Camella La Compte and Elisa La Compte

Elisa La Compte (30) and Camella La Compte (20) use their 10-year age gap to reach and encourage women of all ages to finally step into their true confident selves and becoming confident in their work space, relationships, and most importantly, in themselves. We share our personal experiences and the ways to ultimately get in touch with that inner boss.

17 Episódios

  • LACONFIDENT podcast

    Worst Horror Dates and Dating Tips: Men edition


    Camella and Elisa ask the guys of instagram to share their worst dates. They go into detail with each story and provide insight on where the date may have went wrong. In this episode, they share their own worst dating experience, helping men and women figure out the DO's and DONT's of the dating scene. 
  • LACONFIDENT podcast

    How to Deal with Setbacks


    It's just a minor setback, for a major comeback. In this episode, Elisa and Camella speak of the setbacks they've been undergoing as well as the setbacks that are happening globally. The world can feel as if its at halt; however, that doesn't exactly mean you should put your life on pause as well. Elisa and Camella share their ways they have been overcoming the setbacks in their life at the moment. 
  • LACONFIDENT podcast

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  • LACONFIDENT podcast

    5 Signs You're Being Played & Break-ups during Quarantine


    It can be hard to see the man infront of you when you’re wearing rose colored glasses. In this episode, Elisa and Camella strip off the glasses and share 5 signs that man is playing you from their experience! They share stories from their past and go into detail with the tactics and red flags to keep aware of. Elisa and Camella also dive deep into quarantine breakups; what it may mean and how to cope with them. We hope you’re staying safe during this quarantine and enjoy this episode!
  • LACONFIDENT podcast

    Get in B*tch it's the Quarantine Rollercoaster


    Quarantine has forced us into our homes and revealing so many things about our personal life regarding deep rooted emotions, relationships, or habits we may have. In this episode, Elisa and Camella share ways to cope with the rollercoaster of emotions or to start up a more healthy lifestyle. We hope this episode helps!
  • LACONFIDENT podcast

    All About Choosing your Girlfriends


    Choosing our closest girlfriends should be just as important as choosing our boyfriends. In this episode, Camella and Elisa get into friendships, choosing your friends wisely, and about those fake friends. We share our personal experiences and tips on how to make friends because at times it can be difficult! We hope this helps. xx
  • LACONFIDENT podcast

    Relationship Q&A


    We’re always searching for advice! This episode, Elisa & Camella open up their Instagram to answer questions about relationship advice from listeners! The questions being answered are in no specific order and were answered as they came. Hopefully we answered your question or helped you through a similar situation!
  • LACONFIDENT podcast

    How To Make A Good First Impression


    Everyone knows that first impressions are long lasting ones. Sometimes, it is not always easy to make a great first impression on that first date, interview, or even meeting his or her parents. In this episode, Camella and Elisa talk about how to overcome common hurdels to make a great first impression. With simple steps to follow that will get you to that second date or stamp of approval from their family.  This episode show cases first impression disasters which we hope will help you learn from our mistakes. This will make sure you get that first impression right.
  • LACONFIDENT podcast

    Dealing With Loss


    Dealing with major loss and grief is a roller coaster that almost everyone has experienced or will come to experience. This episode Elisa and Camella open up about their experiences with loss and the recent death of the legend, Kobe Bryant. This episode weighs heavy on their hearts while they explain the grieving process and more. We pay tribute to those who have lost their loved ones and as of recently, the Bryant family in this trying time.
  • LACONFIDENT podcast

    How To Be A Hot Girl Scholar


    Winter session is over and Spring semester/quarter is finally here! Now that school is back in session, we have a lot of tips to be a scholar in this school year. In this episode, Elisa and Camella share some of their most helpful and effective studying tips that help them thrive in their academic careers; in hopes, that it may help you as well. Buckle up because this is going to be a lot to unpack this semester.
  • LACONFIDENT podcast

    Bitches Are FBI Agents


    Every woman is her own FBI agent. We always have a way to find sh*t out! In this episode, Elisa and Camella share moments when they put on their FBI hats and try to get to the bottom of things. They also share tips on how to use social media to find out more about that certain someone. Happy hunting!

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