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Butterfly Kisses

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Toolslut and Big Twist join forces to discuss billionares in space, bombing in Phenoxville, and reicarnation.

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  • Proper Ebonics Podcast podcast

    Whale Watching


    Alan outlines plans to level up and Kirk's hoe ass ends up in the ER.
  • Proper Ebonics Podcast podcast

    Fluff, PA


    The duo rings in the '22 by discussing times where it is acceptable to cancel on a show, the 10 year challenge trend, and Antonio Brown. Happy New Year!
  • Proper Ebonics Podcast podcast

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  • Proper Ebonics Podcast podcast

    Jolly Days


    On this post-xmas edition, Alan details his covid recovery and Kirk cuts his hair. The two also discuss Jay Z versus, morality in sex work, and how the normalization of tiktok dances can impact how we process grief.
  • Proper Ebonics Podcast podcast



    Kirk and Alan discuss the ins and outs of getting bumped at a comedy show. They also touch on mini-specials, tips on contacting out of state bookers, and if a joke can ever be too soon.
  • Proper Ebonics Podcast podcast

    Keeping it 100 with Setoiyo


    PE Inc. celebrate the 100th episode of the show with the very funny Setoiyo. They discuss Setoiyo's choice to move from Ohio to do comedy in Philly, the highlights of hosting The Raven Lounge, and ediquitte when opening for a national headliner. They also preview UFC 268. Welcome to the triple digits, Honeydawgs.
  • Proper Ebonics Podcast podcast

    Unproblematic Kings


    Kirk and Alan complete their final double-digit ep while discussing passport issues, comedy protests, and preparation for a ghostwriting-themed show.
  • Proper Ebonics Podcast podcast

    Open Mic Woes


    The Closer! Meek Mill's promo bus! Examining the mind set of open micers! Kirk and Alan discuss these matters in more for ep #98.
  • Proper Ebonics Podcast podcast



    Alan is perplexed by NBA players being anti-vax and Kirk gets vexed when a comic doesn't follow him back on IG. Also discussed: R. Kelly, Jon Jones, and a book review of Notes From Underground.
  • Proper Ebonics Podcast podcast

    Take the $500k


    Kirk relives his battle with a flood, getting shingles, and living the hotel life. Alan provides comedic support by discussing the topics of  parallel thinking, hangover treatments, and the pros and cons of parasocial relationships
  • Proper Ebonics Podcast podcast

    Neck Pillow Delight


    Submitting to the heat, the duo ditch their shirts and embrace sensuality. They discuss the Crate Challenge, Bishop Sycamore, and Alan provides a life-changing Proper suggestion.

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