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97: How to order in Italian: Restaurant and Bar Phrases

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Wouldn’t it be great to walk into an Italian restaurant and place your order in perfect Italian? Here you’ll learn how to do that and more! Learn about our Online Italian School and get a free mini lesson every week: https://tiny.one/joyoflanguages-italian-school Get the bonus materials for this episode: http://joyoflanguages.com/order-in-italian/ Today's Italian words: avete prenotato? = do you have a reservation? (lit. have you booked?) posso prenotare un tavolo per due? = can I book a table for two? siamo pronti = we're ready vorrei una birra = I'd like a beer vorrei un vino bianco = I’d like a white wine un bicchiere di vino rosso = a glass of red wine una bottiglia d’acqua gasata = a bottle of sparkling water il conto, per favore = the bill, please tutto perfetto! = everything’s perfect! il locale = the bar, the place where we go for drinks in the evening

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