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SoleSavy co-founders Justin and DP deep dive into various sneaker topics.

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    Episode #88 - The Rarest Vintage Air Jordans, A Conversation With Curated Van


    On today's podcast, Marco and DP are joined by Tye Engmann a.k.a. CuratedVan to talk all things vintage Air Jordan 1. Find out about the details that make some '85 AJ1s better than the rest, what's next up on the vintage craze, how to get into collecting old retros and so much more!0:40 Share with us more about Curated Van7:18 What do you think that created the vintage AJ1 wave we’ve seen recently?11:51 How do the different factories impact the vintage AJ1 design?16:40 How did it feel like when you had someone famous ask you to find them sneakers?18:24 Where is the most surprising place that you have found sneakers?20:20 Has it gotten harder to source product now?21:50 Are there any shoes that you haven’t been able to get your hands on?26:09 Do a majority of your clients sole swap vintage Jordan 3 and 4s?31:50 What is sizing like for vintage AJ1?34:23 If you don’t want to invest in ‘85s, what other years would you recommend looking into?37:57 What are some of the other shoes that you are getting requests for? 45:20 What was up with the shadow with the red outsole?
  • The SoleSavy Podcast podcast

    Episode #87 - The Best Sneakers Dropping This Holiday Season


    On today's podcast, DP, Marco, and Anna give you a quick rundown of the hottest shoes to be dropping this Holiday season from the patent leather Bred Jordan 1 to the Salehe Bembury Crocs. Listen in as we give our hot takes on what's going to be the most innovative shoe this season.1:03 SoleSavy x Jordan Brand Collab4:11 Which sneaker are you most excited about from the Jordan Brand Winter Collection?14:38 What can people expect from the Jordan 11 “Cool Grey” release?20:00 Reactions to Off White x AJ2?22:58 Reactions to NOCTA x Nike Hot Step Air Terra?28:49 Halloween Sneaker Reactions?29:26 Salehe Bembury Crocs and New Balances Reactions31:20 Yeezy Knit Runner reactions? 
  • The SoleSavy Podcast podcast

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  • The SoleSavy Podcast podcast

    Episode #86 - Biggest Sneaker Storylines Of The 2021-22 NBA Season


    On today's podcast, DP, Marco, and Anna sit down to discuss the upcoming NBA season, what their biggest expectation is for this year, what really could be happening with Kobe's sneaker line and so much more!1:00 What is happening with the Kobe line?10:20 What are the big moves in sneaker deal signing this year?19:00 Who are you looking forward to the most seeing in Jordan 36 P.E.?29:05 If you are New Balance with Kawhi being out, do you find new talent or free agents?35:06 What are the expectations for the Zion signature shoe?38:08 Lamelo Ball being on Puma, is this their big break?41:30 Who do you think deserves a signature shoe next?
  • The SoleSavy Podcast podcast

    Episode #85 - Why NFTs Are The Future feat. Franalations


    On today's episode, DP is joined by OG sneakerhead Franalations, to talk all things NFT. Listen in as they discuss the most exciting things in the space, what would it be like if Nike ever joined, what is an NFT and so much more!0:50 What is your sneaker origin story?1:44 How many sneakers did you have at the peak?2:20 How did you make the jump into NFT’s?7:38 Is collecting NFT the same as collecting sneakers?10:00 What kind of NFT collector are you?13:20 Can I just buy any NFT and be rich tomorrow?18:32 What is gas and why is there a war?26:02 What brand do you think could jump into NFT’s soon?28:27 Tell us more about your NFT project31:35 What are some of your favorite NFT projects?
  • The SoleSavy Podcast podcast

    Episode #84 - Does more stock kill a sneakers hype?


