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How Mars keeps people at the center of digital transformation, with Carol Van Den Hende

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Gemma Milne talks with Carol Van Den Hende, Senior Digital Transformation Director at Mars, Inc., about how digital transformation at the company is helping reshape the customer and employee experience, and how to maintain a human-centered culture in a technology-fueled world. 

Topics of discussion

  • Describing what user centricity means at a company like Mars (07:03)
  • The importance of a human-centric culture in digital transformation (11:57)
  • Balancing experimentation and innovation with change management (14:46)
  • The impact of digital transformation on consumers (16:40)
  • How the employee experience relates to organizational values and company culture (18:11)
  • Looking forward to a technology-fueled future (19:06)


About Carol Van Den Hende:

Carol Van Den Hende is a Senior Digital Transformation Director at Mars, Inc., with more than 20 years of experience in marketing, strategy, and insights. She earned her MBA from Lehigh University and is also an author, speaker, board member, and mom of twins.

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