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Immigrant Heritage: The Stories behind the Numbers Pt. 2

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Our celebration of Immigration Heritage Month continues! And as much as Immigrant Heritage Month is a joyful occasion, it’s also an opportunity to remember how much more work there is to be done.  

For part 2, we revisit some of last week’s guests -- and talk to some new ones -- to hear more about their heritage and how it informs their sense of being American. We are joined by guests Jessica Astudillo, Eric KwakFarah Larrieux, and Edilsa Lopez. 

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    What is ‘Great Replacement’ Theory and how can we push back against it?


    It’s a bigoted ideology that has led to hate and violence – and to U.S. laws and fringe political movements. But why does it continue to shape immigration policies and pop up in cable news and social media? This week we speak to Alan Cross, a Southern Baptist pastor, and author who has written extensively on the role of the church in race relations.   Be sure to check out our in-depth explainer and resource page about the ‘Great Replacement’ theory’s origins, its misconceptions, and the ways we can push back against it.
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    Welcoming Afghans, Part VI


    This week, we bring you the story of a diverse coalition made up of former presidents, business coalition leaders, and many more working together to help Afghan evacuees. In the last episode of our “Welcoming Afghans” series, we talk to Nazanin Ash, CEO of and Nadia Hashimi a member of the National Welcome Council at   You can find out how is helping individuals and families at their website.
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    Welcoming Afghans, Part V


    Picture this: two veterans helping Afghan evacuees find safety and build new lives in Ohio using mostly social media and fundraising sites. In one of the most moving and engaging episodes we’ve had yet, Matt Carpenter and Rick Stockburger detail their mission to help 150 people evacuate Afghanistan this fall. They also detail what some of these evacuees are facing coming to the US as well as stories of working and fighting alongside Afghan nationals in the hopes of building a more democratic Afghanistan.  You can watch the full conversation on our YouTube page.  To donate to their efforts to evacuate our Afghan allies, visit 
  • Only in America with Ali Noorani podcast

    Welcoming Afghans, Part IV: Veterans Day


    Veterans Day is a day to celebrate the military men and women who have served and are serving in the Armed Forces – and their commitment to the effort to welcome Afghans to America is no exception. In this week’s episode, we look at how the military community has stepped up to the challenge of welcoming new arrivals – and how these connections, along with new legislation, can set Afghans up for success.    We speak this week with Margaret Stock, an immigration attorney and retired Lieutenant Colonel in the U-S Army Reserve. Also included in this week’s episode are Nazanin Ash, the CEO of, and Nadia Hashimi, a pediatrician, novelist, and member of the coalition.    You can find out how is helping individuals and families at their website.
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    Welcoming Afghans Part III


    Through digital and in-person efforts, countless people around the U.S. continue to help Afghan evacuees resettle in their new community. This week we bring you stories from two local organizations helping in a big way.   In this third part of the series, we speak with Debra Lang, Executive Director of KindWorks, and Russell Smith, CEO of Refugee Services of Texas.     Find out more about how these two organizations are helping resettle Afghan individuals and families on their sites.  
  • Only in America with Ali Noorani podcast

    Welcoming Afghans Part II


    This week, the story of one organization in Ohio that is showing up in a big way for Afghan evacuees: The International Institute of Akron has been welcoming immigrants and refugees to Akron for over 100 years, but recent changes in the refugee ceiling – and then the military withdrawal from Afghanistan this year – has changed their work in big ways.    In the second part of our multi-part series about helping Afghan evacuees, we speak with Madhu Sharma, the Executive Director of The International Institute of Akron.  Find out more about how The International Institute of Akron is helping Afghan individuals and families at their website. 
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    Welcoming Afghans, Part I


    Thousands of Afghan evacuees are still unmoored months after the U.S withdrawal from Afghanistan. Many remain on military bases in the U.S. and across the world. Their stories don’t end with evacuation - in fact, it’s just the beginning of a resettlement process that requires a formidable amount of planning, resources, and cooperation across communities. This multi-part series looks at the stories of those helping these evacuees.    In our first episode, we speak to Bri Stensrud, Director of Women of Welcome about the incredible response and outpouring of support from their community to help Afghan refugees. Specific information about outreach and ways to help Afghan refugees can be found here.  
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    Sikh Captain America


    We are back! Thank you for joining us after our brief break.   Not all heroes wear capes, but this one does wear a Captain America costume. Vishavjit Singh is a writer, artist, creator of Sikhtoons, and Sikh Captain America. He uses his powers of building bridges and storytelling to fight intolerance and have difficult conversations to create understanding. He tells us his origin story and about his new animated film, “American Sikh”, an animated short about seeking acceptance in an intolerant world.  You can donate to his Kickstarter here.
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    What do borders mean in a globalized world?


    This week we look at the symbolism and substance of borders. We’ve covered the US/Mexico border previously, but this time we take a large look at borderlands and what those lines mean for the people living on either side.   Ali speaks with VICE news correspondent David Noriega and Danilo Zak Policy & Advocacy Associate at the Forum.    Check us out on Twitter and Facebook for more great stories from our podcast. 
  • Only in America with Ali Noorani podcast

    Reconciliation and Immigration Reform


    Immigration reform for Dreamers could be on the horizon, but what does achieving it through budget reconciliation mean for future immigration reform efforts? This week we speak to Bill Kristol director of Defending Democracy Together. Our conversation looks at what the potentially $3.5 trillion budget package would really mean for DACA and other immigration laws as well as the future of bipartisan legislation.   Watch the full version of the live conversation on our Facebook page.  And find out more about reconciliation with a newly released explainer on our website.  

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