.” (1:08:08)   Links Biofield Viewer Energy Medicine Exchange Facebook Group The Heart Math Institute The Center For Biomath Sciences Foundation For Alternative and Integrative Medicine Full Spectrum Presentations The Colors Of Infinity Movie Find the full show notes for this episode here Keep up with all things Love Is Medicine Follow Razi on Facebook | Instagram
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    121: The Key To Preventing Heart Disease w/ Dr. Steven Masley


    Dr. Steven Masley has been surrounded by heart health since childhood. After his father suffered a stroke that changed his life, Dr. Masley decided that he would dedicate his life to helping people prevent heart disease. Through simple lifestyle changes and healthy eating, we can prevent 90% of heart disease and avoid the procedures and medications that have become commonplace. Key Takeaways If you want to improve your heart health you must: Incorporate fruits, vegetables, nuts, and beans into your diet Get fit and stay active to improve your circulation and decrease your artery plaque  Manage your stress and mental health to improve your overall functioning Preventing Heart Disease with Dr. Steven Masley A physician, nutritionist, author, speaker, and award-winning patient educator, Dr. Masley has devoted his medical career to the study of heart disease and aging. His passion is empowering people to achieve optimal health through comprehensive medical assessments and lifestyle changed. Achieving optimal heart health is a simple and easy thing, and Dr. Masley is here today to share how you can do it too. Taking Back Your Health Through Nutrition Food preparation and the spices and oils used can make a drastic impact on your health. By understanding which foods are ‘smart fats’ and ‘stupid fats’ you can make simple changes to your diet and improve your life in a massive way. Things like fruits, vegetables, beans, and nuts are all ways that you can simply, easily, and cheaply improve the health of you and your family and can help you start feeling fantastic. The Importance of Fitness Fitness and nutrition are proven to reduce heart disease by up to 90%. If you want to start feeling better, lose weight, gain more energy, improve your brain function, and start feeling healthier, food and fitness are the way to do it. Heart disease can impact many aspects of your life including sexual dysfunction, emotions, mood, and more. By understanding how your heart works and what you can do to improve it, you can live a longer and happier life. Are you ready to transform your life and prevent heart disease? Share which of Dr. Masley’s simple tricks to better heart health you are incorporating into your daily life with me in the comments section of the episode page.   In This Episode Learn the number one cause of heart disease and how to prevent it through simple lifestyle choices (8:20) Discover the difference between ‘smart fat’ and ‘stupid fat’ (11:30) The four food groups that can keep you healthier and keep you feeling younger (16:32) Why you should be more concerned about heart disease than any other prevalent disease (20:18) Which fitness programs can help you get your heart health back on track (24:16) The importance of heart health when it comes to your sexual health and emotions (28:04)   Quotes “When you do that, you feel better, you have more energy, and its easier to keep doing it. And you get into this positive spiral about taking care of yourself and feeling fantastic.” (4:12) “We can prevent 90% of heart disease through lifestyle choices and making the right ones, and my mission is to help people make those right choices.” (7:25) “If we made one change, it would be more vegetables, fruit, beans, and nuts, that would be the most important change we could make.” (18:02) “Eat more vegetables, fruit, beans, and nuts. And get fit. And if you do that, and you don’t smoke, we can prevent 90% of heart disease.” (22:52) “The number one cause of preventable death is related to fitness. If we can make people fitter we would probably decrease more death rates than anything else.” (24:51)   Links Dr. Steven Masley Website Find the full show notes for this episode here Keep up with all things Love Is Medicine Follow Razi on Facebook | Instagram
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    120: HeartMath w/ Dr. Rollin McCraty


    Do you ever wake up feeling a sense of anxiety or grief, but have no personal reason to feel that way? As it turns out, we are all connected on a global scale of synchronization through a global information field. Dr. Rollin McCraty has spent his life studying the connection between the heart, mind, body, and energetic fields and is here today to share the results of his research with you. Key Takeaways If you are looking to better understand the resident frequencies of the global coherence, you must: Understand how the heart communicates with the brain, body, and people around you Accept that globally we are synchronized to each other and the earth  Find energy through magnetic fields and feed the field with positivity and compassion Gaining Clarity On The Heart’s Coherence with Dr. Rollin McCraty Rollin McCraty, Ph.D. is the research director at the HeartMath Institute and a Florida Atlantic University professor. Dr. McCraty is a psychophysiologist who studies the physiology of emotion. Focused on