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The Coolest, Cheapest Gym Membership - GymBros NFT NFT's are going to disrupt business

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"NFT's will change business like the app store changed apps." Lyndon Holzheimer
Fitness is no exception and think about where your place will be in the world of NFTs.
I love seeing people choose the uncommon path and win!
This conversation with Freezma (link to his channel) founder of gymbrosnft will get you thinking creatively about how creating your own NFT could work.
We dive into how he got into crypto and NFT's and bouncing back from tough times.
Freezma shares the process for building his Gym NFT, how they chose the art and the whole process.
We also dive deep into the GymBros community and the social impact that NFT's could have on gym culture as this model grows.
Drop a comment if this helped you get clearer on why NFT's matter and any questions that come up for you.
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