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85: Piace in the past - part III

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Get the bonus materials for this episode: http://joyoflanguages.com/italian-podcast-piace-in-the-past-3 Join our Italian club and get a free mini Italian lesson every Sunday: http://courses.joyoflanguages.com/5-minute-italian/ Leave a review on itunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/5-minute-italian/id1217040140 Today's Italian words: Ti piace Milano? = Do you like Milan? Ti = to you Piace = it pleases Milano = Milan Sì, molto = Yes, a lot. All’inizio non mi piaceva = In the beginning I didn’t like it All’inizio = in the beginning Non = not Mi = to me Piaceva = it pleased Mi piaceva il mio lavoro = I liked my job (lit. to me it pleased). Mi piaceva andare al pub = I liked going to the pub (lit. to me it pleased). Mi è piaciuto il film = I liked the film (short, one time event) Perché? = Why? Mi piacevano le città meno moderne come Roma. = I liked cities that were less modern like Rome. Mi piacevano le città. = I liked the cities. Mi = to me Piacevano = they pleased La città = the city Non mi piaceva il freddo in inverno. = I didn’t like the cold in winter. Non = not Mi = to me Piaceva = it pleased, this time in the singular again because it refers to... Il freddo = the cold In inverno = in the winter Ma ora mi piace molto lo stile di vita qui = But now I like the lifestyle here a lot. Ma = but Ora = now Mi = to me Piace = it pleases (this time in the present) Molto = a lot Lo stile = the style Di vita = of life

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