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Psychic Christine Podcast

Psychic Christine Podcast

Psychic Readings by Chrsitine

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  • Psychic Christine Podcast podcast

    Ep 140 i’ts Doable


    Looking forward to serving all of you ! thank you so much for all of your support
  • Psychic Christine Podcast podcast

    Ep 138 Oh No let’s talk about rejection


    are you that afraid of hearing no? are you afraid you will never recover from this? will you let the fear of rejection cause you to never open up because your ego is that sensitive? what is on the other side of the fear of rejection? are we making more out of this then it […]
  • Psychic Christine Podcast podcast

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  • Psychic Christine Podcast podcast

    Ep137 Anger a Deadly sin


    Being angry is like holding a piece of coal in your hand and expecting the other person to feel the pain. Thank you for listening and being here. Over the next few episodes I will be talking about anger and it’s affects o our lives, health and relationships
  • Psychic Christine Podcast podcast

    Ep 136 The Brain Diet


    It’s so true what the commercial said so many years ago, I really don’t know what the ad was about anymore maybe you can recall but it said the mind was a terrible thing to waste, how many of us are doing just that? feeding the mind junk food, toxicity, poison? how much better would […]
  • Psychic Christine Podcast podcast

    Ep 133 I am Resilient


    This episode is about the importance of self love, self respect and if you treat yourself with love and respect the rest of your life will be so much easier because you will not allow others to cross certain lines with you. You may think to yourself that the more tolerant you are the more […]
  • Psychic Christine Podcast podcast

    Ep 130 Hand over the keys to Happiness


    Yes, that’s right I want to hand you some powerful keys to happiness, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter so you have a chance to get my ebook for free by texting psychic810 to 22828 or to get text notifications dial magic810 484848 Reserve a space for my next upcoming webinar by clicking this […]
  • Psychic Christine Podcast podcast

    Be Still


    Thank you all so much for listening in I do appreciate all of you to have a reading by mean or to see a list of psychics visit be sure to subscribe to my newsletter by texting magic810 to 22828 or to 484848 to get text notifications
  • Psychic Christine Podcast podcast

    Ep 128 Manifest nothing but the best


    Happy New Year Listeners ! I am so excited about this years I can feel it will be a good one so lets make sure we are bringing in our best this year. I am looking forward to continue to bring all of you my very best and add services to help lead and guide […]
  • Psychic Christine Podcast podcast

    Ep127 Self Assured is Enough


    My goal is to help you heal. understand and with spiritual instructions to learn to love yourself without judgment so you may love others without judgement. it is ok to love yourself for who you are this way you may accept and love others for who they are. to subscribe to my newsletter for private […]
  • Psychic Christine Podcast podcast

    Magic 3 Pay attention


    Hello everyone this is your psychic Christine Wallace and I would love to help you manager your relationships a little better by helping you to understand how you may be seen by the ones you love, pay more attention to your children or partner when they are talking about stuff that might be bothering them, […]

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