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ASCD: Learn Teach Lead Radio, where you'll hear engaging conversations between ASCD Emerging Leaders and leading authors, experts, and practitioners on the topics that matter to today's educators and impact the success of each child.

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    Well-being: Engaging and Uplifting Students in a Volatile World


    The challenges of pandemic teaching and learning have sparked heightened interest in student well-being and engagement. Join us as we explore a new vision for organizing schools around what’s important and meaningful to students. Follow on Twitter: @hargreavesbc @a_rebora @ascd @ILascd @MASCD @iowaASCD @TXASCD @ASCDConf @scASCD @bamradionetwork @jonharper70bd Andy Hargreaves is a Research Professor, Boston College, Director of CHENINE (Change, Engagement & Innovation in Education), University of OttawaPresident & Co-Founder, ARC Education He co-authored Five Paths of Student Engagement with Dennis Shirley and authored Well-being in Schools,
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    Sustaining Emotional Energy and Resilience During an Extremely Tough School Year: What Works, What Doesn’t?


    As we all push through another exceptionally challenging school year, we pause to talk about proven ways to sustain our emotional energy and resilience. Join us as we separate what works from what doesn't. Follow on Twitter: @brightmorningtm @a_rebora  @ascd  @ILascd  @MASCD @iowaASCD  @TXASCD @ASCDConf  @scASCD @bamradionetwork @jonharper70bd Elena Aguilar, a widely known expert on instructional coaching, is the president of Bright Morning Consulting, a speaker and presenter, and the author of several influential education books, including Coaching for Equity and Onward: Cultivating Resilience in Educators.
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    Prevention Interviews: A Strategy for Managing Student Discipline Issues (Before They Happen)


    Our guest acknowledges what most of us know intuitively, punishing students is a marginally effective way to manage student discipline issues. Join us to learn about an approach that can encourage new behaviors and give us a language to talk with students about their efforts and their progress. Follow on Twitter: @jeffreybenson61 @a_rebora @ascd @ILascd @MASCD @iowaASCD @TXASCD @ASCDConf @scASCD @bamradionetwork @jonharper70bd Jeffrey Benson, a veteran educator and administrator, studied and worked side by side with national leaders in the fields of special education, learning theory, trauma and addiction, school reform, advisory programs, math curriculum, adult development, and conflict resolution. He is the author of numerous influential books, including Improve Every Lesson With SEL (ASCD, 2021).
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    If We Are Positive and Ignore the Negative, Teaching and Learning Will Thrive, Right?


    In this episode, we look at why ignoring what teachers are really thinking and feeling in the name of being unwaveringly “positive” can actually undermine school culture and create a toxic work environment. Listen in as we unpack why our collective efficacy requires school leaders to leave space for faculty to express negative feelings and talk about what’s not working in our schools. Follow on Twitter: @paul_emerich @a_rebora @ascd @ILascd @MASCD @iowaASCD @TXASCD @ASCDConf @scASCD @bamradionetwork @jonharper70bd Paul Emerich France is a National Board Certified Teacher, keynote speaker, and education consultant. He is the author of two books, Reclaiming Personalized Learning and Humanizing Distance Learning, and his work has been featured in numerous publications, such as Edutopia, EdSurge, ASCD’s Educational Leadership, and Learning Forward’s The Learning Professional. You can learn more about Paul at
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    3 Things Your Black and Brown Students Desperately Wish You Understood About Teaching Them — Especially This Term


    After 18 months of pandemic-driven trauma, many of our students, are simply not okay. The social-emotional implications are often greater among black and brown students for myriad reasons. But the way we respond to these kids in our classrooms this term could make a profound difference in the trajectory of their lives. Listen in to hear what many of your black and brown students would tell you if they had the words and thought you would really listen. Follow on Twitter: @rjmotivates @a_rebora @ascd @ILascd @MASCD @iowaASCD @TXASCD @ASCDConf @scASCD @bamradionetwork @jonharper70bd Robert Jackson is a national speaker and award-winning author of the ASCD book, Becoming the Educator They Need: Mindsets, Strategies and Beliefs for Supporting Male Black and Latino Students along with his No More Excuses Curriculum featuring his other 5 Books. His new book, Mothers Raising Sons, will be released later this summer. He began his teaching career 26 years ago in Indianapolis Public Schools after being cut by the NFL Minnesota Vikings. He graduated from Western Kentucky University with a degree in Industrial technology after lettering 4 years in both football and track. He has become one of the most sought-after speakers in the country delivering keynotes and professional development workshops at national and regional conferences, K-12 schools and universities in the US and Canada. He is a life member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc and the NFL Players Association. His motto is, “For every problem there is a solution!”
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    How Our Instructional Mindset Evolved During a Year of Pandemic Teaching and Learning