the mechanisms by which our emotions influence the cognitive process, behavior, health, and the global interconnectivity between people and the Earth’s energetic systems, he is passionate about the heart’s role in health, behavior, performance, and quality of life. The Connection Between The Heart and The Body There are four primary ways in which the heart connects to the body and communicates with the brain. The quality of these neuro signals affects your brain's function and your perceptions of the world. The magnetic fields of our Earth carry this information and can impact our ability to synchronize with each other and the world around us. Heart rate variability, intuition, and field line residences all play a part in these frequencies and can have a huge effect on your experiences in the world. Improving the Global Information Field For The Greater Good Throughout his research, Dr. McCraty has proven the slow wave of global synchronization that is taking place. We are all contributing to the global information field, and Dr. McCraty argues that by feeding this field with positivity and compassion that it is possible to become better in sync with ourselves, our peers, and the world as a whole. By taking self-responsibility for ourselves, we can increase inclusiveness, collaboration, and cooperation to build a healthier and happier global information field. Dr. McCarty is making the deniable undeniable and confirming what many of us intuitively know to be true. Are you ready to align your heart and brain and start feeding into the field positively? Share your thoughts on Dr. McCraty’s research, hypothesis, and predictions with me in the comments section of the episode page.   In This Episode Discover the four primary ways the heart communicates with the brain and the body (2:21) Take a look at the history of psychophysiology and the current breakthroughs (8:04) Understand how your heart radiates magnetic fields and impacts global coherence (20:28) The connection between tuning forks, field line residences, and magnetic fields (29:02) Learn how we are all globally connected and how you can impact the field by feeding into it positively (34:40)   Quotes “From an energetic perspective, it is very clear that the heart is the big player in our physiology and psychophysiology. Every cell in our body feels that magnetic field, as do other people around us.” (6:10) “What we are really showing is what all the great philosophers and religions all around the planet have been talking about for millennia, which is that the heart is that doorway, if you will, to that deeper part of ourselves.” (16:03) “It is metaphorically like measuring the heart rhythms and brain waves of planet earth. As it turns out, it may not be a metaphor, but ill keep it at that for now.” (23:24) “The only thing that could really explain this is that they were all synchronizing to something external that was everywhere in California, some environmental signal. It turned out to be the time during the magnetic field. Exactly the power of the rhythms that I was talking about earlier that overlap our hearts and brains ” (33:27) “Were finding that people really are synchronizing globally, which really is amazing. We like to talk about ‘on some level we are all connected’, I hear that all the time. And what these studies are showing is that we really are, and this is the level are connected at.” (35:49)   Links HeartMath Institute Website Heart Intelligence by Doc Childre, Deborah Rozman, Howard Martin, and Rollin McCraty Science of the Heart: Volume 2 by Dr. Rollin McCraty mWave Technology Inner Balance Device Find the full show notes for this episode here Keep up with all things Love Is Medicine Follow Razi on Facebook | Instagram
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    119: Food as a Source of Healing and Love w/ Ocean Robbins


    Ocean Robbins was born into the famous Baskin Robbins Family. A harsh brush with the reality of unhealthy diets changed Ocean, his parents, and eventually, his grandfather’s point of view and they have never looked back since. Now the CEO of the 500,000+ member Food Revolution Network, author, speaker, facilitator, father, dancer, and movement builder, Ocean is passionate about the necessary food revolution to regain the health of our nation. Key Takeaways Toxic chemicals that are routinely found in modern food are scientifically proven to contribute to disease, illness, and suffering You can simply enter the kingdom of vital, healthy living by eating foods which increase your health and overall longevity It is possible to promote healthy food as the norm and the foundation for health, and it can actually be cheaper than toxic foods are now Getting Your Health Back Through Whole Foods with Ocean Robbins Ocean believes that there are two most important days of your life, the day you are born and the day you discover why you were born. His calling is to help others regain their health through healthy, delicious, sustainable food for everyone. Eating healthy is not just enough for Ocean; he wants to spread this knowledge to prevent suffering and increase the human population’s longevity. Systemically Changing The Way We View Food For The Greater Good Everything from changing government subsidies around food policies, to the way our medical system is trained to treat disease rather than create a foundation