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An occult podcast for leftists and a leftist podcast for witches. Black Banner Magic is a member of the Revolutionary Left Radio network. Contact us at

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    ACAB - All Cops Are Beasts


    It was my intention to speak to many magically operant people around the U.S. working in multiple traditions and cosmologies but the final result was limited because intensive continued trauma condenses time. Meredith Graves returns to talk about the psychic control copaganda poses and the material conditions of the ethereal. Frater Pera is the second guest to discuss the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram and the penchant of cops to invoke the archangel Michael. I end the episode with a reading from an anonymous 2018 zine titled Rituals Against the Prisons Nebraska mutual aid Nebraska Left Coalition bail fund extends the whole state. They monitor incoming arrest. facebook/ insta / neleftcoalition @ gmail   Feed the People - Omaha provides food and clothing to people in need no questions asked with Midtown Mutual Aid    Lincoln, the Everett Free Grocery program also provides food to the community @EruptNebraska   The @malcolmxfound preserves the ideas, actions and Omaha birthplace of Malcolm X.   The @BLACKandPINKorg supports so many incarcerated folks and sends a monthly zine tailored to their needs and news.   Lincoln Black Lives Matter on Cashapp and Venmo: HELPBLM
  • Black Banner Magic podcast

    Bonus teaser: Trash Goblins - Hellier S1E3


    We finally get spirit contact through radio divination in Hellier ep3 season 1 and we make goblin contact of our own. Also Peter and Rark learn that Nestor has another, longer running podcast they've never listened to, even though they're old friends. Much synchronicity! @peterscorecard @zoozer6  IG: FutureCitiesInk  @harvest_goth
  • Black Banner Magic podcast

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  • Black Banner Magic podcast

    INTRODUCING: Trash Goblins - Hellier ep1


    This is the first episode of TRASH GOBLINS, the Patreon exclusive bonus series spinoff of Black Banner Magic. Nestor is joined by Peter Scorecard and Rark Muffalo to discuss trash cinema and television. We chose the Hellier series to start the trash mound and will work our way through low-budget horror cinema from the past and current paranormal documentaries.  rate review ect blah blah big trash to access more episodes. @harvest_goth @peterscorecard @zoozer6
  • Black Banner Magic podcast

    Army of Darkness: Memorial Day


    Charlie Wyseman from Magickal Mutual Aid fields questions I have about the occult practices of Memorial Day. Like, does the military engage in hero cults, spirit evocation and ancestor veneration? Yes. Do they consider it a remediation or healing practice? Of course not. Don't be silly. Happy Memorial Day 2020. Follow Charlie on Twitter @MagickCharlie and Magickal Mutual Aid @AidMagickal Follow me on Twitter @harvest_goth Patreon: Intro:  Metal Fingers - Datura Stramonium Outro: Mats Paulson - Should I Ever Be A Soldier (written by Joe Hill, published in I.W.W. Little Red Songbook)
  • Black Banner Magic podcast

    Kindred Interdimensional Monitoring


    The Nebraska Parks Department asks if you visit a Kindred Interdimensional Monitoring Point that you PLEASE CLOSE ALL PORTALS WHEN FINISHED TO HELP MINIMIZE INTERDIMENSIONAL CONTAMINATION report your findings to @harvest_goth on twitter Panopticon - The Devil Walked the Woods
  • Black Banner Magic podcast

    Los Espookys Rojo: Anarchism, Liberalism, Seances, and Strategies of the Mexican Revolution


    What's 500 years to the immortal soul? Black Banner Magic, Jake from Pod Damn America, and Breht from Revolutionary Left Radio hit the beats of the Mexican Revolution. Going over Spain's social and religious colonization of the indigenous peoples that gave rise to the independence movement, the peasant farmers that rose up to lead the revolution to take back the land, and one spooky, weird rich kid that ended up president for a while. Intro song: Wall of Voodoo - Mexican Radio Outro song: At The Drive-in - Porfirio Diaz @harvest_goth @RevLeftRadio Pod Damn America @PodDamnAmerica @feraljokes References: Manual Espirita - Bhima (pseudonym of Francisco I. Madero) Metaphysical Odyssey into the Mexican Revolution - C.M. Mayo Land and Liberty: Anarchist Influences in the Mexican Revolution - Ricardo Flores Magón Dreams of Freedom - Ricardo Flores Magón Revolutions podcast - Mike Duncan
  • Black Banner Magic podcast

    The Metaphysics of US Curse Week


    In this short episode I talk about the 3rd week of April phenomenon known as US Curse week, and the implications of serial killer David Berkowitz being the only known person to be rehabilitated by the US carceral state. Spoiler: he wasn't, it's another Evangelical grift. Song: Dead Boys - Son of Sam twitter: @harvest_goth
  • Black Banner Magic podcast

    Drone Thugs and Harmontown


    The First Great Plains Drone Flap existed between November 2019 and January 2020. The numerous government acronym agencies couldn't explain it much less claim responsibility. The few people in rural Eastern Colorado and Western Nebraska that saw the full phenomenon said it was harmless and there was no know physical contact; only visible conformation.  Who were the drone operators, why did they drift eastward, what were they looking for, where did they go, and who funded them? Matthew and Chuck from Liquid Flannel and Farm League joined to figure it out. Liquid Flannel (MatttheGweat) Farm League (ShaggyTooTrope) Denver Post : 'Mysterious Drones Flying Nighttime Patterns' Dec 23 2019 New York Times :  'It's Creepy' Unexplained Drones January 1 2020 Observer : Bizarre Flock of Mysterious Drones January 21 2020 The Drive : Internal Air Force Emails Feburary 24 2020   Support Eric King against bogus charges of CO assault. Twitter: @harvest_goth email: Join the #weirdleft discord  
  • Black Banner Magic podcast

    Eliphas Levi and the Inverted Commas: 'Breadtube is a Grift'


    The breadth of the Western Esoteric Tradition seeds from one 19th century socialist revolutionary Catholic seminary drop out and most of it is made from whole cloth. Eliphas Levi is responsible for every metal band and magician's misinterpretation of Baphomet, the number of the Beast, Satan and Lucifer, "Good & Evil" and yet worse, he lived through a failed European social revolution. Now 21st century media personalities are cashing in on the symbolic rhetoric of leftist revolutionary momentum as planned obsolescence. Jacobin Magazine and Breadtube don't want you to succeed. Forgotten Feminism: Claude Vignon, Revolutionary and Femme de Lettres (excerpt) by David A Harvey DEATH//SENTENCE podcast review of Bhaskar Sunkara's book The Socialist Manifesto Paging Doctor Bones by Prosper Bonhomme Anti-Wynn Contra-Contrapoints by Kali Koba Lucifer Princeps by Peter Grey Twitter: @harvest_goth email: Join the #weirdleft discord
  • Black Banner Magic podcast

    UNLOCKED: Prison Ghost Industrial Complex


    UNLOCKED: I wanted to add an ironic prison ghost tour to my central Missouri roadtrip in July but the tours were canceled due to extensive structural damage from a tornado and flooding. Hell yeah! This prison held Emma Goldman and Kate O'Hare for their anti-war actions in speaking against the WW1 draft. Instead of the tour, I walked along an abandoned service road and talked about the right wing Christian concept of ghosts, the death penalty, and libidinal orgone energies. Plus, I pitch a Means TV paranormal prison abolitionist show. Here's what the apocalyptic road looks like at sunset. Twitter: @harvest_goth Email: Join the #weirdleft community on Discord

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