    Join us for a discussion on how pandemic-driven changes in our teaching practices shifted our mindset and how changes in our mindset may transform our instructional practices for the near future and beyond. Follow on Twitter: @Teachers_Lead @a_rebora @ascd @ILascd @MASCD @iowaASCD @TXASCD @ASCDConf @scASCD @bamradionetwork @jonharper70bd Jill Harrison Berg is a leadership coach, school improvement consultant and professional learning leader. She is a regular columnist in ASCD’s Educational Leadership magazine, and the author of the forthcoming book, Uprooting Instructional Inequity: The Power of Inquiry-Based Professional Learning (ASCD, December 2021).
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    Zombie Ideas: Research Killed These Teaching Strategies, But They Keep Coming Back to Life


    In this episode, we explore teaching concepts and strategies that research has repeatedly discredited but are widely practiced in classrooms nonetheless. What can we do to bridge research and practice more effectively? Follow on Twitter: @ASCD @a_rebora @bryanrgoodwin @bamradionetwork @jonHarper70bd Bryan Goodwin is the president and CEO of McREL International, a Denver-based nonprofit education research and development organization. Goodwin, a former teacher and journalist, authored or co-authored several books, including Learning That Sticks: A Brain-Based Model for K–12 Instructional Design and Delivery, Simply Better: Doing What Matters Most to Change the Odds for Student Success, The 12 Touchstones of Good Teaching: A Checklist for Staying Focused Every Day, Balanced Leadership for Powerful Learning: Tools for Achieving Success in Your School. Goodwin has presented to audiences across the U.S., Mideast, Pacific region, and Australia and writes a monthly research column for ASCD’s Educational Leadership magazine and presents research findings and insights to audiences across the United States and in Canada and Australia.
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    What Can We Do Now to End This Extraordinary School Year Well and Prepare for the Next?


    As we move through spring break, we begin looking ahead to the end of the school year. Join us as we consider how to end this extraordinary year well and prepare for whatever the coming school year will bring? Follow on Twitter:    @ASCD  @a_rebora  @mattrkay  @bamradionetwork   Read the EL Article  Matthew Kay is a founding English teacher at Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia and the author of  Not Light, But Fire: How to Lead Meaningful Race Conversations in the Classroom. Host Anthony Rebora is the Editor in Chief of Education Leadership.
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    Avoiding Equity Traps: If You’re Uncomfortable You’re Probably on the Right Track


    Join us for a candid discussion about the traps, tropes, and pitfalls we often encounter as we work to support equity and inclusion in our schools. In this episode, we discuss why the successful journey to equity starts with awareness and includes inescapable discomfort. Follow on Twitter: @jamiladugan @ASCD @a_rebora @bamradionetwork @jonHarper70bd #classroomstrategies Jamila Dugan is a leadership coach, learning facilitator, and researcher. She began her career as a teacher in Washington D.C., successfully supporting her school to implement an International Baccalaureate program. After being nominated for Teacher of the Year, she later served as a coach for new teachers in Oakland, California. As a school administrator, Jamila championed equity-centered student services, parent empowerment, and co-led the development of the first public Mandarin immersion middle school in the Bay Area. Jamila and Shane began their work together 7 years ago during the development of The Listening Leader for which Jamila acted as the primary researcher. Jamila serves as an equity-centered leadership development coach across all sectors including non-profits, public school districts, charter networks, parochial, and private schools. She is an avid supporter of dual language learning, serving on the boards of Independence Charter Spanish Immersion School in Philadelphia and Parents of African American Students Studying Chinese (PAASSC) in the Bay Area.
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    What We Need to Know to Manage the Pandemic’s Impact on Teaching the Whole Child


    COVID-19 had increased the intensity of the needs students have, the range of needs students have, and the prevalence of those needs. In this episode, we discuss what every educator needs to know to manage the pandemic’s impact on teaching the whole child. @SeanTSlade @[email protected] @ASCD @a_rebora @Illuminateed @jonHarper70bd @bamradionetwork #classroomstrategies Kate Pechacek, Director of Solutions Engineering at Illuminate Education, has nearly 25 years of experience in teaching and learning. She started out in the classroom as a secondary math teacher before taking on roles as Secondary Curriculum Coordinator, District MTSS Coordinator, and Director of Secondary Education. At Illuminate, she works with educators nationwide to help them deepen and enrich their approaches to equity and leveraging data to support each student. Sean Slade, director of Whole Child Programs at ASCD, has more than two decades in education,--writing on topics related to the whole child and health and well-being. Host Penny Reinart, Chief Impact Officer of ASCD, is a lifetime educator of 39 years. A two-time Teacher of the Year award winner, she has 18 years of classroom experience working with K–8 students.

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