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Supply Chain pain points and progress, with Mark Weimann

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Mark Weimann, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management senior technical specialist, returns to talk with host Gemma Milne about what’s changed since their October 2020 conversation, and what hasn’t. Topics include the impact of supply chain disruptions on consumer behavior, new technologies supply chain leaders should know about, the connection between resilience and sustainability, and where Microsoft is focusing its efforts in building better supply chain solutions.

Topics of discussion

  • How supply chain dynamics have changed in the last year (2:46)
  • The impact of supply chain disruptions on consumer behavior (05:21)
  • Are companies still in a reactive mode or are they starting to become more resilient? (06:20)
  • Practical steps businesses can take right now to help their supply chains (09:33)
  • Supply chain strategies for smaller companies, and all companies (12:08)
  • Emerging capabilities business leaders should know about (14:45)
  • The impact of supply chain disruptions on energy distribution (19:32)
  • The relationship between resilience and sustainability (20:40)
  • How consumer expectations are driving supply chain impacts (24:13)
  • What the future holds: impacts on the workforce, the control tower concept, and security (26:23)


About Mark Weimann

As senior technical specialist for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Mark helps enable digital transformation for organizations around the world. For him, a great day at work includes the opportunity to sit down and discuss how Microsoft technology can enable Businesses to transform and gain a competitive advantage in the digital age. 

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