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5G powers a new era for IoT and edge computing, with Neha Gandhi Vijay

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Gemma Milne talks with AT&T’s Assistant VP of Strategic Alliances, Neha Gandhi Vijay, about understanding edge computing in the context of IoT and 5G, which industries and verticals AT&T is exploring opportunities with 5G and edge computing, business use cases for IoT apps, and how AT&T’s partnership with Microsoft to provide cloud services is helping make it all possible. 


Topics of discussion

  • Defining edge computing in relation to IoT and 5G (02:24)
  • The impact of edge computing on day-to-day operations and end users (04:33)
  • Understanding network slicing (13:54)
  • How the threat landscape for IoT, edge, and 5G differs from other environments (15:26)
  • The impact of AI and machine learning on 5G offerings and the cybersecurity they need (17:09)
  • The partnership between AT&T and Microsoft (18:31)
  • The barriers to fulfilling the potential of these technologies and what people can do to overcome them (23:14)


About Neha Gandhi Vijay:

Neha is the Assistant Vice President of Strategic Alliances at AT&T. She leads business development and go-to-market initiatives across 5G, edge computing, and IoT with Microsoft and systems integrators. She is a passionate leader with a proven track record of driving business growth by connecting strategy to execution through strategic partnerships. While at AT&T, Neha has spent 10 years in the IoT space in multiple roles and is now helping the company drive new solutions to market with 5G and edge computing for enterprise customers. Previously, Neha worked in the healthcare and manufacturing industries in both strategic planning and operational excellence roles. Neha holds a bachelor of science degree in systems engineering from Washington University in St. Louis, a master’s degree in industrial engineering from Georgia Tech, and an MBA from Emory University.  

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