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Coaching, Neuroscience and Consciousness

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Join us for an in-depth look at topics in neuroscience, consciousness, coaching and human transformation. Our shows explore research on both consciousness and the brain, making powerful and fascinating links to how we change and transform our lives.

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  • Coaching, Neuroscience and Consciousness podcast

    What is Empathy, Really? Exploring the Human Empathy System


    Empathy is deeply important to human beings and healthy relationships, but what is it, really? Join BEabove Leadership co-founders for a fascinating look at the many ways our brains and bodies connect with each other. From mirror neurons that help us feel what is happening in another person's experience to the benefits and challenges of cognitive empathy, this show will explore the rich complexity of our interrelated empathetic connections. 
  • Coaching, Neuroscience and Consciousness podcast

    No, You Don't have a Reptilian Brain (Unless You're Actually a Reptile)


    We are thrilled to have neuroscience expert Joseph Fridman for a lively discussion of how the "three layer" model of the brain is wrong, and why this matters. We'll look at why this myth continues to prevail in conversations about emotional intelligence and coaching, and how it limits human growth and awareness. We'll also discuss more accurate ways of discussing brain complexity as it relates to our emotional life.  Joseph is a researcher and science communicator at the Interdisciplinary Affective Science Laboratory at Northeastern University and Massachusetts General Hospital, which is co-directed by Lisa Feldman Barrett and Karen Quigley, and focuses on studying emotions. (For more on Joseph and his fascinating background, see here:   
  • Coaching, Neuroscience and Consciousness podcast

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  • Coaching, Neuroscience and Consciousness podcast

    Supporting the Middle School Brain


    Riverside, California is lucky to have teacher, coach and neuroscience (and consciouness) fan Shay Sun. For the past few years, he has been teaching coaching skills and neuroscience concepts and tools to peer leaders, as well as using them in his own teaching. Join us for a fun, rich, dynamic interview with this amazing teacher and human. Shay will share with us some of his ideas for what young people need, and how we can support them based on the brain and consciousness. 
  • Coaching, Neuroscience and Consciousness podcast

    Laughing Our Way Through


    Laughter is indeed often the best medicine. In this episode, humor expert Jim-Bob Williams joins Ann and Ursula for an exploration of how humor can help us get through, well, anything, including a global pandemic. We'll look at the science behind why humor helps with stress and uncertainty, and probably tell a few jokes as well! About Jim-Bob Williams Talented.  Handsome. Accomplished.  Jim-Bob Williams knows a lot of people like that.   Jim-Bob practiced the principles of therapeutic humor during his career as an engineer and manager for two major chemical companies.  Humor and levity helped in many stressful situations, such as mergers, compliance audits, and systems upsets at work, and the loss of his youngest son to overdose in 2019. It wasn’t until he retired that Jim-Bob realized there was scientific method to his madness. He joined the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor AATH to become certified certifiable!  He serves as AATH Secretary and on the Illuminutty, AATH’s Research Council, and as one of the class clowns of Humor Academy (Level II). Owner of Jimusho LLC ( motto: Making the Workplace Better Through Humor), he and wife Christine live in St. Albans, WV. 
  • Coaching, Neuroscience and Consciousness podcast

    Generational Brains and Their Response to Crisis


    Our brains are shaped by our culture, experience, and even what we have inherited. In this session, Ann and Ursula are joined by generational expert Lindsay Boccardo for a fascinating look at how different generations tend to respond to crisis -- and what their brains may have to do with it. 
  • Coaching, Neuroscience and Consciousness podcast

    The Energy Drain of Coaching


    Coaches tend to score high in what is called "felt empathy," that is, processing other people's emotions and challenges through our own brains and bodies. This is an amazing skill in terms of deep understanding, insight, and compassion -- all critical aspects of our profession. But it can also lead to the coaching version of compassion fatigue, where a client's issues feel energetically draining and even overwhelming, and/or are difficult to let go of between sessions. In this session, Ann and Ursula will look at helpful strategies for coaches to maintain their empathy and connection without burning thrmselves out. 
  • Coaching, Neuroscience and Consciousness podcast

    Welcome to 2020: What Are You Predicting?


    In this lively conversation, Ann and Ursula will expore how the science of emotions -- and in particular, the role of prediction -- applies to consciously creating our future. Join us for a fascinating glimpse into the year ahead!
  • Coaching, Neuroscience and Consciousness podcast

    Stop Me If You've Heard This One: The Neuroscience Of Humor


    Earlier this year, Ann had the chance to speak at the American Association of Theraputic Humor, which meant some brand-new research on the impact and effect of humor on our brains and biochemistry. In this fascinating episode, she'll share her findings about what makes something funny and why. She and Ursula will also map humor to the BEabove model of the Seven Levels of Effectiveness, looking at the impact "below the line" and "above the line" humor has on our brains, bodies and consciousness. Join them for this interesting (and we hope) light-hearted episode.
  • Coaching, Neuroscience and Consciousness podcast

    The Meta-Metaphors that Shape Our Lives


    We speak in ways that show our fundamental view of areas of life. For example, do we use a lot of war or sports metaphors in business? We may see that part of life as a battle or a game with clear winners and losers. Do we use a great deal of gardening metaphors when speaking of our children? We may see them as needing nurturing and tending to grow. Recognizing (and then shifting if need be) our "meta-metaphor" can change our entire lives. Join Ann and Ursula for personal examples and ways to discpver the metaphor that is shaping you -- and how to change that if you wish. (With a bonus discussion of the neuroscience around metaphor itself!)
  • Coaching, Neuroscience and Consciousness podcast

    Organizational Wounds and How to Heal Them


    Organziations have an energetic state that is both made up of and larger than the people who work there. Often there are historical incidents that create wounds of shame, abandonment, and betrayal. Building on the incredible work of Dr. Mario Martinez (The Mind-Body Code), in this episode we will explore what creates an organizational wound (or wounds) and how to bring a "healing field" so that the organization can more forward with true effectiveness. Organizational consultant Dr. Jean Davidson joins Ann and Ursula for this fascinating conversation. 

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