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Select interviews from the Dan Bongino Radio Show from the past couple of weeks. Dan interviews Gen. Jerry Boykin, who was involved with the Black Hawk Down incident in Somalia. They discussed the terrible tactics in our pullout of Afghanistan. Dan talks with former Navy Seal Jocko Willink about leaving Americans behind in Afghanistan and the lack of accountability from leadership. Finally Dan talks with Pennsylvania Senate Candidate and former Infantry Captain who served in Afghanistan, about the botched withdrawal from that country and what we can expect to happen in the coming years.

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  • The Dan Bongino Show podcast

    This Is A Serious Crisis (Ep 1612)


    Explosive new information surfaces about the ongoing Hunter Biden scandal. In this episode I address the new information. I also discuss the troubling new information from the Arizona election audit.  News Picks: Did Hunter Biden try to shake down Libya too?  A leaked copy of the Arizona election audit has some interesting findings. Ten questions the Arizona audit could answer today. Did Biden’s National Security Advisor commit perjury? Even some Republicans participated in the Russia hoax. The communists at YouTube are censoring official government proceedings. Parents are taking their kids out of disastrous public schools. Why did the CDC remove language on masks from its guidance? Ron DeSantis strikes again. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
  • The Dan Bongino Show podcast

    Chaos Is Erupting Around The Globe As Mandates Take Effect (Ep 1611)


    The world is on fire, as protests erupt over vaccine mandates. In this episode I address the protests around the world, and the national security crisis in the United States. I also address the disturbing new proposal by the Biden administration to spy on your bank account.  News Picks: An important article from May that clearly shows the Obama administration fabricated the whole Russia hoax.  It’s way past time for a big tech breakup. Hamptons Howard Stern continues his descent into irrelevance. Hilarity ensued as residents of AOC’s district answer questions about taxes. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
  • The Dan Bongino Show podcast

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  • The Dan Bongino Show podcast

    Another Democrat Scandal Explodes (Ep 1610)


    Another Democrat scandal explodes, and the media can’t hide it. In this episode I address the troubling new information. I also discuss a new study showing that school lockdowns are abusing children.  News Picks: A troubling new study about the effects of school closures on mental health The FBI knew about the Hunter Biden emails in December of 2019. Clear data showing that the government is a destructive economic force.  Pathetic Kamala Harris piles on hard working Border Patrol agents after the fake “whip” scandal. An excellent piece about the masking of children in schools. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
  • The Dan Bongino Show podcast

    The Explosive New Detail In Clinton Collusion Indictment (Ep 1609)


    There’s an explosive new detail in the Clinton Collusion indictment that you must hear about. In this episode I address the troubling details. I also address the latest fake news scandal at the border.  News Picks: An explosive piece on the Spygate indictment that you must read. Where is Spygate prosecutor John Durham going from here? The media invents another fake news story about “whips” at the border. Historian says current times are equal to the Civil War. Footage shows AOC maskless and being waited on. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
  • The Dan Bongino Show podcast

    An Online Investigator Exposes A Troubling Connection (Ep 1608)


    An explosive connection found by an investigator I trust. In this episode I address the disturbing details. I also address latest poll showing Democrats are obsessed with living in fear.  News Picks: This Spygate piece from The Federalist is worth your time. The tax data about what the rich actually pay. Seven ways the Democrats are hiking taxes on the middle class. Even Bill Maher has caught on to the “the rich don’t pay their fair share” scam. Has AOC’s “tax the rich” dress designer paid taxes herself? Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
  • The Dan Bongino Show podcast

    The Bongino Brief - Sep 18, 2021


    We are in a Cold Civil War with the left.
  • The Dan Bongino Show podcast

    Is Hillary In Serious Trouble? Or Is This Another Headfake? (Ep 1607)


    Is Hillary Clinton in danger of being exposed in the Russian collusion hoax? In this episode, I address the troubling details. I also debunk Biden’s latest BS on taxes.  Tax the rich? We already do! The Michael Sussmann indictment explained.  Why is Joe Biden punishing Florida and restricting the distribution of monoclonal antibodies? Here’s the “Liberty Score” link discussed in the show. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
  • The Dan Bongino Show podcast

    Was Pelosi Involved In A Coup? (Ep 1606)


    The Mark Milley scandal explodes. Three questions that must be answered. The rebellion has begun. In this episode I also show video of people fighting back against leftist tyranny.  News Picks: Did Mark Milley go rogue? The evidence is damning.  Did Mark Milley tell military officials not to follow President Trump’s orders? Is the Durham probe heating up, or is this another headfake? Occupy Democrats suddenly supports evictions.  What’s in the Democrats’ pork spending plan? Biden hires a group to bring illegal immigrants back to the United States. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
  • The Dan Bongino Show podcast

    Did We Witness An Act Of Treason? (Ep 1605)


    Were the Democrats involved in a coup? Did Mark Milley commit treason? In this episode I address the disturbing evidence.  News Picks: New book claims Mark Milley betrayed the President.  “Defund the Police” squad members pay a lot for private security. Genealogist finds evidence Joe Biden’s family owned slaves.  Is the Biden Administration trying to shut down doctors prescribing antibodies? The polls look really bad for Biden. We don’t have a taxation problem, we have a spending problem. It’s not how much, but what you eat. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved
  • The Dan Bongino Show podcast

    A Shocking New Study About Covid Goes Viral (Ep 1604)


    A shocking new study about covid emerges, and it shakes up the Internet. In this episode I address the study and I breakdown the devastating effects of the coming Biden tax hikes News Picks: A news study shows that the covid hospitalization numbers can be misleading. Americans spent more on taxes than food, clothing and healthcare combined. Confiscating the wealth of all the country’s billionaires can’t pay for the Democrat’s spending plans. Here’s what the “rich” pay in taxes. The NY Times quietly deletes their ridiculous Hunter Biden claims. More than half of US states are fighting Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate. Democrats can’t possibly pay for their plans without taxing the middle class. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved

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