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The BEWEAR Podcast shares all about sustainable living and personal growth. It is hosted by Chloe Kian, conscious lifestyle YouTuber and content creator.

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    I Started Therapy And Here Is What Happened


    In today's episode, I share my experience starting therapy for the first time. How to find someone that will be the right fit, the different approaches and the endless practices that can lead to self-awareness. How therapy helped me to have a different perspective on what is or was happening in me and my life. How to communicate effectively my needs, desires, doubts, fears and hesitations. Find me here ___ instagram:​ french channel:​ blog:​ ___
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    The Pressure of Being 100% Sustainable


    In today's episode I talk about the pressure I have sometimes felt to be 100% perfect when it comes to sustainability. The pressure we put on ourselves as creators and the pressure from others whether it's through eco-shaming or constructive critism. How I navigate it and how I feel about it all. Find me here ___ instagram:​ french channel:​ blog:​ ___
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    I Got Greenwashed: Here is What Happened.


    Greenwashing is everywhere and not just in the fashion industry. In today's episode I share an experience that happened to me recently. If anything, this story is just here to show you that this can happen to all of us. And that it's up to us to choose how we react to those learning experiences.  - find me here - IG: YT: Web:
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    Why I Took a Break + 2020 Recap


    Welcome back to the podcast! So excited to finally launch season 2. This episode was recorded earlier this year. It's a bit more of the behind the scenes and a look back on 2020. - find me here - instagram: youtube: blog:
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    Online Criticism & Thoughts on Tik Tok w/ Nathaniel Drew


    For the last episode of season 1, I wanted to bring a special guest on the podcast. Nathaniel Drew and I talk about working online, dealing with online criticism and what we can learn from it. We also share our thoughts on Tik Tok and why we are both boycotting it... for now. - find Nathaniel here - IG: YouTube: Website: Patreon: - find me here - IG: English channel: French channel: Blog:
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    Vegan Diet for Athletes: Myths & Benefits w/ Amelie Tahiti


    This week we're talking about plant-based sports nutrition with Amelie. Whether you're a runner, triathlete, boxer or yogi, we share how eating a vegan diet enhances performance. We talk about protein, the myths around it and whether or not we should supplement it. - find Amelie here - IG: YouTube: Blog: - find me here - IG: English channel: French channel: Blog:
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    Racism & The Fashion Industry w/ Christèle Mbosso


    In this week episode I invite my friend Christèle, who I went to school with, to raise awareness about racism in the fashion industry. She opens up about her childhood growing up as a black kid in Switzerland and then moving to London to pursue studies in fashion. She also shares the obstacles she encountered building her own ethical black menswear brand and what she believes needs to change in the fashion industry in order to be ethical, sustainable and inclusive moving forward. - find Christèle here -  IG: website: article: - find me here - IG: English channel: French channel: Blog:
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    How to Find Your Way into Yoga w/ Pauline La Petite


    In this episode Pauline & I talk about our journey into yoga, our first impressions, our bad experiences and what we learnt from it all. It's a great discussion to listen to whether you're new to yoga or advanced and considering a yoga teacher training. It's an "all levels welcome" episode ;) - find Pauline here - IG: Blog: - find me here - IG: English channel: French channel: Blog:
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    Exploring Spirituality: Plant Medicine, Energy Healing, Moon Cycles w/ Kathleen Hawk


    In this episode Kathleen and I talk about spirituality, our experiences and thoughts on different spiritual practices. We share about topics from meditation to plant medicine and even reiki. It's a great episode to learn a bit more about what's out there in terms of energy healing and what to be mindful of as well. - find Kathleen - website: YouTube: IG: - find me here - IG: English channel: French channel: Blog: *This episode does not contain medical advice, it is simply a sharing of personal experiences.
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    Dating as a Vegan w/ Nina Botzen


    This week I invited my dear friend Nina on the podcast to talk about dating & relationships as a vegan. We share our experiences dating both vegan and non-vegan partners over the last few years and how it's been affecting us and the relationship.  We share our tips on how to stay open minded while still keeping your own values when meeting someone new.  Finally, we talk about the hardest things when it comes to dating as a vegan and break a few myths. Find Nina blog: IG: Find me IG: english channel: french channel: blog:

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