We're Not Weighting's podcast podcast

We're Not Weighting's podcast

Tonya Beauchaine and Tracy Vazquez

A podcast about living free from dieting and the scale. We're two friends who were tired of "weighting" for our lives to begin. So we started showing up and amazing things started happening. Join us as we talk about Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size, body acceptance and much more.

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  • We're Not Weighting's podcast podcast

    Ep 130 Inclusive Movement with Michelle Hoover


    Michelle Hoover is a Certified Personal Trainer focused on joyful movement coaching. She is a HAES aligned trainer with a passion for strength training and movement. Her goal is to help clients foster an appreciation for how their body moves just as it is. Michelle is based in Greensboro, NC and offers virtual options as well.  Connect with Michelle: Website II Instagram II Facebook II TikTok Sponsors: Amazon Faves Download our free WNW Workbook
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    Ep.129 Normalizing Weight Gain and Unlearning Perfectionism with Guest Noni Vaughn-Pollard, MSEd, NDTR, MHC-LP


    This week we welcome guest Noni Vaughn-Pollard, to discuss normalizing gaining weight as we go through different transitions in life, unlearning perfectionism, and much more.    GUEST INFO  Noni is a native New Yorker who loves a good bagel and an old movie. She is a registered nutritionist and a mental health counselor & psychotherapist. Noni unlearned the fatphobia and diet culture she was taught in college and now practices intuitive eating. She encourages others to use their intuition in order to step away from perfectionism & food anxiety.   MENTIONS Connect with Noni: @afroandappetite https://afroandappetite.wordpress.com/ https://www.rootsarttherapy.nyc/  https://www.nycpsychotherapy.org/ Weight Gain is Normal eBook   SHOW SPONSORS Save the rejected produce! Get $10 off your first Hungry Harvest order. Enter code “TONYABEAUCHAINE” at checkout. Subscribe to our Newsletter Follow Us: Instagram and share your "Wait, what?" moments with us. Have an idea for an upcoming episode? Let us know on our Facebook page.
  • We're Not Weighting's podcast podcast

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  • We're Not Weighting's podcast podcast

    Ep 128 Inclusion and Social Justice in Clothing with Julie Allen


    On this week’s episode we have Julie Allen, an author and eating disorder awareness activist, is the CEO of Mary Rose NW Boutique and founder of the Mary Rose Foundation. Julie started Mary Rose NW Boutique because she recognized the need for a clothing shop that focused on body acceptance, self-love, and helping all bodies feel beautiful and confident in their clothes. The three pillars of her boutique include sustainability, inclusion, and social justice. With a bachelor’s in psychology and a background in physical therapy, Julie truly understands how the mind affects the body and vice versa. She struggled with anorexia and bulimia for 15 years and as a result, made it her mission to empower people to love and embrace themselves wholeheartedly. Connect with Julie Facebook II Instagram II Website Mentions: Episode 79 Letting Go of Unrealistic Diet Culture Standards with Personal Stylist Dacy Gillepsie  Sponsors: CBD Direct Rothy’s
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    Ep 127 Shopping For Your Right Now Body


    In this week’s episode we want to talk about what to do when shopping for your right now body. We’ve done episodes on cleaning out your closet but we want to talk about what to do when it feels like your body is in transition. You might feel like the clothes in your closet no longer serve you but then you don’t want to buy new clothes because what if your body changes again. So you’re stuck in this in between place. If this resonates with you, hit play on this episode.  Mentions: Episode 98 Cleaning Out Your Closet In Recovery Sponsors: Dia and Co Thred UP Stitch Fix
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    Ep. 126 Live Free Collective Meditation


    This week we are releasing a bonus episode that we usually share only with our Live Free Collective Members.  In the non-diet world, it’s hard to get personal support and community on a regular basis. Like when you’re eating dinner and everyone is talking about their diet. Or at a baby shower and your great aunt is giving the mom to be tips for how to lose the baby weight. It can feel like you are the only one in the world who wants to stop dieting. It can be hard to take action after listening to our podcast because change doesn’t happen in isolation. Change happens with a community of support.  You need community because the community you are coming from is stuck in diet culture. You need a support system that is moving forward in the anti-diet world. You need to know that there are others working to stop weighting and show up exactly as they are.  When we do this work in community, we actually get results. That’s why we are launching the Live Free Collective, a membership where you can get the support and strength you need to leave diet culture behind and LIVE FREE.  Each month members have access to: An exclusive meditation they can access right on their phone Desktop and phone wallpapers that will keep you encouraged A downloadable workbook with journal prompts and mantras Access to group discussions Monthly Coaching call with Q & A Don't "WAIT" another moment to Live Free! Go to werenotweighting.com/livefreecollective to join.   
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    Ep. 125 Liberating Your Sex Life by Liberating Your Body with Guest Dr. Celeste Holbrook


