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The changing world of cloud CRM, with Chris Cognetta

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Gemma Milne talks with Chris Cognetta, CongruentX’s Chief Technology Innovation Officer, about how cloud environments can help companies align their technology and operations to improve customer experiences and the importance of focusing on business outcomes, especially how these topics relate to CRM solutions.


Topics of discussion

  • What is driving the majority of digital transformation initiatives currently? (02:52)
  • How cloud can create competitive advantage or improve customer experiences (03:59)
  • How CRM fits into hybrid environments and the opportunities that combination can create (11:56)
  • What to expect from a “grown up” CRM solution (18:59)
  • Balancing the needs of customers with the risk of overcomplicating your technology stack (20:55)
  • Perspectives on cloud security and privacy (27:06)
  • How edge computing and IoT are driving cloud innovation (29:41)


About Chris Cognetta:

Chris Cognetta is CTIO of CongruentX. A Microsoft MVP for more than nine years, Chris has helped more than 250 Dynamics 365 Customer Experience and Azure customers move their on-premises solutions to the cloud. As CTIO of CongruentX, Chris and his organization provides customized CRM solutions that align technology and operations to improve customer experience and business outcomes. Chris is also one of a select few Microsoft Dynamics MVPs in the world and frequently speaking at events, webinars, and community user groups. As CTIO, Chris leads product innovation initiatives and helps turn vision into reality for CongruentX, as well as his clients.

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