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From lust to love, big time fuck-ups, late nights, and everything untched, this is the long awaited tell-all podcast from Riv and Elle. A unique perspective from two small-town girls taking it day by day in the Windy City, Chicago, Illinois. Join us as we overshare every juicy detail of the good and the bad, the lessons and the laughs, and our favorite part; the untched stories we get to share with you. Jump in and buckle up. Welcome to Untched Podcast.

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    Tis the Season for Seasonal Depression


    This week Riv and Elle tap into some pop culture. First, they have to address the Sex and the City reboot. All they have to say is "out of pocket." Getting into the episode, they chat about seasonal depression, which seems significantly worse this year. Can we all agree winter is a simulation? Riv and Elle share some things to brighten up the winter days. The takeaway is to go easy on yourself now more than ever. Lightening the mood, the girls are joined by meg, a fan favorite, to talk about queefing. Is it awkward? The short answer is no because hot girls queef. Farting, on the other hand, is a NO GO. The only thing worse than Disney couples is couples who fart around each other. Respectfully, stop. Your homework this week is to start Sex and the City if you haven't already, and don't forget to send UNTCHED to a friend! UNTCHED website: https://untched.com/ SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @rivers.smyth @elleggraves @outgettingribs
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    No Strings Attached


    Happy New year from UNTCHED! Riv and Elle kick off the first episode of the new year, chatting about their new year resolutions. Sometimes minor changes make the most significant impact. Moving into this week's topic, the girls talk about casual dating. Can it be done without hurting feelings? Riv and Elle think there is nothing wrong with casual relationships as long as you're not wasting anyone's time and motives are clear. Finally, the girls share some of their favorite no strings attached stories. The girls are so excited to spend this new year with all of you. UNTCHED website: https://untched.com/ SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @rivers.smyth @elleggraves
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    The DePaul Survival Guide


    This week Riv and Elle are joined by Meg, the unofficial cohost, to answer all of your DePaul questions. They chat about the cost of living in Chicago, safety measures, nightlife, DePaul's greek life, and so much more. Riv and Elle are officially DePaul's hardest-working employees. Someone get them on the payroll.  Write-in questions anonymously: https://untched.com SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @outgettingribs @rivers.smyth @elleggraves
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    UNTCHED Stories of the ER


    This week Riv and Elle chat with Meg about her 21st birthday weekend. They started at dive bars and ended in the emergency room. Emergency room aside, meg rates the weekend a solid 11/10, and the girls share all of the details in this episode. To finish off, they answer some listener questions. Should you f**k on the first date? Meg recommends vibrating and vibe writing. Burning questions? Write-in! UNTCHED website: https://untched.com/write-in SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @outgettingribs @rivers.smyth @elleggraves
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    Roommates from Hell


    This week Riv and Elle chat about roommate dynamics, the friends, the civil roommates, and the roommates from hell. First, the girls take it back to when they first started living together. Then, they share some worries they had moving in with someone who at the time was a complete stranger. Riv and Elle figured out the whole roommate situation fast and share tips on avoiding becoming or living with the roommate from hell. Elle thinks she cracked the code, and it all comes back to the food in the fridge. Finally, the girls share a listener's story and wonder, "is it manipulation or love"? UNTCHED website: https://untched.com/ SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @rivers.smyth @elleggraves
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    Finally Legal


    Happy Birthday, Riv! The girls keep it light-hearted this week and share some funny stories, but first throwback to the coffee man. Riv and Elle finally discover the true reason behind the rejection, and it's all full circle. Next, they share the ultimate morning poke story, and when it's time to stop trying with a guy when you aren't getting the same energy in return. Finally, to kick off Riv's birthday week, Riv and Elle share the infamous Miami story. Last year, the girls took a spontaneous birthday trip to Miami, and SURPRISE got into a screaming fight. This time it wasn't in an intimate NYC restaurant but a packed Miami club. The night ended with them back on each other's team but telling 1 hotel that their "lawyers" would shut down the establishment. Don't ask questions.  WRITE-IN on UNTCHED website: https://untched.com/ OR FIND US on SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @rivers.smyth @elleggraves
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    Home for the Holiflames


    Happy Thanksgiving and happy blackout Wednesday! The girls kick off this week chatting about their Thanksgiving plans and go to hangover remedies, so you're up and ready to enjoy Thanksgiving. Next, Riv and Elle answer a listener question "My best friend got a boyfriend and won't hang out with me anymore. What should I do?" Back to regularly scheduled programming, as Riv likes to say. This week is all about going home for the holidays. It's time to get ready to see everyone from high school, even the old flames. Riv and Elle share rules you all should adopt this year on blackout Wednesday. Rule number one: don't blackout. They then chat about whether or not you should reconnect with your hometown flame.  WRITE-IN anonymous questions for next week: https://untched.com/ SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @rivers.smyth @elleggraves
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    Clout Chaser Confessions


    This week the girls chat about clout chasers, aka them. The girls were freshmen living in a big city but small dorm room and chowing down on dining hall food every day. Unsure of themselves, there was a desire to get recognized by the rich and famous even if the attention didn't last long. They had big dreams of becoming famous for God knows what and decided to start chasing that clout. Looking back on that phase, Riv and Elle aren't exactly proud but share a few painfully stupid but funny stories they got along the way. They almost got pulled out of school for going on a tour bus? With the stories comes major life lessons the girls think you all should hear. While fame and money can be attractive, it's not all that it seems to be. Riv and Elle explain how clout is often used in a manipulative way, and intentions aren't always pure. Lastly, the girls dissect more listener texts, and this week, we have a brutally honest guy totally dissing the nice guy act.  UNTCHED website: https://untched.com/ SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @rivers.smyth @elleggraves
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    Stop Breaking Your Own Heart


    Do the nice guys in your life always finish last? Are you constantly caught up with toxic men? If so, This episode is for you. The Girls discuss toxic relationships and why some people find toxicity so attractive. First, Riv and Elle dive into the true meaning of 'toxic' and why it's not something to brag about. Let's all mutually agree to QUIT romanticizing toxicity. Next, the girls explain why so many people settle for toxic relationships. It's not them. It's you. Stop breaking your own heart. Finally, Riv and Elle answer a listener question and wonder, is love enough? Anonymously write-in! UNTCHED website: https://untched.com/ OR find us on socials: @untchedpodcast @rivers.smyth @elleggraves
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    Can We Really Just Be Friends?


    Happy Friday! This week the Riv and Elle kick off the episode sharing some of their favorite style tips to achieve a timeless wardrobe. On the topic of style, the girls touch on dressing for the "male gaze." The girls then talk about guy friends and the boundaries you should set to maintain those friendships. Finally, Riv and Elle introduce the text decipher segment where a listener sends in some confusing texts, and the girls try to find the meaning behind it all. This week Riv and Elle detect a sly booty call and a f*ck boy trying to sell the nice guy act.  Send in questions for next week on the UNTCHED website: https://untched.com/write-in or find us on SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @rivers.smyth @elleggraves

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