The Modern Farmsteads Podcast podcast

The Modern Farmsteads Podcast

Christina Manning Lebek

The Modern Farmsteads podcast - follow us (Christina and Jochen) as we talk about how we are transforming our family home into a modern farmstead, interview expert guests about all you ever wanted to know about gardening, vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, raised beds, the environment, and so much more, take your questions, and share our triumphs, challenges and takeaways!

15 Episodes

  • The Modern Farmsteads Podcast podcast

    Episode 14 - Buying land along the Front Range from a real estate agent


    If, like so many people, you've wondered about buying a small farm, a property that would allow you to garden more, or even land to develop into a farmstead, there is nobody better than a real estate pro who also owns a farmstead and has helped many others realize their property dreams. Nick Dunbar owns Sunny Acres Farm north of Boulder, and knows all there is to know about buying land or a farmstead along the Front Range!  
  • The Modern Farmsteads Podcast podcast

    Episode 13 - Grow what you Love with Emily Murphy


    This week we had the chance to talk with Emily Murphy, the author of Grow what you Love about why and how gardening can bring joy to every area of your life, serve the planet and the environment, plus awesome seed and plant tips and invaluable pointers on soil health. Emily was featured as a guest on the Today Show, and also has an amazing blog at
  • The Modern Farmsteads Podcast podcast

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  • The Modern Farmsteads Podcast podcast

    Episode 12 - Winter is Coming


    What do you do when you have a sudden cold front move in but your garden isn't done for the season? How can you extend your growing season even without a greenhouse? Are there easy ways to keep growing into the cold months, and what can you grow as the days get shorter and the temperatures drop? Join us as we talk about our adventures dealing with freak snow storms in September and how to transition into winter as gardeners!
  • The Modern Farmsteads Podcast podcast

    Episode 11 - Canning 101 with a Guru


    Join us as we talk with Marisa McClellan, author of several beloved and respected books about canning and preserving food as we talk about recipes, basics of food preservation, methods, tips, and more!
  • The Modern Farmsteads Podcast podcast

    Episode 10 - Gardening with Kids


    Gardening with kids can be incredibly rewarding for the whole family as well as impart important values, skills, and memories to our children. But it can also be challenging. We've been gardening with our kids since our oldest was two years old - join us as we talk about simple tips, our experiences, our successes and failures with our own kids (who, as you'll find out, have opinions on the issue).
  • The Modern Farmsteads Podcast podcast

    Episode 9 - Farm to Table Chef talks about flavor pairings and Colorado Cuisine


    This week Cordon Bleu trained chef Grant Buchanan from GB Culinary and Peach Tree Farmstead is joining us to share about his culinary background and practice, local organic food, Colorado cuisine, starting a farm, and some very delicious suggestions.
  • The Modern Farmsteads Podcast podcast

    Episode 8 - The Episode All About Pollinators


    Join us as we learn together about bees, honey bees, native bees, wasps, pollinators, how to include them in your garden plan and design, and how to protect them in small and big ways from our own gardens (no matter how big or small) to policy we can help get passed.
  • The Modern Farmsteads Podcast podcast
  • The Modern Farmsteads Podcast podcast

    Episode 7 - Xeriscaping and Native Plants


    Join us as we have the joy and privilege of talking to Gary Meiss, head grower at Boulder's Harlequin Gardens, our local zero chemicals, native plants centric nursery and Colorado's own modern Henry David Thoreau as we learn about xeric planting, water retention, soil preparation, native plants and a lot of wisdom along the way.
  • The Modern Farmsteads Podcast podcast

    Episode 6 - Raised beds tips, tricks and hacks


    Raised beds - everybody wants them, and they have so much to offer the residential gardener. But how do you build them, what are the right materials, and how do you make them work for you? Join us as we talk about our experience and offer suggestions to set you up for success!

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