of health, and the healing power of gratitude is on the table today as we dive into the passionate work of Ocean Robbins. By eating with consciousness, bringing joy to everything in our lives, especially food, and highlighting the four pillars for a healthy life, it is possible to stand up, make a change, and get informed about the longterm effects of the foods you are putting into your body. How To Start A Food Revolution Through Love Despite a person’s political perspectives, ideologies, or faith backgrounds, the human body generally responds to food in pretty predictable ways. Ocean views this as an opportunity to work with people from all nationalities and value systems to bring together a common denominator, healthy eating. Expressing love through food is Oceans’ answer to the toxic food system that is so prevalent in our country and the world, and he is calling upon you to join him. Do you feel passionate to call the population to action in regards to the disease-causing foods our society is eating? Are you ready to join the Food Revolution? Share your favorite part of Oceans’ passion project in the comments on the episode page.   In This Episode Why a food revolution is a key to long-lasting health and wellness globally (10:10) How the standard American diet could be ruining your health and increasing your likelihood of disease (12:00) The connection between GMOs, our digestive tracts, and food allergies in children (22:10) How to activate in the heart of humanity a stand for a food revolution through love (28:03) Ways that you can eat healthy food that tastes great without breaking the bank (34:57)   Quotes “There are a lot of people out there who don’t get a second chance, like my dad’s uncle Burt, and they don’t know until it is too late. And then there are some people who do get a second chance, and they take it. And I want to help more people take their chances without even having to be on death’s door.” (5:30) “To eat real, whole, natural, sustainable food, is actually revolutionary. It actually takes being radical and transforming the norms. Because our convenience foods, our fast foods, our school foods, our hospital foods, are all serving what quite frankly is food-like substances.” (11:10) “Wherever you stand and whatever your health history is it's going to have an impact on what’s right for you. But broadly speaking, in the broad terms of things, we can see that eating a diet that is based around more plants and more whole foods is going to be beneficial for the vast majority of humanity.” (22:02) “I think love is a great place to start. Because when we love, we have a reason to live. And when we have a reason to live, then suddenly we care for ourselves, and we care for our loved ones, and we care for life.” (28:24) “Everybody deserves love, that’s the bottom line. And with food is a wonderful place to express that, because everybody eats. And so I get the beautiful opportunity in my work to share about healthy eating with everybody.”(32:37) “I want to see a world where food is taken seriously, where the food industry takes health seriously, and where science guides the choices that people are encouraged to make around food, not industry profits.” (43:17)   Links Food Revolution Network Website Diet for a New America by John Robbins Find the full show notes for this episode here Keep up with all things Love Is Medicine Follow Razi on Facebook | Instagram
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    118: The Keys To A Happy Heart w/ Dr. Drew Christensen


    Dr. Drew Christensen is on a mission to bring the ‘heart’ back into medicine. Several years ago Dr. Christensen found himself stressed out, gaining weight, and with declining health. He decided to make the switch from family medicine to Functional Medicine and has since used a root-cause approach to healing his own health and many others. Heart Focused Medicine with Dr. Drew Christensen After becoming a certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, opening Living Health MD and a trip to Eygpt that changed his understanding of the heart, Dr. Christensen became passionate about spending quality time with his patients to learn about their unique health issues and find their root causes. Through personalized care, lab testing, lifestyle interventions, and group coaching, Dr. Christensen is delighted to help patients turn things around and create lasting health. How To Be True To Your Own Heart Dr. Christensen believes that when it comes to matters of the heart, every factor needs to be evaluated. Our love, relationships, burdens, and flow of our hearts can have a large impact on the health of our hearts, which is why Dr. Christensen believes that true health starts from the heart. By living from the heart you can get in tune with the symphony of your body and get back to your reason why that comes from the heart and guides your whole body. Why Starting From The Heart Can Create Lasting Change In addition to heart-centered treatment such as labs, diet, and exercise, Dr. Christensen harness the power of change that comes from the heart for meaningful and lasting health. By listening to your heart, following the natural laws of the heart, and changing the flow of your heart, you can transform from a heavy heart to a lighter one, and start living from the heart to make a major difference in your life and those around you. Are you ready to take responsibility for your health by looking inside and making a change of heart? Share how you embrace the intuitive knowledge of the heart with me in the comments on the episode page.   