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Restaurant Tales

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Restaurant Tales is a podcast celebrating the daily struggle of working in the restaurant industry.

50 Episodes

  • Restaurant Tales podcast

    Episode 49 - Raymen Noodles


    This week we chat with Alan Wadell about everything from Brady's recent pop up to naked feet. Brady's mom makes an appearance and we discuss his lack of spelling abilities some more.
  • Restaurant Tales podcast

    Episode 48 - Songs About Rain


    We're back! We chat about Emily's restaurant flooding, holding in your pee during a shift and plenty of other weird rabbit trails. Also, can Brady actually read? Who knows!
  • Restaurant Tales podcast

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  • Restaurant Tales podcast

    Episode 47 - Mandolinjury


     This week we're talking with Kirsten Philbin from Site 1 Brewing. We chat about her background, an upcoming service industry networking group in Omaha and the mayo and Oreo condiment, Mayoreo! Zach shares some big news at the end and we hear more Headlines With Hess! This is one you're not going to want to miss!   Omaha Service Industry Circle Instagram Restaurant Tales Website
  • Restaurant Tales podcast

    Episode 46 - 86 Logic


    This week we're chatting with Zach and Mike from 86 Logic. They created an amazing  outlet with their 'zine for creatives in the service industry. Also, we discuss digging holes more than a restaurant podcast should. You'll want to listen and hear how they got this project up and running for the industry!   86 Logic Website  Restaurant Tales Website  
  • Restaurant Tales podcast

    Episode 45 - Too Many Margaritas


    In this episode we're back at it with our good friend and bartender at Sullivan's Bar, Alex Loth. Lemon drops, puffy nips, margaritas, wambulances, and our first drunken Headlines with Hess. All that and more!
  • Restaurant Tales podcast

    Episode 44 - Visiting Bistro Huddy


    This episode with chat with Drew Talbert, the outstanding restaurant comedy video creator! He fit right in with making fun of all of us and we learned how he ended up where he is today.   Find more of us at:    
  • Restaurant Tales podcast

    Episode 43 - The Unreleased Tapes


    You're just gonna have to listen and find out on this one folks!  
  • Restaurant Tales podcast

    Episode 42 - A Bar for the Birds


    This week Brady, Emily and Zach talk about patios opening, one year of the pandemic, stupid things done over the last year and we also knock out the second installment of "Headlines with Hess". 
  • Restaurant Tales podcast

    Episode 41 - Subway Scaries


    In this episode we're checking in with Chef Drew Statz and hearing his story! We're also introducing a new segment called Headlines with Hess so make sure to stick around until the end for that too!  
  • Restaurant Tales podcast

    Episode 40 - Two Years Later


    We're two year in! And we called up some friends for this one. So listen in and get ready for another year of Restaurant Tales!

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