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Let's talk for a change

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Let’s talk for a change is a podcast where you meet entrepreneurs and people who fights for a change in the world. We want to highlight impact entrepreneurs and show how world problems can be solved by ideas, technology and entrepreneurship. The podcast is brought to you by Norrsken Foundation, working for a world that is optimised for both people and planet. Instagram: @letstalkforachange

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  • Let's talk for a change podcast

    #11 Venture Capital - Sara Wimmercranz


    Get ready to be inspired by the entrepreneur and first female founder in Europe to ever start a VC-firm. Sara Wimmercranz shares her entrepreneurial story and thoughts about the future of venture capital.  Don't forget to subscribe! :)   Instagram: Let's talk for a change
  • Let's talk for a change podcast

    #10 War on Cancer - Fabian Bolin & Sebastian Hermelin


    Fabian and Sebastian are on a mission to fight cancer and the mental health for everyone affected by cancer. Fabian himself has survived this horrible dicease which led to the very foundation of their idea and venture. Cancer today has a stigma and it has mostly to due with the way it's being marketed to us. Get ready to be inspired by true impact entrepreneurs.  
  • Let's talk for a change podcast

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  • Let's talk for a change podcast

    #9 Exploring Space - Mathias Sundin


    How can we as humans thrive as a race? We need to continue to explore and develop ourselves! Mathias Sundin truly believes in change and technology! Just listen to this former politician who wants us to explore space and make the future come sooner!     
  • Let's talk for a change podcast

    #8 Climate Change - Ingmar Rentzhog


    Climate change is one of the most pervasive and threatening issues of our time. We can already see some of the effects it has on our societies and planet. Ingmar Rentzhog is an entrepreneur who is on a mission to be a part of the solution. Through his venture 'We don't have time' he wants to create a social platform with a movement which highlights climate change and makes us focus on the solution now.  Subscribe to our podcast so we can give you an update next time we release an episode. Braught to you by Norrsken Foundation.
  • Let's talk for a change podcast

    #7 Equality - Aleksandra Avli


    Aleksandra Avli was working within politics in EU once she faced the rough climate among women where they were competing rather than empowering each other. This was the very beginning of her hard work to strive for equality in the society and better climate between woman. She founded HER Global Network and is on an entrepreneurial journey with her startup HON. Everybody needs to get inspired by the amazing Aleksandra! Instagram: @letstalkforachange
  • Let's talk for a change podcast

    #6 Sustainable Food - Sorosh Tavakoli


    It's hard to know where to begin with presenting Sorosh. He's a tech entrepreneur who sold is adtech company Videoplaza four years ago which made him a very wealthy man. Today he's already on his next adventure to revolutionize the food industry. He's such a smart person and gives a lot of insights and inspiration regarding sustainable food, charities and how to solve our biggest global problems.  Don't forget to subscribe and follow us on instagram @Letstalkforachange 
  • Let's talk for a change podcast

    #5 Impact Investing - Agate Freimane & Tove Larsson


    How can you find that sweet spot of investing in tech companies with a great business model and maximum impact on people or planet? Norrsken Foundation’s own superstars and investment directors Tove and Agate have all the answers. They will not rest until they’ve found and supported the impact unicorns that will change our world for the better. Listen to the future of investing today. Instagram: @letstalkforachange
  • Let's talk for a change podcast

    #4 Weather Forecast - Liisa Smits


    At the age of 25 years Liisa Smits left her position as a researcher in the US to start her venture in Africa. Liisa understood that the world needed a more accurate weather forecast for the tropical regions, which could enable for farmers to more likely predict the weather and plan their farming. Today her service is used by over 650,000 farmers and the venture Ignitia enables the most poor people in the world to create a sustainable living for themselves. Listen to her inspirational journey to make a change in the world. She is such an inspiration and a living proof that anything is possible if you put your mind and heart to it.  Instagram: @letstalksforachange   
  • Let's talk for a change podcast

    #3 Corruption - Anas Aremeyaw Anas


    It’s truly an honor to be able to present the next guest. During his short visit in Stockholm we had the opportunity to interview one of the world’s most feared investigative journalists. His work has made in world-famous and he’s identity is still unknown. I met him in a secret location, with his face covered to find out more about his incredible life and important work to fight corruption. Anas Aremeyaw Anas is an inspiration for all of us.
  • Let's talk for a change podcast

    #2 Food Waste - Elsa Bernadotte


    Food waste is a gigantic global problem and every year we throw away over 1/3 of all food produced, approximately 1,3 billion tons.  Elsa doesn't only want to create the next tech unicorn, she wants to change the world. Her food rescuing app is slowly changing the world for the better, but in a profitable and sustainable way both for retailers, restaurants and consumers. Listen to her incredible story with an important message today. The podcast is brought to you by Norrsken Foundation, working for a world that is optimised for both people and planet. Instagram: @letstalkforachange

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