In This Episode How to lighten your heart in order to move onto lasting health and a better way of living (10:10) The most common causes of a heavy heart and steps you can take to address those issues (13:27) Why a change of heart is the most significant way that you can start to take your health seriously (19:05) The importance of becoming aware of your heart rate variability and how to do monitor it (23:52) Steps you can take to start living healthy and increasing your gratitude (32:02)   Key Takeaways In Order To Start Living From The Heart You Must: Start listening to the ‘reason why’ that is coming from deep inside your heart Trust in the innate wisdom and ultimate power of the flow of your heart Accept gratitude, forgiveness, and responsibility for your health and spread that flow to other people, even if they have wronged you   Quotes “I think we are all put on this Earth to do something beautiful to serve other people, and I think that purpose comes from our heart.” (4:52) “A lot of times we forget about talking about love, relationships, our burdens that we are carrying, our burdens of judgment and blame, and our inability to forgive. All of those things weigh heavy on our hearts and are contributing to heart disease. And it is really part of the game, and a lot of us are not addressing those issues.” (13:04) “When somebody goes through that experience of a change of heart, that’s when I know they are going to be okay. Because then they are able to continue all of those things we have been working on because they are then committed.” (19:12) “If I ask them what their brain is telling them, I get a totally different list than if I ask them what their heart is telling them. So if we can listen to our hearts and follow our hearts, it makes all the difference.” (28:43) “Living is an active process and sometimes we experience it passively, but we really need to be actively living. And if we are living healthier, then we are creating health and we are creating meaning in our lives.” (31:49)   Links 21 Days of Heartful Living Video Series Start With The Heart: How to create lasting health, meaningful business, and abundant living by Dr. Drew Christensen Living Health MD Website Find the full show notes for this episode here Keep up with all things Love Is Medicine Follow Razi on Facebook | Instagram
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    117: Proof Of Heaven: A Near Death Experience w/ Dr. Eben Alexander


    Dr. Eben Alexander spent over 20 years as a renowned academic neurosurgeon, before waking up one morning with horrible back pain. Within 3.5 hours Dr. Alexander had slipped into a coma, that would take him away from this world for 7 days. When Dr. Alexander returned, his ability to regain his knowledge from this world, and the world he had experienced while unconscious, shocked medical professionals and the world alike. Proof Of Heaven with Dr. Eben Alexander The extraordinary world Dr. Alexander experienced within his coma has been the basis for his book, Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife by Dr. Eben Alexander, as well as brought key insights to the mind-body discussion and to our human understanding of the fundamental nature of reality. With his son’s encouragement, Dr. Alexander wrote down his experience in over 20,000 words and dove into other experiences of near-death experiences. What he found was shocking similarities, unexplainable healing, and a passion for sharing information about near-death experiences and other spiritually transformative experiences, and what they teach us about consciousness and the nature of reality. Dismissing Myths Between Consciousness and Reality While traditional science chooses to focus on the materialistic aspect of consciousness, Dr. Alexander’s life-changing experience has brought into clarity the ‘Cloud of Possibility’ and the many fundamental truths of consciousness. Dr. Alexander views near-death experiences as the tip of the consciousness sphere, and act as a way to remind the soul of something that they already know. By awakening yourself to participate in our shared duty to participate in our evolution of consciousness, you can become one with the divine and step into our true interconnectedness. The Infinite Healing Power of Unconditional Love Above all else, Dr. Alexander’s experience showed him the power that unconditional love has to heal and overcome all else. Through the understanding that love is what binds us together, you too can have a spiritually transformative experience and begin to accept the truth of the Universe and your role in it. Nothing is stronger than love, and by dismissing the false thinking of separation and embracing the true healing that comes from self-exploration and looking from within, you can embrace the relationship of our hearts, love, and consciousness. Have you ever had a near-death or transformative experience or known someone who has gone through it? Share your insights with your experience or your belief in love as the ultimate healer with me in the comments on the episode page.   