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Paul Gewuerz

Each week we bring you interviews with small business owners and artists from all walks of life and area of expertise. What do they have in common? They all create products, art, or services that are unique and personalized just for you! Whether you're looking for a perfect gift that the recipient will remember forever, or you would like to support small businesses with that personal touch that's missing from the giant corporations of the world, this podcast is for you! Subscribe to get new shows each Monday morning!

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  • Made to Order Podcast podcast

    11: Jeff from J. Alan Pipes


    Today I chatted with Jeff from J. Alan Pipes, and had a great time!Jeff creates one of a kind hand crafted briar root tobacco pipes, and they are beautiful! In addition to creating these gorgeous pipes and running his small business, Jeff's an all around cool guy, I really enjoyed talking to him.Have a listen to hear Jeff's roundabout way of getting into this field, the process he uses to make his art, and just what exactly briar is anyway - I was unaware :)Links from the
  • Made to Order Podcast podcast

    10: Life of a Paintbrush


    Today on the podcast I interviewed Sherstin Schwartz, the artist behind creates what she calls 'alien floral' designs out of polymer clay. Sherstin combined her unique combination of experience creating floral designs with her love of UFO's to arrive at this idea. The result resembles a plant scene from another world. But Sherstin doesn't stop there, she creates all kinds of other art from a variety of mediums and inspirations! Have a listen to the episode to hear her story in her own words, and don't forget to check out her
  • Made to Order Podcast podcast

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  • Made to Order Podcast podcast

    09: Debra Frances - Beautifully Bound Books


    For this week's episode of the Made to Order Podcast, I interviewed Canadian book artist Debra Frances. Debra first discovered making books by helping her daughter with a school project over a decade ago. The process intrigued her and slowly but surely became a passion. Fast forward a handful of years and a whole lot of learning and Debra has turned that passion into a small business.Have a listen to the episode to hear Debra's story!As always, be sure to check out her work and spread the word about Debra's art by following the links
  • Made to Order Podcast podcast

    08: Live Edge Forest


    Today's episode features Candice from Live Edge Forest, a hand crafted furniture company based in Canada. Candice and her partner Dan have been running Live Edge Forest for around five years, creating beautiful functional art furniture. They also have a stunning Instagram page showcasing their art- it's a must follow if you're a fan of woodworking, in my opinion.Have a listen to the episode to hear Live Edge Forest's story and mission, and check out the links below as well!
  • Made to Order Podcast podcast

    07: The Garden Coop for Your Backyard


    Today's guest is John from John keeps chickens in the backyard of his home in Portland, Oregon and wanted to help other city dwellers do the same! And so The Garden Coop began.Have a listen to the episode to hear John's story and make sure to check out the links below to learn more!
  • Made to Order Podcast podcast

    06: SmiggArt Modern Stained Glass


    If you're like me, the term stained glass conjures up images of medieval European churches and beautiful old houses. Well it turns out that stained glass can be a whole lot more, including cheeseburgers and rescue pit bulls. I know, it sounds funny, but it's true.Have a listen to the show to find out more!!
  • Made to Order Podcast podcast

    05: Kamila makes Very Ugly Plates


    The title of the episode says it all. Very ugly plates. That sounds like a strange business to be in, after all, who wants something that's declared ugly in the description? Well one look as and you may change your mind. Today's guest Kamila creates these very ugly plates and although they may be ugly, it doesn't bother her! They also happen to be hilarious, and a perfect gift for anyone with a good sense of humor. Have a listen to the episode to find out how Very Ugly Plates came to be and how you can get your own. You can also head over to to read more about Kamila and her
  • Made to Order Podcast podcast

    04: The Dainty Dot Co.


    This week I branched out across the Atlantic to interview Louise from the Dainty Dot Co in the U.K. Have a listen to hear a powerful story of how Louise turned a family tragedy into an inspiring legacy.If you're interested in finding more of the Dainty Dot Co, check out the links below!
  • Made to Order Podcast podcast

    03: Ashley Gardner of Printable Wisdom


    This week on the Made to Order Podcast I speak with Ashley Gardner from the online shop Printable Wisdom. Ashley continues the trend of amazing entrepreneurs on the show who are not only creating creative personalized gifts for people, but have a full time career as well!Have a listen to get to know Ashley and what her business does. And don't forget  to use this custom promo code at Printable Wisdom for 15% off for a limited time!Promo code: madetoorder15Links from the
  • Made to Order Podcast podcast

    02: Joan Cabarrus of


    This week on the show is Joan Cabarrus of Joan creates personalized pet urns to memorialize your beloved pet.Hear Joan's story and why this business means so much to her. A must listen episode for anyone who wants to honor their pet and support a great small business at the same time!Links from the's bookMade to Order's post about Joan

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