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Hi, welcome to Scorpio Rising! If you are someone who is focused on different ways to be more productive and healthier mentally and physically, you have come to the right place! In this show, Nicky Scorpio takes a look at mental health and wellness in the world of entertainment and entrepreneurialism. Nicky is a singer, songwriter, producer, and activist who was raised in a very diverse upbringing, and in this podcast, he will speak from a place of inclusivity and connectivity, All are welcomed in this community and we look forward to connecting and sharing and growing together.

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  • Scorpio Rising podcast

    How to Build Your Brand in 2021 with Dr. Robyn Graham


    I had the privilege to speak with Dr. Robyn Graham about what branding REALLY looks like in 2021 and 2022. If you are looking to connect with a coach, teacher and mentor, now is the time! Having a coach and someone in your community who can help you map out your vision is the smartest investment you can make. What did you learn from this episode? Let me know!
  • Scorpio Rising podcast

    What is Misophonia and how is it effecting you with Tom Dozier


    What is Misophonia? Well, it is more common than you might realize and today I was honored to have Tom Dozier on Scorpio Rising to discuss this common occurrence and how to help ourselves and others thrive who are sensitive and get triggered by everyday sounds. Please share this episode with others to increase awareness of Misophonia. For more information please check out these resources. email: links: 
  • Scorpio Rising podcast

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  • Scorpio Rising podcast

    Please, Process Your Emotions


    Hi! As someone who was recently diagnosed with depression, I thought it would be important to discuss this topic since many of us are dealing with it now more than ever. It's not a scary thing. Here is the documentary "Wisdom of Trauma" check to see when it's showing next.
  • Scorpio Rising podcast

    Congratulations, You're Weird


    Hi! Have you ever felt like you don't fit in with society? Well, it might be the greatest gift you're given in this lifetime, and in this episode, we're going to talk about why.  
  • Scorpio Rising podcast

    How To Understand Your Enemy


    Hi! I say enemy light-hearted, but in society, we are now more focused on cancelling than respecting and understanding. I have seen more division now than ever on social media and I want to take a quick dive into this conversation for anyone interested in improving our society as a whole We Win Together!
  • Scorpio Rising podcast

    You forgot You Are Magic


    Our words are powerful. Our thoughts create our world. We are powerful beings. I want to remind you of that the same way people remind me. It's time to access the part of you that maybe you forgot you had access to.
  • Scorpio Rising podcast

    A New Way to Love


    If you are looking for a new perspective on how to give and receive LOVE turn this up. A new look at why we argue with our families and people we love and care about and how to resolve it.  
  • Scorpio Rising podcast

    How Reincarnation Affects You


    Hi! What a time to be alive. Have you ever thought about the reason why people are in your life? Are you someone hoping to make the world a better place? I'm excited to announce season 2 is here! We are going to make big changes together. Listen Love and Share.   Visit me on my new website
  • Scorpio Rising podcast

    How Awareness Healed me


    Hi I hope you're being kind to yourself. Thank you for joining Scorpio Rising! Have you recently had difficulty in your relationships? Well instead of being upset at another person, why not go beyond and learn a new way to observe anger and how aware we TRULY are.   Affiliate / Mental Health / Cognitive based businesses that I support Experience Ormus -
  • Scorpio Rising podcast

    How Poetry Can Save The World


    Hi! You're awesome. We are warriors. Do you love poetry? Maybe you don't even know that you do. In this episode, I'm going to share a poem I read and how technology is helping end racism and bring people together.   Affiliate Links Enter "NIKSCO" to get a 10% discount  

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