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Growth Stage discusses the potential successes and failures of growth-stage industries and companies through the eyes of their biggest stakeholders. Each episode combines one investor, one operator, and lots of expertise to dissect hot-topic companies via their opportunities, challenges, and potential fates. From the outside looking in: Which will survive? Which will thrive? Which are they betting on? Listen now to join the conversation.

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    Check Yourself (Payroll Infrastructure)


    It's hard to get money, so why should paying be difficult too? Turns out, the red tape and process for payroll is wildly complicated (taxes, filings, remittance, yadda yadda) and the myriad of payroll systems in place makes it even more difficult. In this episode we're joined by CEO and Founder of Check, Andrew Brown, and Eric Tarczynski, Founder at Contrary, to discuss getting paid!
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    Do Ghost Kitchens Use (Dead)Pans? (Ghost Kitchens)


    Ghost kitchens certainly aren't a thing of the past. In fact, the market for these dark kitchens is alive and well, and they are fueling the fire for food delivery growth across the globe. From your favorite fast-food chains to virtual kitchen concepts, ghost kitchens are providing the infrastructure and (dead)pans to keep your appetite fulfilled. In this episode, we're joined by the Founder and General Manager of YourKitchen, Yousif Kurdi, and Roelof Opperman, Managing Director and Head of Europe at Fifth Wall. Tune in to learn about a typical human's profit and loss statement, the development of ghost kitchens, and how Yousif plans to manage running YourKitchen as he serves as the captain for Saudi Arabia's Winter Olympic team.
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  • Growth Stage podcast

    Fry Dolla $ign (Food Tech)


    Food tech has received a cornucopia of attention recently. But have we bitten off more than we can chew with lab-grown meats or vertical farming? These ideas are important, without doubt, but they’re a small piece of the pie. What if we just found a better way to make food last longer? In this episode, we're joined by CEO and Co-Founder of Farther Farms, Mike Annunziata, and Monica Varman, Investor at G2 Venture Partners, to help us decide if these preservatives add real value or are just half baked. Tune in to learn about Farther’s origin stories, why they began with fries, the current and future state of the food supply chain, and much more.
  • Growth Stage podcast

    Space Jam (Space Industry)


    Taking a "moonshot" used to mean something. But in recent years, private industry has not-so-quietly begun to pile into what was once reserved for governments, satellite companies, and the handful of supporting players. The race to space is no longer about the miracle of putting something in orbit, it's about deploying capital. Houston, we have competition. On In this episode we're joined by CEO and Founder of Varda, Will Bruey, and Tess Hatch, Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners, to shed light on the gravity of the situation.
  • Growth Stage podcast

    Four Wheel Tive (Supply Chain Visibility)


    We've all asked ourselves at one time or another "Where the f*ck is my package?" The truth is, there's a host of people who care a lot more than you do - a whole supply chain. Visibility into these complex networks doesn't just provide reassurance, it unveils a heap of information on how to improve them. In this episode we're joined by CEO and Founder of Tive, Krenar Komoni, and Harpi Signh, Partner at Innovation Endeavors, to discuss the complications and sensitivities of supply chain visibility.
  • Growth Stage podcast

    Go Go Gadget Me (Quantified Self / Digital Health)


    We'd all like to use our bodies like a Ferrari, but maybe end up treating it like a trash compactor (T-1000 vs. Bender). Solutions are obvious (sleep, diet, etc.), but tracking/accountability always fall short. Personal devices are not new, but desire and ability to understand the power of these tools is evolving, quickly. In this episode we're joined by CEO of Oura, Harpreet Singh Rai, and Tim Chang, Partner at Mayfield Fund, to discuss the growing and improving world of quantified self and digital health.
  • Growth Stage podcast

    APItude Adjustment (APIs)


    It's obvious smaller businesses can have fewer digital touchpoints, but that doesn't mean they have less data...or that this data is less valuable. Connecting the unconnected is still just in its infancy, as a growing number of companies have decided to just suck it up and start building APIs for the everyman. In this episode we're joined by Founder of Codat, Peter Lord, and Medha Agarwal, Principal at Redpoint Ventures, to discuss the business of API development and growing world of opportunities for it.
  • Growth Stage podcast

    Grocery Understated (Micro Fulfillment)


    The fresh foods aisle has needed a cleanup for a while. Grocery stores have hardly changed in 100 years, and many delivery startups have chosen to piggy back off of that lack of innovation. Micro fulfillment offers an entirely new way to shop and distribute fresh foods - a tool food commerce will need in its bag.  In this episode we're joined by Founder of Farmstead, Pradeep Elankumaran, and Jett Fein, Partner at, to discuss the paradigm shift in grocery, delivery and the rise of micro fulfillment.
  • Growth Stage podcast

    Banking on Banking (Digital Banking)


    The sad thing about the banking industry is no one has given it credit for evolving. But it's obvious Silicon Valley isn't leaving this one a loan. Ok, we're done with the puns. In this episode we explore the rise of challenger banks, the fate of the current banking model, and how the near future might serve you checking accounts and lattes at the same time. In this episode we’re joined by CEO of Mercury, Immad Akhund, and Mark Goldberg, Partner at Index Ventures, to discuss the rise of digital banking. 
  • Growth Stage podcast

    Big Baller Betting (Sports Betting)


    Money Ball vs. Liar's Poker - the data and analytics of sports betting. For as long as there have been sports, people have been trying to figure out how to bet on them. And as these markets have grown (although we still love a good chariot race), so too have the opportunities to make the action just a little bit sweeter. In this episode we're joined by Co-Founder of Simplebet, Joey Levy, and Vasu Kulkarni, Partner at Courtside VC, to discuss the evolution and implications of a sports betting and analytics.

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