    We are delighted to share our conversation with Dr. Celeste Holbrook this week. This episode addresses the effect purity culture has on our sex lives, our bodies, and our ability to be intimate.  GUEST INFO  Dr. Celeste Holbrook is a sexologist and speaker who helps her clients evolve into the women they were created to be, in and outside of the bedroom. She speaks on a variety of topics from sex drive and sexual shame to painful intercourse, purity culture, and more. Her mission is to provide safe spaces for people to talk about sex. You can find her teaching classes for The Velvet Box or at her website at www.drcelesteholbrook.com.  MENTIONS Sex Positive Families  SHOW SPONSORS Get Your Free Copy of our We’re Not Weighting Workbook  If you’re craving more freedom and peace in the midst of diet culture, our Live Free Collective is made for you. We created a monthly membership just for listeners of our podcast. You get a monthly coaching call with Tonya and Tracy, a supportive community of women who just like you are on their own their LIVE FREE Journey. Plus bonus downloads like mantra cards, phone wallpapers and backgrounds, and a monthly meditation. And it’s all available on your phone for $18 a month! To find out more, click here.
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    Ep. 124 The Eating Personalities


    Have you ever thought about what kind of eater you are?  We’ll dive into why this is a helpful piece of information for you as you recover your intuitive eater.  This episode is about the eating personalities, as defined in the Intuitive Eating book by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. They’ve identified some of the main types of approaches we have to eating in order for us to understand our subconscious way of feeding ourselves. Learning about what type of eating personality you often default to will help you from getting too hungry, from disconnecting with your body, or from missing your last bite threshold. This all is part of building interoceptive awareness.   MENTIONS Episode 120 Interoceptive Awareness  Episode 99 Health at Every Size    SHOW SPONSORS Just Thrive Probiotics - Get 15% off your first order using code: tonyabythespoonful Save the rejected produce! Get $10 off your first Hungry Harvest order. Enter code “TONYABEAUCHAINE” at checkout. Thred Up - Online Thrift Store : Get $20 off your first purchase or if you’re ready to sell, get free expedited processing on your first kit.   CTA Subscribe to our Newsletter to access your Intuitive Eating Assessment Scale Book a free 15-minute discovery call with Tonya  
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    Ep. 123 Using the enneagram to connect to your body with Erin Baute


    EPISODE NOTES This week we dive into all things Enneagram with expert Erin Baute! We are delighted to welcome her back to the show to discuss the intersection of the Enneagram and embodiment. If you’ve ever wondered how to connect with your body during recovery from diet culture, this is the episode for you!   GUEST INFO  Check out these offerings from Erin The Enneagram: Unlocking Your Potential (6-week group) The Enneagram at Work (4-week group with additional support) Connect with Erin Instagram II Website   SPONSORS Try Dia & Co, the at home styling service exclusively for plus size. Use this link for $25 off   Looking for your go-to shoe for fall? Check out Rothy's. Use this link for $20 off your purchase
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    Ep. 122 WTF is Body Image?


    Body image is something we talk about all the time, we see it online but do we really even know what that means? It’s hard to heal something or work on something that isn’t fully defined. We often equate it to just loving our body but it’s more layered than that. In this episode we will define for you what body image is, what the different aspects of it are and how you can work towards healing. SPONSORS Live Free Collective CBD Direct Online save 25% Thred Up $20 off your first purchase Send in your first kit
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    Ep. 121 Productivity Like a Vinyasa Flow with Dr. Brooke Smith


    We are delighted to share our conversation with productivity coach and mindfulness expert Dr. Brooke Smith. If you would like to learn more about how to tap into your productivity like a vinyasa flow, this episode is for you! Dr. Brooke also talks with us about her journey with learning about intuitive eating and body acceptance.    GUEST INFO  Brooke Smith, PhD is a productivity coach and mindfulness expert. She helps women entrepreneurs create a system of support and a sustainable structure for their businesses.  Brooke transforms personal and professional productivity through mindfulness with a focus on where entrepreneurs apply their energy. Women come to her feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled with too much to do and not enough support. She works with them in designing a life and workspace that allows for ease and spaciousness, while scaling their business and reintroducing enjoyment.    Brooke lives with her artist husband and two cats in Rochester, NY, where you can find them mountain biking on the local trails, playing board games, and eating curry tempeh tacos. Connect with Dr. Brooke Smith at drbrookesmith.com    SHOW SPONSORS Get $25 off your first Dia and Co style box using this link! Are you ready to stop waiting to live your life and start showing up exactly as you are? Schedule a free discovery call with us today! Subscribe to our Newsletter Follow Us: Instagram and share your "Wait, what?" moments with us. Have an idea for an upcoming episode? Let us know on our Facebook page.

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