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86: PIACERE in Italian: the ultimate guide to talking about things you like

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Get the bonus materials for this episode: http://joyoflanguages.com/italian-podcast-piacere-in-italian Join our Italian club and get a free mini Italian lesson every Sunday: http://courses.joyoflanguages.com/5-minute-italian/ Leave a review on itunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/5-minute-italian/id1217040140 Today's Italian words: Mi piace = I like it (lit. to me, it pleases) Ci piace cucinare = We like cooking. (lit. to us, it pleases) Ci = to us Piace = it pleases Cucinare = cooking Mi piace = I like it (lit. to me, it pleases) Ci piace = we like it (lit. to us, it pleases) Ti piace = you like it (lit. to you, it pleases) Gli piace = He likes it, they like it (to him/them, it pleases) Le piace = She likes it, you formal like it (to her, you formal, it pleases) Ci piace = We like it (to us, it pleases) Vi piace = You plural like it (to you plural, it pleases) Mi piacciono = I like them (to me, they please) Ti piacciono = You like them (to you, they please) Gli piacciono = He/they likes them (To him/them, they please) Le piacciono = She likes them, you formal like them (To her/you formal, they please) Ci piacciono = We like them (To us, they please). Vi piacciono = You plural like them (To you plural, they please). Mangi = you eat Piaci = you please Mi piaci = I like you (lit. to me, you please) Piacete = you plural please Mi piacete = I like you guys (lit. to me, you plural please) Mangio = I eat Piaccio = I please Ti piaccio = You like me (lit. to you, I please) Piacciamo = we please Ti piacciamo = you like us (lit. to you, we please) Mi sta simpatico = I like him (clearly platonic) Mi sta simpatica = I like her (clearly platonic) Mi piace cucinare = I like cooking (lit. to me, it pleases, cooking) Mi piace andare al cinema = I like going to the cinema (lit. to me it pleases, going..) Mi piace mangiare = I like eating (to me, it pleases, eating). For more vocabulary, see this post: http://joyoflanguages.com/italian-podcast-piacere-in-italian

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