In This Episode Recognizing the disconnection between quantum physics and consciousness (4:40) Learn about the emerging scientific model of ‘Filter Theory’ and how it affects your consciousness (14:34) Recount the amazing and inexplicable events that lead to Dr. Alexander’s Proof Of Heaven and complete recovery (18:40) How to become and embody the love that you are and be in touch with your heart resonance (30:55) The role of love and sound in the healing power of mind-body medicine (39:40)   Key Takeaways The three most important things that you can take away from Dr. Alexanders near-death experience are: Traditional science cannot begin to understand the deep connection between consciousness and the mind-body debate Love can truly conquer all when we are able to accept our role in the creation of an unconditionally supportive world Sound, reincarnation and the spiritual Universe play a massive role in our ability to heal and love one another   Quotes “I think it does resonate, I like to think that it reminds souls of something they know deep down. Because we have all been through this cycling of multiple spiritual realms and into these physical incarnations and this is really just about getting to a deeper wisdom that is closer to the truth about the nature of reality.” (3:35) “I see near-death experiences as really kind of the tip of the sphere, to kind of force us into a much richer interpretation of consciousness and the brain-mind relationship. And this is very refreshing because it leads us away from this kind of simplistic and false materialism that is part of our modern science.” (17:37) “In fact, the best topics that map out our ascendence along this pathway of growth is a compass that leads us to make choices out of love, compassion, acceptance, mercy, and forgiveness. And these are the most direct pathways, these point out the lessons that humanity is challenged to learn in this millennia of our current epoch.” (24:24) “To put this love in perspective was really was more of becoming the love that I am and that we all are.” (30:20) “Each and every one of us can serve as a point of light. We can all come to a higher truth about all of this, realize the power we have to manifest this perfect world, and we can bring it into being. This is not some wishful thinking, pie in the sky kind of idea, but actually something that is a practical part of the awakening that I see coming to this world now.” (38:15)   Links Dr. Eban Alexander's website Follow Dr. Alexander on Facebook | Twitter | YouTube Sacred Acoustics Find all of Dr. Eben Alexander's books here Dr. Eben Alexander's reading list Eternea Find the full show notes for this episode here Keep up with all things Love Is Medicine Follow Razi on Facebook | Instagram
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    116: The Paleo Cardiologist w/ Jack and Heather Wolfson


    Jack and Heather Wolfson couldn’t have been raised more differently. Jack, a board-certified cardiologist, was brought up on the conventional understanding of pharmaceuticals and surgery. It wasn’t until he met Heather, a licensed chiropractor, that he began to understand the power of natural and holistic medicine. Together they have grown as a couple and as doctors, and are here today to open your eyes to the possibility of holistic practices.  Creating a healthier lifestyle is very simple with natural remedies and tenants. If you are looking to feel better immediately and in the long term, this episode is filled with tips to help you make your personal environment as healthy as it can be. Now is the time for the health revolution that you can take into your own hands, and thanks to doctors like Doctor Jack and Doctor Heather, this new way of thinking is becoming a reality.  Jack and Heather believe that the foundation of everyone’s healthcare should be chiropractic care, responsible paleo, and living ancestrally to achieve optimal health. Their goal is to improve your quality of life while arming you with the knowledge necessary to raise healthy and successful children. It is time to wake up to the lies and corruption that is prominent in conventional medicine and start to question your healthcare so that you can protect you and your family’s health.  Are you ready to take charge of your own health and embrace the ability to act preventatively with holistic medicine? Share how you are using your body as a tool to regain your health in the comments on the episode page.    In This Episode Why pharmaceuticals are not the answer when it comes to cardiovascular health The two most important factors and causes when it comes to heart disease How to embrace responsible and conscious paleo to help you feel healthier overall  Things you can do without a fancy gym membership to live ancestrally Red flags to look out for when it comes to conventional medicine bandaids    Quotes “I realized that I was being raised differently than the majority of the world, but I knew that it was normal and the right way to be raised… and I never got tired of it and I had this burning desire to follow in those footsteps and help other children grow up the way I did.” (5:01) - Heather “We just don’t get that there is a reason that we develop a disease. And it’s not because we lack pharmaceuticals or we lack a stint or we lack a surgery, there is a reason for it. And those of us who have awakened to the fact that there is a reason for it are really going to be changing what is going on in the world.” (10:12) - Jack “I learned a lot through our transition together. I think we grew together as a couple and became even healthier and stronger from what we have studied together.” (25:54) - Heather “Whatever you bring into your house, is it natural or not? Is it harmful? Leave it out of the house! Don’t bring it in, that’s how we are going to change the world.’ (31:54) - Jack “This isn’t the 1970’s for example. This isn’t walk into your doctor’s office, tell them the problem, the doctor writes the prescription, the patient doesn’t ask questions and goes on their way. This is the 21st century, this is the information age, this is the internet, this is books, this is doctors like Doctor Heather and I, where people can get this information. They can find out the truth, and they can start to make a difference.” (41:41) - Jack “You know you are in the right office when you walk out with nutritional supplements, with the right foods, and you are armed with the education on how to heal your children.” (48:22) - Heather “Cardiologists make a lot of money. And I walked away from all of that to do the right thing, I walked away from all of that to make a difference. And I did it because I fundamentally wanted to be able to look my children in the eye and say ‘I did the right thing. I didn’t do it for the money, I did it for you kids, I did it for the children of the world, to make this difference and take a stand’.” (51:55) - Jack   Links Find Jack & Heather on their website Find the full show notes for this episode here Keep up with all things Love Is Medicine Follow Razi on Facebook | Instagram
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    115: Naturopathic Cardiology w/ Dr. Decker Weiss


    By combining the bones of naturopathic medicine with cardiology practices, it is possible to help your body restore and fix itself. Through a commitment to giving patients the opportunity to get well and using medicine without prejudice, anybody at any age can get better. Individualized care and the understanding of how and when these naturopathic treatments are best optimized is the key to creating long-lasting heart health for Dr. Decker Weiss.  While conventional cardiology is designed to deal with the issue right in front of you, naturopathic cardiology works to embrace the whole story and the changes that are necessary to correct your root cause issues. If you are looking to understand the important role cardiology plays, especially for women, when bringing holistic health practices to the conventional model, this is the episode for you.  Instead of mimicking the healing power of nature with drugs, naturopathic cardiology can help you heal your body, fix your hormones, and decrease your risk of heart disease through natural and effective solutions. Are you ready to get out of a state of inflammation and start to think naturopathically when it comes to your heart health? Share what you found the most interesting about the information shared in this episode in the comments on the episode page.    In This Episode The difference between naturopathic medicine and conventional medicine  Why creating an individualized health plan is key to long-term health success The most common warnings that arise in cardiology and people with heart problems Understanding the important connection between the gut microbiome and heart health Which natural remedies can help decrease your negative heart symptoms   Quotes “I am what I am, I am a naturopathic physician. I will come from a prevention point of view, I will come for restoring function, trying not to replace function.” (3:38) “Feeling healthy is much more infectious than disease. Health will spread far faster in your patient population than disease ever will.” (8:44) “We need to be warning people very very differently, that any source of chronic inflammation is your warning sign, if you manage that or handle it naturally you should be fine.” (22:24) “I think cardiology has never been that adverse to nutritional models and things like that. But there is just such overwhelming evidence in the effect of what we are doing and how it is working that even the most staunch conventional doctors are starting to change the way that they think.” (42:47)   Links Find Dr. Decker Weiss on his website Find the full show notes for this episode here Keep up with all things Love Is Medicine Follow Razi on Facebook | Instagram
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    114: The Link Between Thyroid & Heart Health w/ Dr. Alan Christianson


    Dr. Alan Christianson is an NYT bestselling author and naturopathic doctor who specializes in natural endocrinology. Endocrinology is the study of hormones and hormone-related illnesses, and Dr. Christianson takes a holistic approach to analyze the whole body and how the different systems work together.  Over 27 million people, or 25% of adults, suffer from some variation of thyroid illness. It takes a keen understanding of the physical structure of your thyroid, how your hormones are working together or against your thyroid, and an analysis of historical and invisible stressors to gain insight on your thyroid health, which is exactly what Dr. Christianson is here today to explain.  