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The DewSweepers

Just a group of five degenerate golfers having a laugh

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  • The DewSweepers podcast

    MAD Hatter Recap


    This week we have the whole gang together for some unfiltered talk about the MAD Hatter. While the pod may have lacked timeliness, it doesn't lack vivid storytelling and ultimate battering between the guys. Enjoy!
  • The DewSweepers podcast

    Mad Hatter Preview


    This week we are missing Kam as he is preparing to host all of us degenerates at Sweetens this weekend. We really just fire from the hip in this super raw episode as we are all stoked to get down to Tennessee we really couldn't think about anything else! Enjoy!
  • The DewSweepers podcast

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  • The DewSweepers podcast

    Delayed Release


    This week we have a special episode for you. Since the boys were busy all week and we didn't want to leave you guys hanging, we recorded this episode last week. I know that the takes my be exposed since they are old, but we hope that you guys enjoy!
  • The DewSweepers podcast

    Laboring on Labor Day


    This weeks podcast is a day late and a dollar short, from last week. Dean and Austin were out of town, so it was just Kam, Tom, and John discussing the semi final round in the Fed-Ex Cup, as well as this weeks upcoming F1 race in the Netherlands. We rounded out the episode with some picks for The Slewbanger. Next episode the gang will be back together, so prepare for some shit slinging headed Austin's way!
  • The DewSweepers podcast



    This week we have the full crew together. We start with some Northern Trust talk before making some picks for the remaining FedEx Cup Playoff events. This episode does feature some F1 talk but since we are still on summer break there is not much to cover. Don't worry, that ends this week as we have a race on Sunday morning. Before closing out the episode, we make our additions to The SlewBanger. Enjoy!
  • The DewSweepers podcast

    Soccer Isn't An Olympic Sport


    This week's episode has little to do with golf. With Kam taking the week off to tend to personal matters, the gang discusses the olympics for a solid 80% of the episode. This is what to expect as we enter the dark days of golf AKA the winter so we hope you enjoy this little preview as to what it will be like. Don't worry, we still make our picks for The SlewBanger and hope you enjoy Austin's in particular. Enjoy!
  • The DewSweepers podcast

    F1 Week


    This week we are missing Dean and Austin which means that it is all F1 talk. The guys touch on golf for maybe 5 minutes so we hope that you are enjoying the F1 talk. Look forward to the guys streaming their own F1 races and be sure to let us know if that is something that you want to see! Enjoy!
  • The DewSweepers podcast

    The Band is Back Together


    This week we have the 5 of us together for the first time in over a month. We start the episode off with some Open talk and then move into a deep conversation about a possible match between John and Kam. As per usual lately, we have our F1 talk of the week and it feels like this segment keeps getting longer and longer. We then wrap up the episode with some picks for The SlewBanger.
  • The DewSweepers podcast

    The Open Preview


    We dive right in on this weeks podcast with our predictions on this seasons final major, The Open. The Match from last week is discussed, and wether or not Kam could make it on any tour with a year and unlimited budget to prepare. The episode is rounded out with talk on this weeks F1 race at Silverstone, the new format, and our picks for The Slewbanger playlist!
  • The DewSweepers podcast

    What If They Both Win?


    This week we have the whole crew together for a banger. We recap the little golf that we watched last weekend to start and follow that up with our preview for this week's tournament. John almost makes a deal with the devil but thankfully realizes before he agrees. Our newest segment, F1 talk, helps us wrap up the episode before we make our weekly additions to The SlewBanger. Enjoy!

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