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The Downeys Dig It!

The Downey Family

Our family-friendly pop-culture pod features adult & kid voices chatting about the things we love to watch, read, play, and listen to!

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  • The Downeys Dig It! podcast

    Ep. 7 - The Downeys Dig Legend of Korra (B.2Eps.1-4)


    It's been a while! Before we dig into what we remember from the opening eps of Korra Book 2, we reflect on what's been keeping us so busy this fall. Bonus: Clark walks us through some calming techniques for kids and adults, alike! Enjoy!
  • The Downeys Dig It! podcast

    Ep. 6 - The Downeys Dig The Legend of Korra (B.1 Eps. 9-12)


    School is back in session, but that didn't stop us from sitting down to discuss the end of LoK Season 1! The kids break down where the characters end up and discuss the themes of "family secrets" and "loss." We can't wait to dive right into Season 2 because we love watching Korra learn, grow, and change.
  • The Downeys Dig It! podcast

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  • The Downeys Dig It! podcast

    Ep. 5 - The Downeys Dig The Legend of Korra (B1.Eps.5-8)


    Wowzers, LoK has really got our heads spinning! Join us as we recap these 4 super exciting episodes. We learn a lot about characters' love lives, and you'll learn how the Downey kids feel about the show's romantic elements and the greater mysteries the story continues to explore. Lin Beifong will be our Chief of Police 4Ever!
  • The Downeys Dig It! podcast

    Ep. 4 - The Downeys Dig The Legend of Korra (B1Eps.1-4)


    The Legend of Korra continues the cycle of the Avatar, and we've never seen it! Follow along as we recap, reflect, and wonder about the continuing adventures of our favorite fictional friends - old & new! In this episode, we cover Book 1, Episodes 1-4.
  • The Downeys Dig It! podcast

    Mini Convo 1: Ramona Digs Rainbow Loom


    Ramona really loves to create with her Rainbow Loom, and she wants you to know about it.
  • The Downeys Dig It! podcast

    Ep. 3 - The Downeys Dig Video Games


    We're new to video games over here. Listen to R&C explain why they're fun, and their mom fumble through a conversation about which she knows very little. We focus on the Nintendo Switch, and Ramona's new online gaming interest - Team Fight Tactics. Plus, we announce plans for our first regular podcasting series, starting later this month!
  • The Downeys Dig It! podcast

    Ep. 2 - The Downeys Dig Chapter Books


    Listen in as Clark, Ramona & their mom answer listener questions and discuss TWO chapter book recommendations to keep your imagination going during long days at home - Wings of Fire and The Magic Treehouse!
  • The Downeys Dig It! podcast

    Ep. 1 - The Downeys Dig Avatar: The Last Airbender


    LONG AGO, THE FOUR NATIONS LIVED TOGETHER IN HARMONY...THEN, EVERYTHING CHANGED WHEN THE FIRE NATION ATTACKED. ONLY THE AVATAR, MASTER OF ALL FOUR ELEMENTS, COULD STOP THEM, BUT WHEN THE WORLD NEEDED HIM MOST, HE VANISHED. Join us for a little convo about one of our family's favorite TV shows. We provide some background, discuss the story's conflict, main characters, and themes. We give this show 10 out of 10 cups of Uncle Iroh's tea, and we hope we take our word for it...this show is awesome!
  • The Downeys Dig It! podcast



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