It is possible to optimally tune your body to handle stress, cortisol, and more through effective strategies such as nutrition and lifestyle. While everybody is different, Dr. Christianson has some excellent guidelines to help you improve your mood, get your hormones back on track, and decrease your risk of thyroid or heart-related illnesses.  Your adrenal health is one of the key indicators of your longevity and its time that you stopped ignoring it and started supporting it instead. How do you work to improve your relationship with your thyroid? Share your biggest takeaway from Dr. Christianson in the comments on the episode page.    In This Episode Learn about the role of your thyroid and how it impacts your whole body system Discover the most important nutrients to help support your thyroid health  How to lower your risk for heart disease even if you already struggle with your thyroid Signs that your body is not adapting to the amount of stress you are putting it under Why not all carbs are created equal and which carbs constitute a good choice   Quotes “There is a whole lot of science into what is ‘normal’, what is good for you personally, and each one of those has a lot of depth to those stories.” (5:29) “Working with a naturopathic integrative holistic functional practitioner, someone who has got a sense about not just making sure your levels are normal but making sure they are optimal, and even better yet making sure they are optimal for you.” (11:21) “In this state of surviving or panic or ‘fight or flight’ type mode, we are making different amounts and different timing of our cortisol. And that changes our cardiac rhythm, our heart entrainment, our overall heart variability, and also our heart rhythm.” (17:00) “There are certain things that we can grab and change, and then there are certain things that we do not have levers for. And diet is one that we have a lever for that, so we can improve it, it is well within our control.” (21:02)   Links Free Recipe Book Dr. Alan Christianson's website Find the full show notes for this episode here Keep up with all things Love Is Medicine Follow Razi on Facebook | Instagram
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    113: The Importance Of Play As An Adult w/ Michael Mendizza


    Michael Mendizza is an author, documentary filmmaker, social change maker, and thought leader. His work focuses on the intellectual construct of culture, the importance of play, and the balance between possibility and appropriateness.  When you enter into a state of play, your ego is replaced with passion, commitment, and a willingness to try something more than once. Michael believes that real play is where real learning takes place and is here today to help you tap into the innate intelligence of your heart.  By focusing on play, you can identify your eases and diseases so that you can remove your identity from your culture and discover who you truly are. Instead of letting intellect, anxiety, or ego get in the way, Michael is here to inspire you to escape your false identity and embrace the power of play and heart bonding. Full of tips for mentoring your children, getting out of your ego-driven defense structure, and ways that you can start to embrace play on a daily basis, Michael is an expert full of knowledge and insight. What did you enjoy most about Michael’s play-based perspective? Share with us in the comments on the episode page.    In This Episode The distinction between conditioning and real learning when it comes to parenting Learn about the connection between the thought process and our ability to play Why the love of a child is the greatest opportunity for personal transformation on the planet Discover the number one skill necessary to transcend your social ego  The importance of heart resonance and why it is missing in modern technology  Why telepathy is the greatest method of teaching or mentoring   Quotes “You take the innovation that the intellect is capable of, and you blend it with ‘is this an appropriate innovation or action to take?’. And if we listen to the heart, we would change radically what we allow our intellect to do.” (6:27) “Play is how nature designed us to live, learn, and grow. Play is the way that we do that, at any age and at any stage and in any activity. Play is what athletes call the zone, play is what the research community call flow.” (19:38) “Culture is basically an intellectual construct, not a heart construct. So most adults are play deprived, most adults have not been allowed to play, don’t know how to play, which means they have these big defensive egos to defend themselves against a world they didn’t trust… all of those are cultural conditioning.” (27:05) “The hero’s journey does not say you have to have children. The hero’s journey is to basically step out of the conditioning and the identity that you have, going outside of the culture, discovering who you really are. And then the final stage of the hero’s journey is you come back in that transformed state and actually help the rest of the culture realize what a blind box I am in.” (32:20) “You only want what’s really wonderful for that child, and that means you have to learn and grow and change, otherwise you are going to condition them to be just as afraid and as stupid as you are, as we are!” (44:54)   Links Michael Mendizza Website Find the full show notes for this episode here Keep up with all things Love Is Medicine Follow Razi on Facebook | Instagram

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