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How To Prepare Your First Child For Your Second Child's Arrival

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Our children stand before us with endless “What” and “Why” questions, they push back on our requests, refuse our meals, and challenge us to go back inside and come up with something better than, “Because I said so!”

But the truth is, during these formative years, our children take in very little of our verbal communication with them.

So many parents worry about crafting the perfect answer, offering the right activity, disciplining the most effectively, etc, when what matters the most is our internal world.

They mimic the way we care, our devotion, our sense of purpose, our problem-solving strategies, our rigidity, the way we love…


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Christina is Little Sprigs Founder and Parent Educator.

With over a decade of experience in #earlychildhoodeducation, Christina has shifted her focus from spending her days running her Waldorf inspired home based #preschool, to supporting parents, creating content and sharing her voice through video, written word and audio content for you enjoyment.



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