    Michael Sykes (@MikeDSykes) joins DP to talk through some key questions around what increased stock does to a sneakers hype and how it impacts consumers decision making.
  • The SoleSavy Podcast podcast

    Episode #83 - Devonte' Graham Of The New Orleans Pelicans Talks Sneaker Rotation


    On today's episode, DP sits down with New Orleans Pelicans player Devonte' Graham, to talk all about what it's like to be a Jordan athlete, his love for the Air Jordan 1 low, how he feels about his trade and so much more!0:46 Why do you like to play in the Jordan 13?2:11 What is it like to play in your home state, with Michael Jordan as the owner of the team and being a Jordan athlete?3:37 Any advice that Jordan gave you that you want to share?4:42 Can you tell us a bit more about your Instagram pic of you with Jordan Diors?6:32 What kind of Jordan product do you get in a typical month?8:37 How do you store and display your sneakers?9:51 Why do you like such a variety of sneakers?12:48 Is there any shoe in your collection that holds a special memory?16:04 NCAA changed their rules on NIL recently, how do you feel about it?17:49 What are you most excited about being on the Pelicans?
  • The SoleSavy Podcast podcast

    Episode #82 - Outfitgrid Founder Dennis Todisco Talks Evolution of Streetwear


    On today's episode, DP sits down with Dennis Todisco, founder of @outfitgrid on Instagram to discuss his thoughts on where streetwear is going in the future, throwbacks to the early internet days, what it's like working for Instagram and so much more!0:28 How long do you feel like you’ve been a part of the culture?2:55 What did you learn from the early Internet forum days?6:45 What are you currently working on?9:12 What has been the biggest shift in streetwear and sneakers in the last few years?19:44 How did you get inspired to start Outfitgrid?24:50 What’s your sneaker collection like now?28:16 Tell us about your new show 
  • The SoleSavy Podcast podcast

    Episode #81 - Mikal Bridges Of The Phoenix Suns Talks Sneaker Rotation


    On today's episode, DP sits down with Phoenix Suns small forward, Mikal Bridges to talk about why he loves the KD's so much, what his favorite off-court sneaker is, what it was like to get so far in the postseason and so much more!0:31 What is your sneaker origin story?4:44 Do you usually wear your sneakers to the ground on the court?6:38 Why did you want to wear KD 13?9:05 What was the playoff run like this past year?11:43 What was the like getting that point in at .6 sec?13:55 What’s your sneaker style off the court?17:17 What sneaker are you thinking of wearing for next season?
  • The SoleSavy Podcast podcast

    Triple Stitch #09: Sasha Elina


    What's up, everyone? Welcome to Triple Stitch. Today we are joined by Sashà, Toronto-born stylist and creative behind the looks of your favorite artist and events from tour styling, television appearances, and the red carpet with roots planted both in LA and New York.0:40 Can you explain how your story began and how your styling has been influenced by your unique background?9:23 How has the sneaker game changed from growing up until now?12:32 What was it about the 2's that attracted you to them?19:50 Is the Jordan 2 still your favorite Jordan? And if you had to pick a top 3, which ones would it be and why?22:04 What was the most memorable part of your journey?32:43 Do you ever look at everything you're doing and think how did I get here?36:55 Is there a creative process that you go through to channel the right vibes? And what does that process look like?41:04 What are some new brands and recent sneaker drops that have really caught your eye?45:36 If you were a mood board, what would be on it?48:40 What is something that you can share with our listeners looking to follow in your footsteps in the world of styling and being creative?51:16 If you could have a dream group chat, who would be in it? Dead or alive.
  • The SoleSavy Podcast podcast

    Episode #80 - Lance Stephenson Has 5000 Pairs In His Sneaker Collection


    On today's episode, DP sits down with basketball player and sneakerhead, Lance Stephenson to discuss his love of sneakers, how big his collection is, why the Jordan 13 is his favorite Jordan model and so much more!1:26 Where did your love from sneakers start?3:49 Why does the Jordan 13 stand out to you?4:40 How big is your collection?6:22 What did your sneakers look like in high school?7:16 Why do you continue to play in streetball tournaments?9:06 Tell us about And 110:25 Who in the NBA is a good trash talker?10:59 What was the experience like playing in China?13:30 Which players do you think personify the NBA?15:12 Tell us about wearing a different Jordan retro every game in a season18:12 What comes next for you this summer?19:02 What are your most recent pickups?

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