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Bond by Numbers

Bond By Numbers is a canonical tour of the James Bond world. More an enthusiast's journey than an expert's quest, each episode investigates the world of a different 007 production or topic with in-depth conversation, opinion and regular features. If you like your podcasts well-researched but crave the down-to-earth energy of amateur minds, join life-long 007 fans Scott, Josh and Jeff for a fresh look at one of the entertainment world's most successful franchises.

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  • Bond By Numbers podcast

    No Time To Die: First Impressions


    At long last, the wait for Bond 25 is over! Now that they've all seen "No Time to Die", Josh, Scott and Jeff bridge the Atlantic gap with conversation and first impressions of Daniel Craig's final outing as 007. SPOILER ALERT: chat on the film's plot and features starts at 8:20.
  • Bond By Numbers podcast

    Bond Redux: TSWLM Watch Party


    In our second watch party of the season, we invite you to synchronize your MGM lions (@21:09) and groove casually with us through the waves and rhythms of 1977's "The Spy Who Loved Me". Upheld by many as his best and most stylish outing as 007, Sir Roger's third Bond adventure was directed by YOLT helmsman, Lewis Gilbert, and contains a dynamic mix of action, humour and megalomaniacal pageantry that's bound to keep you entertained when our own commentary grows dull! No need for social distancing here so grab your refreshments from the lobby and meet us inside! For our full review of the movie, check out S1:E34 from January 2020.
  • Bond By Numbers podcast

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  • Bond By Numbers podcast

    The Music of TWINE w/ Chris Wood


    The wonderful Chris Wood (@bondonvinyl) returns in this special episode to discuss the music of "The World is Not Enough", arguably David Arnold's most ambitious effort as 007 composer. So come join us as we leisurely inspect the beats and braces of this varied score. From the boisterous Thames boat chase to the burning oil fields of Baku, we've got it covered like an inflatable ski jacket!
  • Bond By Numbers podcast

    Colonel Sun (1968)


    In this episode we look down the literary gunbarrel at "Colonel Sun", written by Robert Markham (Kingsley Amis) and published four years after Ian Fleming's death. Amis's compelling adventure comes on the heels of his successful non-fiction character-piece, "The James Bond Dossier" and marks the first "official" 007 fiction of a new era. So, hop aboard the good ship BBN and brandish your shades and parasols - we're setting sail right now, straight for the Sun... Colonel Sun!
  • Bond By Numbers podcast

    What If? - Bond Designs


    If budgets, engineering and the many laws of physics were not factors to consider, how might you build your 007 dream home from the franchise's fabled sets, locations and interiors? An Atlantis En-Suite? How about an Octopussy boudoir? Throwing logic and planning to the wind, in this "What If?" we revive our trusty roulette and share blueprints for our Grand (Bond) Designs! So clear that empty lot in your imagination and come building with us!
  • Bond By Numbers podcast

    Charade (1963)


    Stanley Donen's cinematic kitchen was working hard in 1963: start with a pair of stars, thicken their stock with an ensemble cast, add a wallop of visual style, toss in a heavy helping of romantic comedy then add a pinch of international intrigue before finishing with a half-cup of irony. What's that make? A difficult film to categorize! Or, if you prefer, the "whoopie-cushion thriller" better known as "Charade"! We discuss all the ingredients here as Josh's selection brings our annual "3 Non Bonds" review festival to a close in simmering style. We also go inside the new book from Pete Brooker and Matt Spaiser, "From Tailor's With Love" (11:35) and celebrate the fascinating war-time career of young Audrey Hepburn (40:40).
  • Bond By Numbers podcast

    Torn Curtain (1966)


    For our second selection in the annual "3 Non Bonds" festival, we go behind the Iron Curtain with Paul Newman and Julie Andrews in Alfred Hitchcock's "Torn Curtain". Often pegged as one of the famed director's more conflicted works, this thriller possesses enough moments of intriguing espionage, quirky potpourri and technical chutzpah to nevertheless make a case for itself. So grab your passport and get ready to infiltrate - BBN's flight to defection is now boarding!
  • Bond By Numbers podcast

    The Quiller Memorandum (1966)


    This season's "3 Non Bonds" Festival gets off to a great start with 00-Chapman's selection of "The Quiller Memorandum" from 1966. Directed by Michael Anderson, "Quiller" was penned by the renowned Harold Pinter and features a dynamic cast including George Segal, Senta Berger, Max von Sydow and the impeccable Alec Guinness. Looking for an understated neo-Nazi spy thriller set in divided Berlin? Then look no further as we launch our annual fest with this worthy conversation piece!
  • Bond By Numbers podcast

    What If? - 007 Film Festivals


    Who doesn't like a good film festival? Our six cinematic Bonds sure do! From inspired screenings to banquet dinners, celebrity speakers to questionable pop-up bars, our first "What If?" of the series pulls out nearly all the stops and runs wild with this imaginative theme. So polish your shoes and grab your VIP passes - BBN proudly invites YOU to this red-carpet event!
  • Bond By Numbers podcast

    00-Origins: Sir Francis Walsingham


    Our "00-Origins" series officially gets off the ground here as Josh introduces the fascinating life and work of Sir Francis Walsingham. Queen Elizabeth I's "spymaster" is widely regarded as the progenitor of British espionage and without his involvements in such matters as the St. Bartholomew's Massacre, The Babington Plot and The Spanish Armada, the course of world history would have run much differently! But one nation's spymaster is another nation's antagonist and Walsingham wasn't everyone's hero. From spoiled thrones to sunken ships, this history-heavy feature is full of Tudoriffic highlights!

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