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49. The Greatest Series Finales Ever

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Wrapping up a television show comes with a lot of pressure - particularly if it's had a significant run, and is widely loved. Even still, some shows have just really gotten it right. We're talking about some of the best series finales ever made. Will you agree with our takes? Plus, we have some recommendations for what you should be watching this week.

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    59. Overrated/Underrated Movies: Holiday Edition


    This week, we're doing our favourite "Overrated/Underrated" segment, but we're making it a whole episode long, AND it's entirely holiday movie themed - it's the (Christmas) gift that keeps on giving. Join us as we talk about some of our personal favourite movies of the season that we hope will become yours too...and of course, a few season regulars that we think should be retired. Plus, that Will Ferrell/Adam Mckay feud, and a new Magic Mike coming to theatres.
  • Screen Queens podcast

    58. Where can James Bond go from here?


    The Daniel Craig era have bond has come to an end. We’re talking about the final instalment, No Time to Die, where the franchise can go from here, our favourite versions of 007 and who should be next. Plus, what we’re watching this week.
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    57. Kristen Stewart in "Spencer"


    The much anticipated "not exactly a biopic", Spencer, is out in theatres and we have some thoughts. We're discussing whether the Pablo Larrain film about the late Princess of Wales is worth the attention and Oscar buzz it's been getting. Of course we have some opinions on Kristen Stewart's performance in the lead role as well. Plus, the new "Pam and Tommy" trailer and what we're watching this week.
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    56. Is the Gay Reality Show "Tampa Baes" Worth Watching?


    Tampa Baes is the most recent contribution to queer reality tv - if you hadn't guessed by the name, it focuses on the dramatic friendships and love lives of lesbians (the baes) in Tampa Bay, Florida. We're giving our thoughts on whether this is "trash" television worth bingeing, or just simply "trash" and skipping. Plus, our ideas for the Canadian version of Tampa Baes, the new "Being the Ricardo's" trailer, and what we're watching this week.
  • Screen Queens podcast

    55. Should Straight Actors Play Gay Roles?


    Should straight actors be allowed to play gay characters in TV and film? It’s a question coming up more and more, but still seems to be somewhat of a gray area. We’ll be getting into it on this week’s episode. Plus, what we’re watching, an update on House of Gucci and Oscar campaigns.
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    54. Movies that Scarred Us for Life


    We're talking about the movies that caused us personal emotional damage as children. Warning: memories will be unlocked in this one. Ever seen Watership Down? We feel for you. Do you remember some of the movies that scarred you as a kid? Tune in to see if yours makes our list! Plus, our thoughts on Dune, and what we're watching this week.
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    53. Who is the Official "Screen Queen of Halloween"?


    Tune into today’s episode to find out who the official screen Queen of Halloween is, as determined by your Screen Queen experts (us), through a very official bracket challenge. The final winner might not be who you think! Plus, Keanu Reeves social media scams and an update on whether Drew Barrymore is really as nice as we think.
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    52. We need to talk about 'The Drew Barrymore Show'


    Celebrity guests, therapy sessions, Price is Right style games, cooking segments, and…stain removal? These are few things you might see on The Drew Barrymore Show, which is currently in its second season and while we can't deny the absolute chaos that it brings, we also can't deny the heartwarming charm of its popular host. We're talking about the highs and lows of the talk show, plus our thoughts on the new Scream trailer, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, AND what we're watching this week.
  • Screen Queens podcast

    51. What Makes Squid Game So Good?


    It's official -"Squid Game" has taken over our televisions and Instagram feeds. This week we are diving into Netflix's latest sensation to determine whether we think it's worth the hype. Plus what we are watching this week, which includes on update on one of our "must-see" Fall prospects.
  • Screen Queens podcast

    50. Drunk Trivia Part 3


    Drunk Trivia is back in celebration of our 50th episode! Our guest host this time around is our dear friend, Christy Farrell. Grab your beverage and come play with us. Plus, a special bonus round.

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