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Anna Bey is an internationally renowned lifestyle and personal development educator and owner of the online finishing school, School of Affluence. She's been featured in numerous television and in print interviews, where she's shared her message of upscale feminine empowerment and the value of goal achievement. Known for her YouTube channel (also called School of Affluence), Anna enthusiastically imparts her knowledge from experience and ongoing research to her audience of over 721,000 subscribers. Seeking a less formal platform to further connect on a more raw level with her students and viewers, Anna is delighted to open up about her life, interests, and challenges to her podcast family. When she's not creating or researching her learning programs, Anna enjoys traveling the world with her partner, keeping a healthy self-care routine while having an occasional glass of Ruinart Blanc de blanc.

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  • The Anna Bey Podcast podcast

    20. This Mindset Shift Will Change Your Life! With Susie Moore


    Stop making your life to be harder than it has to be! Yes, you're overcomplicating things. In fact, we all do it (including myself!) But there is a way of stopping this bad behavior once and for all and en up living a peaceful, happy life instead.  Susie Moore has cracked this code and she will be sharing this method in today's episode. Susie is a Life coach, author and advice columnist. Her work has been featured on the Today show, Oprah, Business Insider, CNN, Forbes, Time inc, Marie Claire just to name a few.  She has also written her 3rd book called "Let it be Easy" (Available on Amazon: We will be discussing her book in today's episode, so make sure you grab yourself a copy and start implementing the Let it be Easy philosophy!  To find out more about Susie, visit  --------------------------------------------------------------   Thank you for subscribing to the podcast and leaving a review!    To register for my FREE Workshop "10 Brutal Mistakes That Show You're Not Elegant"    To get more information on how you can work together with me:    Anna Bey on Instagram:   
  • The Anna Bey Podcast podcast

    19. Elegance Mistakes That Need To Stop Once And For All!


    Plus, a lesson in compassion, understanding and stop getting so offended for absolutely everything!  To Join the waitlist of the A-List app my brand new private members' club, visit:
  • The Anna Bey Podcast podcast

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  • The Anna Bey Podcast podcast

    18. 5 Times Socializing Changed My Life!


    3 Days Left To Join The-Alist Private Members' Club!
  • The Anna Bey Podcast podcast

    17. Q&A Chit Chat - Answering your burning questions!


    In today's episode I'm answering your questions that you have asked me on Instagram! And if you would like to learn about building relationships and improving your socialising skills, then make sure you register for my LIVE webinar by visiting to get access to Part 4 of my FREE miniseries, where I'm also going to do the BIG reveal of what it is that I've been secretly working on behind the scenes! 
  • The Anna Bey Podcast podcast

    16.How To Be Elegant Online: What Gives Away Your True Class


    Find out what really makes a person elegant on the internet! Is it about not posing in bikini pictures? Or posting when you're drunk? Or is there something else that tend to be forgotten in the harsh society that we live in? Find out in today's podcast episode! Don't forget to register for to get access to my Socializing Secrets Mini-Series that's starting Thursday April 29th! Ladies, don't miss as it's a brand new, FREE event that I'm hosting over the next days. Now is the time to improve our social skills so that we meet new people, as summer is right around the corner!
  • The Anna Bey Podcast podcast

    15. How I Dealt With A Crisis: My Youtube Channel Got Hacked & Deleted!


    My Youtube channel was hacked & deleted this week. You might have seen the name "Ripple" on Youtube. If yes, then that might have been my channel when the hackers broke in.  In today's episode I'm spilling the details of this drama and stressful time. I'm also sharing exactly how I was managing this crisis, and what cyber security precautions every person must take! Don't forget to re-subscribe to my Youtube if you unsubscribed during this event: Thank you all for your love and support, especially during this difficult time!
  • The Anna Bey Podcast podcast

    14. No More Imposter Syndrome: Feel Elegant, Confident & At Ease In High Society


    Do you feel like you don't deserve to upgrade yourself & your life?  Do you feel like you’re just pretending to be an elegant lady & soon everyone is going to find out? Do you have the feeling that you don’t belong in the affluent community? Or do you feel you're not good enough for the man who’s born into wealth just because you’re not? Your head might be spinning of all kinds of imposter thoughts, but one thing that is for sure and that's that most of us have felt like imposters at some point in our lives! It's normal. It's human.  But you don't have to have these thoughts as they have nothing to do with reality. So in today's podcast episode, we're going to go in depth on imposter syndrome in relation to elegance, affluence & your level up journey.  After this episode you're going to have a clear understanding on how your mind play tricks with you, so don't miss! In this episode you will also learn: How to get rid of imposter syndrome once and for all, how to get into high-society, what affluent people really talk about, how to manage jealous friends, how to manage snobbish people, how to feel good enough for men who were born into wealth... And much more! -------- Share your experience with the imposter syndrome on my Instagram account: I also have a FREE Gift to you: A Cheatsheet with over 200 places where you can meet and mingle with the Elite! Go to to download your freebie today! -------- Thank you for listening! If you enjoy the podcast, subscribe and leave a review - that would mean the world to me
  • The Anna Bey Podcast podcast

    13. The Comeback: How I'm Returning Stronger Than Ever After My Struggle


    The last 6 months were tough! Today I'm going to talk about how I went through this difficult time and what has been going on since my last podcast episode! ----- Don't forget to check out my new FREE quiz! It's to help you understand what's your networking personality type, as this way you will gain more clarity to know how to resolve some of the obstacles that might be hindering your abilities to socialise effectively. Go to:  ----- Thank you for subscribing, leaving a review & visiting the official podcast Instagram account for a discussion of today's episode:   
  • The Anna Bey Podcast podcast

    5 Easy Ways To Move To A New Country Without Feeling The Overwhelm


    Do you want to pack up your life & test the waters somewhere new, fresh and exciting? Do you feel overwhelmed just by the thought of it even though deep down you're craving that change? It all feels so complicated, but who knows, maybe you're missing out on your greatest opportunity? You'll only find out if you try... This is exactly how I felt when I left my home country Sweden once and for all when I re-located to live abroad. It was the best decision I could ever do, because it changed my life forever (for the better!). In today's episode I will break down my story of living in many different countries and share with you my best tips that will remove any form of overwhelm!    Watch my latest video "How To Look Elegant Without Looking Boring!"   Follow my personal life on Instagram:   Thank you for supporting my podcast my subscribing & leaving a review. I love you all my dear elegant ladies, with love, Anna
  • The Anna Bey Podcast podcast

    I Went To A Detox & Weight-Loss Retreat For 2 weeks


    How much weight did I lose? What treatments did I do? What worked and what didn't? Find out in today's episode! It's all about my honest review of Lanserhof medical retreat where I spent 2 weeks in November 2020.    Learn How to walk Elegantly in heels in my FREE deportment lesson:  Find out what's your Elegant Style personality quiz:    Thank you all for your love & support!     

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