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How technology impacts humanitarian efforts, with IRC’s Daniel Coughlin

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Daniel Coughlin, Director of Data Insights, Systems, and Architecture at the International Rescue Committee, talks with host Gemma Milne about how the IRC’s work in Syria and Afghanistan, how specific technologies actually help people in need, ensuring responsible technology use with vulnerable populations, and where he plans to focus his work in the future. 

Topics of discussion

  • The impact of the pandemic on organizations such as the IRC (03:46)
  • How strong technology experience helped the IRC respond to the COVID-19 health crisis (07:28)
  • The role of information technology in the IRC’s response to the humanitarian crisis in Syria (11:00)
  • The IRC’s work in Afghanistan (14:14)
  • Specific technology capabilities that can help people in need (15:39)
  • Applying data to effect change in humanitarian crises (19:28)
  • How technology makes it easier for the IRC to measure and assess its own effectiveness (21:29)
  • Responsible use of technology when working with vulnerable populations (24:32)
  • How technology will shape the future of the IRC (25:56)


About Daniel Coughlin

Daniel Coughlin is a mission-driven leader who believes that technology, data and analytics, and operational excellence can drive organizational impact and positive change at scale. He believes that teams and organizations that reward feedback, growth, and innovation are one of our greatest assets to life and the planet. The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is a humanitarian aid and resettlement organization that helps refugees regain control over their lives after disaster and conflict through programs focused on health, legal protection, education, and refugee resettlement. 

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