Build and Analyze podcast

Build and Analyze


A weekly news and discussion show about the world of iPhone, iPad, iOS, and mobile web development. Hosted by Marco Arment & Dan Benjamin.

108 Episódios

  • Build and Analyze podcast
  • Build and Analyze podcast

    107: The Eldest Programmer


    Dan and Marco discuss testing and logging, formal programming, Core Data versus other datastore techniques, and developers knowing basic terminal operation and server administration.
  • Build and Analyze podcast

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  • Build and Analyze podcast

    106: Outlasted The Daily


    Dan and Marco discuss the Mac Pro's relevance, the effects of RAM and FileVault on performance, the App Store Volume Purchase discount, how well Instapaper for Android is doing, why The Daily failed, deciding whether articles belong on blogs or in The Magazine, and how to collaborate with a designer when you don't agree with all of their choices.
  • Build and Analyze podcast

    105: Service Plans for Cables


    On this happy Cyber Monday, Dan and Marco discuss journalists mangling quotes, the decline of upgradeable hardware, how to tell if a price is negotiable, why many publications don't take full advantage of Newsstand, protecting assets inside app bundles, and deciding whether to burn an expedited review.
  • Build and Analyze podcast

    104: Hammertime


    Dan and Marco discuss the upcoming end of the show, Scott Forstall and MC Hammer, Passbook apps and promotion, how to decide when to start a new project, PayPal's subscription problems, and the economics of one-time app payments.
  • Build and Analyze podcast

    103: Denial Haircut


    Dan and Marco discuss music under podcast ads, TextMate 2 activity, the costs of pagination in Instapaper and The Magazine, scientific support of "low-acid" coffee benefits, every cure for male hair loss and baldness, and affiliate-marketing spam.
  • Build and Analyze podcast

    102: My Quotes Are Curly And My Dashes Are Solid


    Dan and Marco discuss settings in the Settings app, full-screen modes, text adjustment options in Instapaper and The Magazine, choosing fonts for apps, building a custom CMS versus customizing an existing one, white-labeling The Magazine, and over-roasted coffee.
  • Build and Analyze podcast

    101: Looting Siracusa County


    Dan and Marco discuss "Superstorm" Sandy aftermath, Scott Forstall's forced exit from Apple, the iPad Mini and iPad "4", the Microsoft Surface and Windows RT, Disney's plans for Lucasfilm, and hosting servers in natural-disaster-prone datacenters.
  • Build and Analyze podcast

    100: The Hostage Star


    Dan and Marco discuss the Microsoft Surface commercial and its likely launch challenges, writing apps that align with Apple's incentives, The Magazine's naming and design decisions, and recognizing and fixing a poor design choice.
  • Build and Analyze podcast

    99: The Podcast


    Dan and Marco discuss Marco's new app, The Magazine.

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