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Alex Light

Fancy seeing you here! Welcome to The Light Show with me, Alex Light. This podcast will dive into topics that mean a lot to me - confidence, body image, beauty and self-acceptance. Ready to start loving the skin you're in? You're in the 'Light' place! (Did you get that? Did you love it? I did. Very proud)

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  • The Light Show podcast

    Q&A with Dave


    He's back! By popular request, Dave returns to the pod and he's answering your questions - we talk about his opinion of body image pressures on women AND men, how to make sure you stay true to yourself while dating and the best ways to help a loved one through hardship. It gets deep, so strap in! The Light Show is produced and edited by Daisy Grant.
  • The Light Show podcast

    “All eating is emotional eating” with Laura Thomas PhD


    Hello! In this episode, I talk to the legendary Laura Thomas PhD. If you’re on the journey to eliminate diet culture from your life, chances are, you would’ve come across Laura and her BRILLIANT book Just Eat It. We chat about intuitive eating and spend some time busting some common myths and misconceptions through the questions you guys sent in, thank you! We emphasise, as ever, the importance of self-compassion, and we hope it gives you permission to be gentle with yourself. You’ll find Laura on Instagram @laurathomasph and @bub.appetit You can buy her book Just Eat It here: She discusses emotional eating on this podcast episode: More information on her practice can be found here: The Light Show is produced and edited by Daisy Grant
  • The Light Show podcast

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  • The Light Show podcast

    The power of therapy with Amy… part two!


    Last time I spoke to Amy, I thought she had made peace with her body and with food. It turns out… that wasn’t the case! After we last spoke, and during the pandemic, Amy recognised that her relationship with food wasn’t quite as ‘normal’ as she wanted to believe. We discuss the nuances of eating disorder recovery and the complicated comfort that can come from having an eating disorder. Inevitably, this episode does contain discussions of eating disorders which may be triggering. Follow Amy on Instagram @heyamylouise The Light Show is produced and edited by Daisy Grant
  • The Light Show podcast

    Reclaiming your weight gain with Kenzie Brenna


    This episode is with one of my favourite Instagrammers, Kenzie Brenna! She talks about her role on social media as someone who shows an alternative to diet culture while never preaching that her view is the only way. We discuss the power of community, meditation and sensitivity. She explains how she’s learnt to pick her battles, and avoid in-fighting with those who ultimately want the same things as she does.    You can follow Kenzie on Instagram @kenziebrenna or listen to her podcast, Conversations With Kenzie, on all podcast platforms. The Light Show is produced and edited by Daisy Grant.
  • The Light Show podcast

    Contentment is the key to happiness with Emma Kenny


    This week, I chat to psychologist, writer and presenter Emma Kenny. You might recognise Emma from ITV’s This Morning as their resident psychologist. She has had her fair share of controversy in the media, but our focus for this episode was the power of mindfulness and how it can used as a tool for empowerment and happiness. Emma talks about how the capitalist, western system of living is failing individuals and ultimately leaving us unfulfilled. Emma is the founder of the new health and wellbeing social media app, Appy.  You can find out more about Emma through her website, and follow her on Twitter @emmakennytv The Light Show is produced and edited by Daisy Grant
  • The Light Show podcast

    Empathy and patience with dietitian Bethany Francois


    Hi everyone! In this episode, I talk to the brilliant Bethany Francois. We discuss what it takes to be a dietitian who specialises in eating disorder recovery. Beth seizes the opportunity and the mic to debunk myths about food groups, metabolism and, of course, diets. We cover the importance of one’s relationship to food and how there is simply no such thing as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods. She emphasises that no-one is a lost cause when it comes to their relationship to food, and I hope this episode teaches you something that can positively impact yours!   You can follow Beth on Instagram @theeddietician The Light Show is produced and edited by Daisy Grant
  • The Light Show podcast

    Accepting love when you're struggling to love yourself with Alicia McCarvell


    This week, I chat to TikTok superstar Alicia McCarvell! I was so excited to get her on the pod – she is bold and brave and not afraid to speak her mind. We discuss the role shame plays in society’s treatment of fat women, from the boring, boxy styles of clothes designed for them, to the way strangers make cruel assumptions and judgements about them. Alicia talks about finding compassion for those who make the assumptions as well as for those who are subject to them. She describes having made a pact with herself to NEVER miss out on things for fear of what others think. Life is for living, and Alicia is certainly living hers! You can find her on TikTok and Instagram @aliciamccarvell The Light Show is produced and edited by Daisy Grant
  • The Light Show podcast

    The impact of the modelling industry with Taylah Roberts


    This week, I chat to the wonderful Taylah Roberts. Taylah is a former model (now brilliant photographer, check out her work @naturetonurturephotography on Instagram) whose teenage years and early twenties were marred by the influence of the fashion industry. Taylah was encouraged to obsess over and control the size of her body, as if this were a necessary part of pursuing the career of her dreams. This unfortunately and somewhat inevitably led to Taylah developing an eating disorder. I was shocked to hear about the lengths her employers went to to keep her so small, not to mention all of the people backstage who enabled this abusive behaviour. Taylah is a ray of sunshine and I feel so honoured that she wanted to share her story on The Light Show. Heads up, this episode does contain discussions about eating disorders which may be triggering to some.  You can find Taylah on Instagram @taylahroberts1 The Light Show is produced and edited by Daisy Grant
  • The Light Show podcast

    Tackling weight stigma with Natasha Larmie AKA Fat Doctor UK


    Dr Natasha Larmie is the people’s advocate! Natasha is a HAES (health at every size), weight-inclusive GP who uses her platform on social media to educate and inform about the rampant weight stigma within medicine. We talk about imposter syndrome, reclaiming the word ‘fat,’ mental health and your rights as a patient. Natasha provides us with some handy, practical tips on how to deal with weight stigma and HAES; links below. Follow Natasha @fatdoctoruk on Instagram, and her website is HAES Health Sheets link: Natasha’s blog post on how to advocate for yourself as a patient: The Light Show is produced and edited by Daisy Grant
  • The Light Show podcast

    We’re back! Series 2 is here…


    Welcome back, everyone! I am incredibly excited to share the second series of The Light Show with you! I’ve got a brilliant line up of guests, and I know you’ll love listening to our conversations as much as I loved having them. Keep your eyes and ears peeled, because the first episode is coming VERY soon…

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